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  1. Lost the ball alott today to leave us open to their counter attacks. He couldn't get into the game. But we didn't loose , let's hope he hes back to his best against palace
  2. Will be be harsh on Justin if he gets dropped to the bench. Potentially start Castagne at left back ?
  3. Looked alot more comfortable at right back
  4. Play him and Nacho up front together, desperate times call for desperate measures!
  5. I'd bring him back if we could , had a decent summer transfer window when we signed Maddison, Evan's and Ricardo in the same window
  6. The only positive is that this result should kick the lads arses in gear and turn up for the last 3 games.
  7. Could of easily had 2 if Vardy had squared to him instead of shooting
  8. 3 - 1 win. We are getting better as the games go by. Scoring first is crucial
  9. A draw or a win today please. Just to keep that gap between us and Chelsea
  10. Gutted , we was the better team by a mile. Hate them last minute winners 😥
  11. Does he not get told not to come back and help out his full back?
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