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  1. Happy with anything, but for me: Premier League (again) Champions League World Club Cup (you only get in by winning Champions League and you could call yourself the best team in the World!) FA cup (again) Europa League European Conference League cup Community Shield
  2. Definitely go to the game. The government are being ridiculous.
  3. Can spin this the same way, numpties making out Europa League is complete failure - NO IT FUCHING ISNT My current scale of emotion based on league finishes (and ignoring the fact we've won the FA CUP!!) Champs League = Delighted Europa League = Disappointed from where we were but ultimately happy \ satisfied Missing Europe = Unhappy Relegation Battle = Very annoyed Relegated = Devastated, project in tatters Some people are acting as though missing out on the Champions League is like being relegated.
  4. Just seen the notes bit, they can still qualify for Champions League.
  5. That link has us in, we've qualified but still mathematically (at the moment) can get Champions League. Does that go for others in the list, or are Juve and PSG definitely in the Europa next year?
  6. If someone did buy it to build housing or flats on then they would have a good choice of road names to go with. Vardy Avenue, Schmeichel Street, might need to go something fancy like Morgan Boulevard to get Wes in though as i guess there might be most variations on Morgan Road, Close etc already.
  7. I take this point, there's something annoying about a spare Saturday and always playing Sunday. But there are advantages to knowing when the games will be and i like that. Also from a travelling point of view, if the flights work out there's a chance of taking 2 days off work and getting a trip somewhere that goes Wednesday night to Sunday, and in the Europa the opposition are less bothered about limiting the number of away fans so there's a chance of getting a huge allocation somewhere along the line.
  8. Absolutely gutted after last night, it’s out of our hands and we are probably done for. If we beat Spurs and don’t qualify then I’m just not having the “bottling” / “thrown it away” narrative, we’d have been very consistent in the points we’d picked up all season and have had a superb record against the Greedy six. Liverpool and Chelsea have been on League winning form in the last quarter of the season and that looks like it will have just done for us.
  9. Gutted Perez missed that chance. Would have been amazing. Thought first penalty chance Chelsea unlucky but penalty they did get was bull. Overall tough game, Chelsea turned up and so did their fans, unlike the final.
  10. I'm now extremely nervous having woken up relaxed this morning!
  11. Making Cl football vital to the model is Ridsdale style thinking. If those running the club were thinking that then we are set up for disaster. They aren’t and we aren’t. Given the position we got ourselves in it became vital to get either the cup win or the top 4 so as not to get that Spursy bottling gene into our make up. We’ve done that now! If we’d lost the cup final then I’d have been crapping myself about today, as it is I’m excited, a huge opportunity for another Champions League adventure.
  12. Also don’t get me wrong, I’m massively massively up for tonight’s game, I just see it as an opportunity to seal the deal not a threat to our continued improvement.
  13. Absolutely, if we miss out then it’s because of home losses to Fulham, Villa, West Ham, Everton, Newcastle, Arsenal and Leeds. How mental is it that we’re even in contention with that many home losses to that lot?!
  14. It simply can’t be the defining moment. Because lose and it’s not all over, it’s just less likely. The defining moment would come against Spurs, if Liverpool manage to win both their games. And you are wrong, 4th or 5th this year is not some defining moment in the history of the club, it’s a nice to have, a cherry on the top of the cake, winning the FA cup and completing the set was the defining moment. I’ve read the argument that Youri stays with champions league. Why? Kante didn’t. Mahrez didn’t want to. If Youri puts another masterclass on and has a good euros then someone might c
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