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  1. Made a booking in February to go Cornwall this Saturday (4th) for the week. Got final confirmation last weekend and paid full amount. Booked eden project and lost gardens of heligan tickets for that week also. Live and work in infected area, so at this point not looking good for travelling. Certain police forces now saying people travelling from Leicester will be turned back. Still 3 days to go so fingers crossed !
  2. We're the right side We're the right side We're the right side over here
  3. But the money’s no good . . .
  4. Same here. absolutely no chance of one coming my way though
  5. I’d pretend to be dead for a couple of months if I had a “lockdown” haircut like that
  6. Incidentally how do people consider cormorants? Traditionally a sea bird that’s become dominant on inland waterways in the last couple of decades. Technically protected but have decimated fish stocks especially on commercial fisheries and fishery owners shoot them to protect their livelyhooods. But then you would wouldn’t you ?
  7. Been wondering what had deterred the blue tits from completing their nest this year in the tried and tested box in the garden . Saturday morning I came down to find scattered brown feathers on the patio - fearing for the female .blackbird nesting in the hedge , presuming it may have been a local cat. Yesterday afternoon not 30ft in front of me came a sparrow hawk that landed on and carried off a fledgling starling from the lawn.I mentioned it to a neighbour and he too had seen one recently - buzzing his bird table ...... that explains it then
  8. I’m assuming Gloria isn’t there because someone beat you to it
  9. Loved Cream i suppose I was initially attracted by Clapton’s lead - but the longer I listened it was Ginger Bakers drumming that really grabbed me personal indulgences and if you’ve got another 6 minutes spare
  10. Soul sacrifice - honestly could have chosen anything from this album.All time great .
  11. My device wont open some links on here , so soz for repeats. Classic Hendrix - and to balance the books , Bobs original . . . Take yer pick. Jimi all day long for me
  12. The weavers answer by Family
  13. I haven't searched the whole thread but I'd be very surprised if this isn't here already. However it is my fave single from the 60s and really epitomises the British psychedelic scene at that time. Apologies , but you can't have enough of a good thing. https://youtu.be/7c0EDM-Yu9o
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