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  1. Will be fun to revisit this thread when we draw Derby in the FA Cup...
  2. I’m genuinely intrigued as to the instructions Chilwell has when going forward. I lose count of the number of times he drives forward into the final third, the winger tracks him back so he stops, then passes sideways or backwards and doesn’t go any further forward. Contrast with Ricardo who is always looking for the one-two and attempting to get to the byline where he can cut the ball back or across, which is where Vardy’s goal at Spurs (plus another one at home?) came from. It really limits our attacking play when teams sit deep at home.
  3. Totally disagree with the ‘mostly woeful’ comment regarding Barnes, but there’s something not right with how he and Chilwell interact on that side of the pitch.
  4. This thread (and some of the others on the first page) are another example of how pre-conceived thoughts really do affect the brain. Before both of them came on yesterday several people around me were chuntering at the prospect of Ghezzal and (to a greater degree) Iheanacho coming on. Whatever either of them did was going to be filtered through that blinkered viewpoint. Again, its interesting to see which players have had a thread dedicated to them since the match and who hasn’t. To my mind, Ghezzal strengths are that he plays with his head up, is technically pretty good and keeps possession well. He also manages to find space for himself too. On the flip side, he lacks pace, but what makes this worse is that he dwells when on the ball, rather than releasing it quickly. I’m not saying he’s going to be an amazing player for us, but I think there’s a realistic prospect that he could be a good squad player, which for his fee isn’t the worst thing in the world.
  5. From recollection two of our better attacking performances have been against Huddersfield (I know they were poor) and Arsenal away in the first half. No coincidence for me that all of Vardy, Maddison and Iheanacho played in those games, even though Vardy was poor against Arsenal. I think we need to get these three in the team and close enough in position so that they can hurt teams.
  6. On the flip side, which players have definitely regressed since he arrived? I would say only Ndidi. You could make a case for Vardy (this season) but injury and suspension haven’t helped.
  7. He’s got that composure in the key moments that you tend to have naturally, or you never do. Sign of (potentially) a top player.
  8. Decided to watch the Sky coverage of the Everton game when we lifted the trophy. Very poignant that the camera goes to Vichai just after Andrea Bocelli finishes ‘Nessun Dorma’, then again less than a minute before Andy King scores the second. Martin Tyler’s words sound particularly apt: ‘From Thailand to dreamland.’ Very true. Thanks Vichai.
  9. Some of the comments are ridiculously harsh, but it’s what happens when a scapegoat is required, and when people have a pre-meditated view of a player. Yes he was poor, but since he’s signed he’s done okay, nothing more, nothing less. On a wider scale he’s symptomatic of several players we’ve got, too easy to knock off the ball and a ‘nice’ player. We need to be tougher physically and mentally.
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