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  1. Cant see them selling him unless we put a bid in that they cant refuse !
  2. Does he not get told not to come back and help out his full back?
  3. All this negative talk , we might not even be in for him ! £14m for a proven premiership player is a decent price !
  4. We need to go all out for him. The difference he makes to the team will be the difference between us breaking into the top 6.
  5. Hes not going Man city , was just having a chat with his international team mate.
  6. Has anybody been past it recently? Any more progress been made ?
  7. Would love to see us play 352. Ricardo and Chillwell are perfect for wing backs. Ndidi and Tielman in the middle with maddison in front of them. Then vardy and Nacho up front !
  8. Played well , definitely shouldn't be going in losing
  9. Loseing 2 off the best defenders on loan is bound to effect the team !
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