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  1. Brian Little was great, but he didn't turn Brian Carey into a superstar
  2. If you take the money away from the players and managers it just goes straight to the Boardroom/Owners. This wouldn't help matters. You would just get greedy owners taking money out of the club with no need to reinvest and no desire to improve / develop things. Look at our club in the eighties if you think that sounds a bit far fetched. Similarly, you will get a pre-Jimmy Hill era situation of most clubs circumnavigating the wage cap rules and finding ways of enticing players across with mutli million pound gifts and brown envelope payments. I'm my opinion, money is t
  3. So this is the wonderful Leeds side the media are loving?? Cynical fouls and fall on their ar** whenever they've got the ball facing their own goal. Apart from a few extra ponytails, they're the same from the 70s.
  4. I don't know him, so I have no reason to defend him, but as a club we were financially broke before he arrived and nearly went under the year after he left, so he must have made some contribution. I'm equally aware that his time did coincide with 3 decent managers (Little, McGhee, ONeill) sandwiched between Pleat and Taylor, so he may have struck lucky.
  5. I have read the book and it is a good read. It certainly offers a view that we perhaps didn't get at the time. I think Martin O'Neil (An absolute God to us) probably didn't help matters, as us fans would never go against him. Cloughy didn't like non-footballing people around the team, so you can see how it might have played out. It is obviously Barrie's opinion but it appears that the fans views around the time that a lot of the Directors didn't know what they were doing, weren't too far off the mark. Rodney Walker, John Elsom, Tom Smeeton and to a lesser extent Marti
  6. Those 3 midfielders with 4 England caps between them (all Weller). With respect, Tielemans has 30+ caps for one of the best countries in the world. Although Weller might come close, the current midfield are all on another level to the other two.
  7. I'm not sure an overhaul was needed. The midfield was pretty young and established, wing backs were fine, Elliott and Taggart weren't finished for 2-3 years, Sinclair and Gilchrist could have played centre back. I'd imagine we'd have probably gone for a young Dunne and/or Collins over the next couple of yrs, as he signed them for Villa. The goalkeeping issue was big, and the replacement for Heskey. I'm not sure there was much else that needed changing for a couple of years. Obviously moving on Walshie might have been a battle O'Neil didn't fancy and maybe ONeill wanted more than we
  8. I disagree. Yes, some players were getting on a bit, but Lennon had not yet peaked. O'Neil knew how to handle players like Collymore (As he had managed tricky players like Marshall and Savage at the time) We still had top players like Izzet, Elliott, Taggart who still had at least 2-3 more years in them. Sinclair, Guppy, Savage, Zagorakis (May be wrong on that last one) were capable premier league players. Also, I think players like Gilchrist, Oakes, Wilson would have developed and had better careers than they did after O'Neil left. We'd probably have got Sutton, a better goalkeep
  9. Flowers was incredible at the start of one of the seasons, the best I'd ever seen for us, but it was quite a short period of time. Towards the end of his time with us injuries and age started to catch up with him. I think Kasper's legacy will hugely increase when he's gone. People will remember the Seville penalty saves, his (non) goal in the Championship and 60 yard assists more fondly than we do now. A bit like Walshy, now no-one remembers his performances before the 1991-92 season (except for headbutting Bully and breaking someone's jaw).
  10. I'd have thought top 2 or 3. Assuming Banks had left by the time you started going down, surely only Shilton better?!
  11. Man City (C) Liverpool Chelsea Man Utd --------------- Spurs Wolves Arsenal Leicester Watford Newcastle Everton Burnley Southampton West Ham Villa Bournemouth Norwich ------------ C. Palace (R) Sheff Utd. (R) Brighton (R) I really don't fancy 3 of the 'big 6' this year, but can't see who would take their places. Arsenal were awful against us. Spurs players must be getting disillusioned by not winning anything after 4-5 decent seasons. I fear the Maguire hole will l
  12. Maybe when the moods less sombre. Obligatory version of 'Iwan is a Welshman' chant... Khun Vichai came to Leicester, He brought his son called Top, And when he saw the team play, He said 'this has to stop', He took us to the Premier, He saved us from the drop, And then we won the title, He's the King of Leicesters Kop
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