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  1. For me would leave a few of the big hitters at home (Schmeichel, Evans, Mendy, Tielemans, Vardy) and leave the returning injured players on the bench to begin with, to come on for the last 45/ 30mins. Wouldn’t risk them from the start in Ukraine, give them some minutes and they can then start their first games back at home next week against Athens. Would also go back to the 4-3-3 formation, so we can get some much needed practice in at breaking down teams with all of Madders, Ünder and Barnes on the pitch. Ward Justin Fofana Morgan Thoma
  2. This ^^ would love us to go back to the 4-3-3. Glad we’ve got a good other option with the 3/5 atb, but over the next couple of weeks with the fixtures we’ve got think we will need the extra attacking player (ie. Ünder) instead of an extra CB. Either way hope we put out a fairly strong side, get back to winning ways and wrap up the group tonight and can then start to rest a few more players/ ease in Timmy, Ricky, Ndidi and maybe Söyüncü in the other EL games.
  3. I guess there’s an argument that last year he tailed off towards the end not necessarily due to fatigue because of the season but potentially due to the Covid break as he was effectively going from scratch, and not in the rhythm. So maybe he does need to play rather than be rested in order to keep his fitness up.
  4. Youris such a classy player, think playing deeper is really suiting him can boss the game from CDM and keep everything ticking over. He might be a bit of a tw@t but Grealish is an exciting player. Would love to see him and Madders play together for club or country far too many bang average players in this England squad, Dier, Rice and Mount to name a few. Wouldn’t get in the Leicester team, should be no where near the national setup.
  5. I understand the frustration at the perceived preference for ‘big 6’ players but I think given the way Southgate is looking to set up atm in a 3-4-3 with 4 right backs on the pitch, Madders and Barnes face a lot of strong competition for those places. As they do for us in that set up I think Gareth sees them as playing in that front 3 either side of the striker, and I don’t think Southgate believes Maddison can play in that central midfield 2, preferring more defensive minded players ie. Henderson, Winks, Rice and Phillips for example. So Madders and Barnes as well as they have been playing th
  6. Fuchsy on another year love it, wouldn’t say no absolute hero but you’ve got to wonder how long his wife will put up with it
  7. Great post and examples! Think the point about the forward options is very interesting, depending on who we are playing and who out of Barnes, Maddison, Praet and Ünder start. They will all have a part to play but think Rodgers got it spot on today, with the more technical Maddison and Praet as we would have more possession and would need to break them down. Think it will be interesting to see how we do once we get a few of our injured back fit. As well as Justin, Thomas and Albrighton have done in those wing back roles, Ricardo (if he can get back his previous form) and Castagne
  8. Echoing what others have said top professional, great player and seemingly top bloke. Must admit think the LCB in the back three probably suits him better now his legs have gone a bit. I know everyone is very excited to see a back three of Fofana, Evans and Söyüncü, but I must admit I’m tempted to suggest that we would be more balanced with Fuchsy there as a natural left footer, and with the footballing brain and positional sense which Söyüncü seemed to lack a little bit in that left centre back role in a back 3.
  9. Think Wilf is the better bet as a holding single pivot ie. in a 4-1-4-1 formation. But given how well Mendy has played in tandem with Youri playing a bit deeper think he’s the better option in a double pivot due to being better on the ball than Wilf ie. in a 3-4-2-1 formation. Great to have both options, but still don’t think they’ll be able to play together which is a shame as they’re both good players just too similar.
  10. Worth noting how challenging it is to completely change positions mid game. And indeed in the last couple of weeks he’s played RWB, RCB, LWB and even finished today as LM in front of Fuchs. Inevitable his positioning might be a bit off sometimes, or some loose passes especially when playing on the left on his weaker side. Overall, thought he had a good game was excellent first half, a few dodgy passes when he first went to LWB start of the second half then finished strong and could’ve had a great assist if Barnes had converted. Still a WIP, but getting better every ga
  11. Got to stick to the tried and trusted 3/5 atb at this point. Main questions for me are who does Evans replace if fit? And who starts out of Madders, Ünder and Praet? Schmeichel Justin Fofana Evans Fuchs Thomas Maddison Tielemans Mendy Barnes Vardy
  12. Would love to see Maddison, Vardy, Barnes and Ünder all playing at the same time, but given how well we’ve been playing with the 3/5 atb can’t see anything changing, and not sure it should. Maybe a little bit of rotation where we can afford it up the top end of the pitch, and rest the likes of Fuchs, Evans, Tielemans and Vardy for the Wolves game. Kasper Albrighton Fofana Morgan Justin Thomas Under Praet Mendy Maddison Iheanacho
  13. Mendy and Youri absolutely bossed it again. Loving the rotation between Maddison, Praet, Barnes and Under all looking real quality behind Vardy. and massive credit to Brendan getting it spot on again fair play to him thought we’d been sussed after the Villa a Wham games and were going to struggle a skittle but we’ve just got better and better since and just look so well drilled at the moment. Reminding me a little of the 15/16 team solid in defence and a bit of quality in attack to win the game Oh and hide little Wes the boy is next level good
  14. This ^^ Especially considering we are playing Leeds and not one of the ‘big six’ sides would prefer us to go with the first lineup. But that being said we’ve set up with the 3/5 atb away against Arsenal and Man City and Athens recently and come away with maximum points so what do I know. In Rodgers we trust.
  15. Read something earlier in Leicester news or something about him not likely to be back until after the next international window so end of Nov/ start of Dec. Good to see him training with the squad again but imagine he’ll need a couple of weeks of U23s apps and normal training, before he’s gradually reintegrated back into the team.
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