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  1. This pretty sums up this thread.
  2. I really wish they would of kept the mandlerly and northern plotline with defeating the freys would of made amazing television but i understand they don't have time to fill it all in but other than that a decent episode.
  3. Whats the latest Rama if you wouldn't mind sharing?
  4. I'd much rather have Mahrez stay like CC said but he would no doubt improve us, i wouldnt want to pay anything over 35M...the games gone.
  5. Jesus though, 40M + Kelechi we're really showing intent why the **** didn't we do this last summer.
  6. Omg we're massive...
  7. So is he having his medical this weekend?
  8. I cant ****ing wait for the start of the season
  9. Life's cruel, RIP little man.
  10. Gray, Chilwell, Kelechi, Barnes, Maguire and Ndidi....
  12. **** no.
  13. Versatile, a leader, good around the dressing room, solid Europa league/champions league player oh and played for one of the best teams outside of Barca and Real in spain only Leicester fans in 2017 could moan about this signing jesus....
  14. Gylfi maybe