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  1. Jam orton

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    The same fickle fans on here slating a player they was wanking over after the Liverpool game !
  2. Jam orton

    Our start so far?

    We are slowly getting there, big test on Saturday tho !
  3. Jam orton


    Roll on the transfer window Friday so that Puel can start sorting his squad out. Would love him to prove all u doubters wrong.
  4. Jam orton

    West Ham... Score prediction thread.

    Hamer Dragovic Morgan Maguire Fuchs Iborra Mahrez. Silva. Diabate Kelechi Vardy Win 3-1
  5. Jam orton

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    Too many fickle fans on here , stop your moaning and get behind the team !
  6. Jam orton

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    My mate went on the legends tour around the ground last week. Was told the ground will eventually have a capacity of 50,000 !
  7. Jam orton

    Demarai Gray

    Didn't have the best game , far too lazy !
  8. Jam orton

    Southampton (A) pre-match

    George Thomas?