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  1. Haven't listened to rl for ages cos of him. Seems to have been here a long time. Needs replacing . . . surely there are better options ?
  2. Is it me or does that award look like a knuckle duster ?
  3. Naive question , did Cags' yellow card stand for the penalty offence although it wasn't given due to offside ?
  4. Definitely no from me too for all the reasons previously mentioned. As well as getting no rest in the summer he will probably have to get involved in the warm up friendlies too . (Two of which I think are in march ,) When we need him fresh as possible for the run in .
  5. My wife's in a foul mood , Someone's stolen a pair of her knickers off the washing line . . . . She not bothered about the briefs but she does miss the 12 pegs.
  6. I'd just like to take this opportunity to congratulate my wife on her successful breast reduction - from a 38dd to a 34 b It was only a bit of back ache you selfish fecking cow.
  7. Should've gave Vardy his hat trick. Wrong decision again I'm afraid.
  8. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Perez will have as great an impact on the team as Tielemans this season. Probably talking out of my hat as usual but I can just see him doing really well
  9. Usually wear one driving to the coast , wherever we go for "Leicester fortnight ". Always see plenty of others doing the same especially at service stations , reminds me of away games
  10. Just upset the wife . She asked me to go down the shop and get her something for pancakes . . . I came back with a push up bra
  11. Spot on mate . Remember listening to a Noel Gallagher interview and he said its hard to write songs about living in a bed sit and being on the dole when you're a millionaire
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