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  1. Man city not messing about.
  2. End of a era today, lets finish on a high.
  3. Voted no, did fantastic to steady the ship and achieve what he did with us as Assistant but its time for fresh ideas.
  4. Who?
  5. Sorry but Kasper for me.
  6. Huth two, Riyad 1......oh wait
  7. Don't see how they cant give him it, fans want him, players want him.
  8. We can breathe, we're safe.
  9. He wants the Leicester job!
  10. Tears, so many tears.
  11. Please dont ban me,
  12. So hyped its unreal, come on boys!
  13. Cant believe it.
  14. Come on city, keep it going!
  15. When you find out your most successful manager ever has been sacked for Roy Rodgson....