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  1. woollett the bullet

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    ....AND its so draughty AND the walls need painting AND those curtains don't go with the carpet !
  2. woollett the bullet

    The Car thread

    Heard of this before Same thing happened to a mate of mine. Apparently its common practice at some garages for personnel to 'borrow 'vehicles evening / weekends .
  3. woollett the bullet

    Leicester Half Marathon 14th October

    Maximum respect to everyone involved today Organisers , runners ,marshals and helpers. Especially considering conditions too !
  4. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    I organised a surprise bukkake party for my wife yesterday , Everybody came . . . You should have seen her face !
  5. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    I too met a transvestite yesterday , He looked bloody awful in the micro skirt he was wearing . . . . But you had to admire his balls !
  6. woollett the bullet

    Arsenal away next😳

    After watching ours and arsenals first few games of the season , I was quite looking forwards to this fixture - thinking we might turn them over. However , 5 more games further in and I feel a lot less confident. Kinda thinking it will be an open end to end game where we have great passages of play - score a couple but still end up losing. Slow progress or papering over the cracks ? We'll have to wait and see. Hate these international breaks.
  7. woollett the bullet

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Fidel Catstro ? Saddam Pussein ?
  8. woollett the bullet

    The Tinder Thread

    Hope thats 38 DD
  9. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    Still laughing at this after 2 days ! Don't know where you find them mate but keep em coming
  10. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    The mrs sent me down the shops for some tablets to give me an erection. . . . . I came back and handed her some diet pills , (I'm still looking for somewhere to live )
  11. woollett the bullet

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    My thoughts too Hoping for a win obviously but think this could be our first draw of the league season
  12. woollett the bullet

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    Lets score first for once and take it from there. Clean sheet would be welcome too.
  13. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    Thanks Still learning the ropes . I'll have a play now I know
  14. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    I hate all this terrorism business , Gone are the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a bus or train and think . . . When no one's looking , I'm having that !
  15. woollett the bullet

    The joke thread

    Sorry mate So many pages , so many jokes.