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  1. Miella27

    Aiming for 6th or 7th realistic now?

    Sorry I disagree. Why is the reality so grossly different? Teams and players abilities fluctuate yearly. Historically, the 'big 6' manage the change in players abilities as they become either less or more effective, better than the other teams (having bigger budgets makes this easier as well). its well acknowledged that we didn't make the most of our position at the end of that season as a club - poor signings, indecision whether to evolve or stick to winning formula etc... but I feel it shouldn't detract from the fact that during that one season, we was the best team in England. Kante, Mahrez, Vardy, Schmeichel are all well known on the world stage and continue to perform to a high standard, ok Schmeichels wobbled a bit recently, but compare their performances over the past 3 years to the title winning Man Utd team of 2013. Barring David De Gea, I'm not sure any of those players have proven anything since then, but no-one questions whether that was lucky/fluke. Succes comes as a result of the effectiveness of players/manager/coaches in that moment, not whether the club are usually successful or not. Anyway, it's just an opinion. I really should be making better use of my Saturday nights!!
  2. Miella27

    Aiming for 6th or 7th realistic now?

    We were the best team, end of... Spurs & Arsenal had their best season for years. Man Utd were consistent with their performances over the past 5 years. Man City were great until we beat them in Feb. Only Chelsea had a 'mare'.
  3. Miella27

    New chants and songs

    In the town where I was born came a man from overseas he's even better than De Bruyne But he dives like he's Tom Daley (Tom Daley) we all dream of a team of Ndidi's, a team of Ndidi's....
  4. Where the foul took place.... and where the free kick was taken from. TBH I thought they'd moved it about 10 yards when I saw it live, it was a good 5-6 yards though. I don't think they'd have scored from where it should have been taken from.... ....fine margins!
  5. Miella27

    Security checks at the K.P

    Thank goodness you're here. "Plenty of time" is no accurate indicator of when to arrive at the ground. Last year 20 minutes before the kick off could be tricky in the Family Stand. From my experience, it generally takes longer going through the turnstiles in the Family Stand due to young kids fumbling around trying to find their cards etc, The club still have a responsibility to provide an appropriate structure for these kinds of checks, the bottom line suggests they won't take responsibility for how long these checks takes, that's unacceptable. Let's hope they're well organised and it doesn't cause too much disruption. However, the club cannot guarantee entry prior to kick-off should there be a delay whilst the checks are in progress
  6. Miella27

    Security checks at the K.P

    It's that bottom line that annoys me, "the club cannot guarantee entry prior to kick off...", so you've taken my money but can't guarantee that I can watch the whole game. Surely it's the clubs responsibility to ensure an appropriate number of staff are conducting checks.