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  1. We need another thread like youris boys/girls, get circling for rumors, this train doesn't stop
  2. HOLY ****, Im crying. We're massive.
  3. Hyped, Him and Youri sealed by end of the week please.
  4. This is just on ability Kasper Ricardo Maguire Huth Chilwell Kante Cambiasso Mahrez Tielemans Maddison Vardy
  5. Oh Jesus Christ. Get me out
  6. We're not Man City, we can't just buy players and improve the stadium, have a new training ground. Becoming a bigger and better club is not going to be done over night, if you think selling our best players so we can then sign 2-3 players who won't guarantee any sort of success is the way to go, i'm sorry but its wrong mentality in my opinion. What I will say is i'm 100% sure Rodgers will have the funds to have a go at the transfer market this window, I highly doubt he takes the job if he hasn't been told that.
  7. I don't understand people on this forum, why do you want to get rid of players that we have developed, improved and have been successful here. To many people have this football manager mentality where your happy to sell players that are improving all the time, have you literally learned nothing over the past 3-4 seasons, if we get 75M for Maguire yes you can get 2-3 players but none of them are guaranteed to be successful here. Look at the money we have squandered looking for "better" players, Slimani, Ihenacho, Musa, Kramaric (to a degree), Silva and Ghezzal 130-140m there with wages and agent fees. I love it when i see people saying how we can be replace them easily, if it was so easy one of the best teams in the world wouldn't be trying to poach our players at huge prices.....
  8. How many pages was Maynard? This has potential
  9. I'm hopeful but not confident about us getting him.
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