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  1. Plenty of time to start figuring out who’s going to mark Rudiger at set pieces...
  2. I thought that this was an interesting comment too.... 🤔
  3. It’s the 8.15pm ko’s I’m not keen on. We haven’t got one (yet), but that’s going to mean me getting home by 11pm, and that’s for a home game.
  4. Will be fun to revisit this thread when we draw Derby in the FA Cup...
  5. I’m genuinely intrigued as to the instructions Chilwell has when going forward. I lose count of the number of times he drives forward into the final third, the winger tracks him back so he stops, then passes sideways or backwards and doesn’t go any further forward. Contrast with Ricardo who is always looking for the one-two and attempting to get to the byline where he can cut the ball back or across, which is where Vardy’s goal at Spurs (plus another one at home?) came from. It really limits our attacking play when teams sit deep at home.
  6. Totally disagree with the ‘mostly woeful’ comment regarding Barnes, but there’s something not right with how he and Chilwell interact on that side of the pitch.
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