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  1. Where the foul took place.... and where the free kick was taken from. TBH I thought they'd moved it about 10 yards when I saw it live, it was a good 5-6 yards though. I don't think they'd have scored from where it should have been taken from.... ....fine margins!
  2. Security checks at the K.P

    Thank goodness you're here. "Plenty of time" is no accurate indicator of when to arrive at the ground. Last year 20 minutes before the kick off could be tricky in the Family Stand. From my experience, it generally takes longer going through the turnstiles in the Family Stand due to young kids fumbling around trying to find their cards etc, The club still have a responsibility to provide an appropriate structure for these kinds of checks, the bottom line suggests they won't take responsibility for how long these checks takes, that's unacceptable. Let's hope they're well organised and it doesn't cause too much disruption. However, the club cannot guarantee entry prior to kick-off should there be a delay whilst the checks are in progress
  3. Security checks at the K.P

    It's that bottom line that annoys me, "the club cannot guarantee entry prior to kick off...", so you've taken my money but can't guarantee that I can watch the whole game. Surely it's the clubs responsibility to ensure an appropriate number of staff are conducting checks.