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  1. I'm hopeful but not confident about us getting him.
  2. Bab we won't actually know until we start bidding, we can speculate all we want but there has been multiple sources claiming we are heavily investing this summer (Whether you believe these sources or not). Lets wait and see..
  3. Do you think we will sign Youri?
  4. Patience guys, patience.
  5. Let the summer begin.
  6. We acted fast with Ricardo and Harry, lets hope we do the same here. If we sign him it's a huge statement of intent.
  7. It's the message it sends, no one wants to sell their best players as its market suicide especially for a club with ambitions or visions of competing in the top 6, I suppose every player does have a price though.
  8. This thread will only end in tears, which kind who knows.
  9. I doubt he takes the job unless he was promised substantial funds, i guess we will see. I am just hoping our priority is Youri.
  10. Going to be a exciting summer, the contrast in ambition in statements between Brendan and Puel is mind blowing though. It must literally been a case of us not trusting Puel with money because we've gone from a statement 5-6 months ago from Puel claiming we can't compete with Everton, West ham and Wolves financially too we are going to try and compete and break into the top 6 with the help of adding the right quality of players. Its a strange but one thing is for sure reading between the lines on most of Brendans interviews he's obviously been promised substantial funds this summer to improve the squad.
  11. I'm feeling positive about us signing him, seems happy, players love him, fans love him. Lets wait and see what happens in the summer, whatever happens he's been a pleasure to watch in our jersey.
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