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  1. GK: Schmeichel / Ward / Jakupovic FB: Ricardo / Castagne / Justin / Thomas CB: Evans / Söyüncü / Fofana / ? / Amartey CDM: Ndidi / Mendy / ? CM: Tielemans / KDH CAM: Maddison / Praet / Perez RW/LW: ? / Barnes / Sowah / Albrighton ST: Vardy / ? / Iheanacho In order of priorities I would target a RW, ST, CDM, and CB. I think if this season has taught us anything it’s that we need more and better squad depth. We still lack a clear first choice RW and this should be our priority - we’ve tried Perez, Ünder and Albrighton
  2. Yeh fair comment, quite interesting to compare our side to other sides. But while I guess our first team is about as good as any side in the league other than Man City and Liverpool, we still lack that strength in depth which is being exasperated by our injury list. My point was more from the perspective of other teams and other fan groups. Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea fans I’d imagine are all disappointed with how their sides are doing this season. I agree why we should try and make the most of it whilst teams are in transition, or whatever but I think form etc of th
  3. The other issue is there are at least 6 clubs who think they should be in the top 4. Then add the likes of us, Everton, West Ham, Wolves etc that think their teams should be in the top 6 that’s 10 clubs for 6 positions. So in order to get top 4 we have to finish above at least 3 of the “sky 6” who all chuck many million pound notes at their squads. Even Arsenal who have been decidedly average the last couple of seasons, and the worst of those 6 sides in recent years still boast the likes of Aubamayang, Lacazette and Pepe all of whom were much more expensive than any player we’ve ever signed.
  4. In fairness I think at the same time Man U were in title winning form from Jan onwards when they got Fernandes in. So yes we could’ve done better but United also did very well for that period. So you’ve got to assess it based on the whole season and over the course of the season MU did slightly better than us hence why they finished above us.
  5. Can not rep this enough. The EPL is one of/ If not the most competitive league in the world. Yes the collapse last season was disappointing but a season is 38 games and needs to be judged as such. If we can make at least top 6 again this season following Covid, all of the injuries we’ve had and what happened at the end of last season then that is another fantastic season for this club. Perspective is sometimes needed. Doesn’t mean as fans we aren’t ambitious and if we don’t make top 4 again, given how well we’ve performed for 2/3rds of the season it will be disappointing. But when
  6. Think we need fresh legs and impetus as much as anything else. But more than anything we need no new injuries! Personally would rest Vardy, and Evans even if they are fit as we can’t risk losing them. Also think Ndidi could use a rest as well and went for Hamza over Mendy as he has a bit more physicality and height to counter the Burnley set pieces. Just need to scrap our way through the next few matches through to the international break and then reset once we get a few of the injured players back for what’s sure to be a tense final run in. Sch
  7. Yeh exactly if he’s good enough he needs to go out and prove himself much like Barnes did in the Championship and KDH is now doing winning multiple POTM’s at Luton. I have no idea, but Tavares being included in the squad recently and making his debut yesterday it certainly seems more promising.
  8. haha behave. I wasn’t suggesting he was at Pogba’s level, just his style of play appears to be similar. And based on 10 minutes and his appearances for the U23’s and YouTube videos etc. Not saying he’s going to be a world beater or our next saviour but he offers something different to our other Midfield options. Surely worth a loan to see if he can make the most of his potential or not.
  9. Barnes exciting performances as a 10 for WBA came in a 3-4-1-2 as well if I’m not mistaken. More of a roaming free role than the 10 position in the usual 4-2-3-1. A front 3 Barnes Iheanacho and Vardy should create some decent chances between them with the width being provided by Castagne and Ricardo. I guess at this point it’s a toss up between Albrighton/Ünder/ Thomas and Amartey for that last place in the XI depending on formation.
  10. Reminds me a lot of Pogba with his languid style and similarly not sure whether his best position is as a 6, 8 or 10. Hope we can keep ahold of him now and loan him to a championship club next season to be another off the same production line as Chilwell, Barnes, Choudhury and Thomas. Certainly offers something different to what we currently have in midfield.
  11. Just a shame that all 3 of Maddison, Perez and Praet are injured at the same time. In an ideal world we’d be able to rotate all 3 more often to keep all fresh and reduce the risk of injury. Guess it’ll have to be Iheanacho in the holes behind Vardy for the time being which I’m not completely opposed to - will just have to go more direct. Just means less rest/ rotation for Vardy.
  12. Yeh I get it and with hindsight maybe we did need that. But Barnes played 90 mins against Liverpool, and the first leg, and against Villa and I assume we’d want to be playing him against Arsenal and then Burnley a few days later that’s already 6 games in about 3 weeks. And what if he’d got injured or Castagne or Pereira had given they’re just back from Injury and only played a few days ago. We’d be left with a front 3 of Albrighton Vardy and Ünder and Amartey filling in more often at RB. At the end of the day we have to rotate players and the side we put out still should have done better imo.
  13. This threat absolutely. We were poor, it happens. The better team won. We love onto the next game. Overall we’re having another one of the best seasons in our recent history and not making excuses but injuries didn’t help. We still should’ve won but we didn’t we’re still in with a good shout of a top 4 finish and FA cup quarter final. calm
  14. When we signed him nacho said his best position was as a 10. Like in the Okazaki role just of Vardy, and tbh he’s looked decent on occasion in that position, but also fairly poor in other games, as is often the way with Iheanacho. But think it’s the best option at this point and should provide Vardy more support and we can go more direct.
  15. Kasper Castagne - Evans - Söyüncü - Pereira Albrighton - Ndidi - Tielemans - Barnes Vardy - Iheanacho
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