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  1. Always been a player there, so versatile as well. Give him a three year deal with a lot to offer us.
  2. Honestly, i can't ****ing wait to see what we can achieve with our best team starting. Imagine Cengiz and Harvey on the wing with potentially 1-2 more additions before the window closes, we could be in for a hell of a season especially in europe i cant wait.
  3. He's going to be amazing i know it, welcome Cengiz!
  4. If their happy with a unhappy player let them keep him, move on. Their problem now
  5. Think the biggest thing we can take away from this is the guy obviously has a shit ton of potential, st ett arn't exactly flush with cash and still want to keep someone who has played 20 games for them.
  6. This kid hahaha, get it done Rudkin.
  7. Cengiz and Wesley and i will be extremely happy, then try and offload as much of the deadwood as we can. Happy days.
  8. I think we've all got to be patient, we're obviously working behind the scenes on transfers but we're not going to over spend like we have in the past on Slimani, Ghezzal, Silva etc etc. I'd be absolutely thrilled if we could get a winger and centre back over the line but i think the next 10 days are going to be boring for us. Who know's, lets wait and see.
  9. Nobody wants a unhappy player, think this is just a matter of time.
  10. To be honest, i completely share Brendans frustration he would of been promised investment and it hasn't been done. We're 1 day before our first game of the season with 1 player signed, this on the back of our 2nd best ever season.
  11. Let's hope we can get this done and on a plane today.
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