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  1. Consistency, with a few additions to the team and touch wood keeping our best players we have a real shot of making a statement next year, who knows whether that will be in the league, cups of both but with Rodgers in charge the players know what is expected of them. I'm very excited to see what the summer has in store for us, hopefully Rogers addresses the lack of goals which i'm sure he will, I think now is the time to make a statement signing whether that's Youri or someone else that we mean business next season.
  2. Get on the phone to Monaco now Rudkin and make it happen.
  3. Never say never in football, anything is possible, now is the perfect time to collect results and hit form.
  4. GET INNNNNNN, We're going for 7th boysssssss.
  5. I hope we're negotiating with Monaco now and have something in place for the summer, such a exciting player and will only get better. Just hope he won't be prized from us by a bigger club if keeps these performances up.
  6. Happy days, 3 points. Was scared for 10-15...
  7. Fantastic half, so dominant but we need to start scoring the chances we create!
  8. Apart from the top 6 all teams are one bad summer of recruitment away from relegation, only got to look at Villa, Southampton, Stoke, WBA. You have to recruit the best players you can.
  9. Dunno why Celtic are so angry, they should be ecstatic we've just doubled their transfer budget for the summer.
  10. Yeah he runs hot and cold but i'm just going to leave this here, not bad for a 22 year olds first season, oh and with a team that are 12th in the league...
  11. What a appointment, lets get behind him and the boys and put things right.
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