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  1. A couple of scenarios that might be interesting on the last day: what if a draw guarantees both us and man united top 4? Would we pass it around for a 0-0? or what if Man United continue to storm it and are already guaranteed top 4, does that make the game a bit easier?
  2. Getting on board (with a mask on) before Man United fair to beat Brighton and we beat Everton and everyone piles on..
  3. All of this is completely correct. I wouldn't rule out an over reaction, but as things stand it shouldn't make a difference.
  4. & pretty much Man City. Don't think they have to do much to not get caught.
  5. I disagree with that. Chelsea are in the mix along with everyone else. If they'd lost this one and with Liverpool still to come, then they were vulnerable.
  6. Managed to make it even worse with a few odd results towards the end of the season!
  7. Interested in why Kasper is only a 7 given he saved a penalty? I don't remember any errors from him?
  8. I would love to win the FA Cup, but looking at Man City's performances since coming back from the delay i think it looks a long way away. Who is going to beat them? Obviously i want us to get through and go as far as we can, but winning the FA Cup from where we are looks hard and would be a significant achievement.
  9. I accept that Vardy is sometimes an exception
  10. No, but (sometimes Vardy accepted), they don't do the same number of high intensity sprints as the full backs or wingers so need less rest. Also rest is about a balance thing for the whole team, as i said if they get a niggle then they will need rest too, but otherwise i think they will be fine.
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