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  1. You’d be fuming if that was Leicester miss three chances to go through, hit the post three times and the keeper balloons one over
  2. I doubt we’re going spend 40 bags for a backup.
  3. So what do we need tonight to be in pot two? Or is that impossible?
  4. Good news. We usually see a player improve once he’s been called up internationally. Just hope for no injuries please.
  5. Love the new update. Is there any chance that the title of the next unread topic is included in the button. It used to be like this many moons ago but changed for whatever reason. Makes it so much easier to go through topics.
  6. Shouldn’t this be in the general football and sport thread now? Mods?
  7. Man City spending £60m+ on a centre half. No doubt he’ll be dropping clangers and being called the Portuguese Phil Jones in 6 months.
  8. How on earth Nicosia can be in a pot above Lille, Hoffenhiem, Nice and Leicester just shows how ridiculous the system is.
  9. Love it how he can just slot in at centre half with ten minutes to go. Classy player.
  10. Really difficult to point point a stand out player. They were all class.
  11. We have to back yesterday’s win up now. If we don’t win against West Ham, yesterday all would have been a waste of time.
  12. Only just flew over and sorted paperwork out a few days ago so didn’t train. Should be in the squad against West Ham.
  13. Why are Man City the worst losers in the league I’m not the greatest fan of Liverpool and Klopp but whenever they lose, they just admit the better team won. Whereas Pep and co complain that the other side didn’t let them win.
  14. Although he had no goal contributions, he was causing problems all the while.
  15. Mendy definitely offers something different to N’Didi. Not up in the faces of opponents as Wilf but much much cooler on the ball. Top player.
  16. And people were moaning about paying an extra £2m
  17. Whoever came up with that rule needs shooting.
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