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  1. Frustrating... not unlucky. It's bad finishing not luck.
  2. Babylon

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    Did I quote you? No, so go back in your hole.
  3. Babylon

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    It'll be there or there about I'd image, whilst I think other peoples will probably have jumped quite a bit.
  4. Babylon

    15th biggest wage bill in world football

    And? We'll be below Everton and West Ham most probably when all the new ones are released. Team with 9th/10th biggest wage bill finishes 9th/10th shocker. Plus, it doesn't take into account the "premier league tax". 50k per week here doesn't get you what £50k a week gets you in Germany or Spain in terms of quality.
  5. I sold the iPad work got me in the space of about 10 minutes. In the spirit of the owner it would be nice to think any money would go to charity, but if it doesn't they still haven't done anything wrong. They've sold their own property at the end of the day, it's not like they took a shirt from the memorial outside to sell.
  6. Babylon

    Ok two questions regards Top

    They haven't put their own money in since we've been in the prem, so I'm not sure there is a big worry there.
  7. If the giver is going to punish 99.9% of people for the actions of a handful, they aren't much of a giver in the first places really are they.
  8. Completely different things aren't they. One is taking money from a good cause and putting it into their own pockets, they are actively being deceptive and it's fraud. Those selling items that we given to them to do with as they wish are doing nothing wrong, presuming they didn't take someone else's. It's morally debatable, but who decides what's moral and what isn't?
  9. Babylon

    Tifo Donations

    I think it actively encourages people to donate as well then there is a number that needs chasing down.
  10. So long as it's yours and not stolen off someone else then you are free to do with it as you wish. They didn't come with any terms and conditions.
  11. Babylon

    Tifo Donations

    Is there not a way to be a bit more transparent in terms of donations? Eg. Set a target you need to meet and people donate to meet it. They are great, but I can't help but think it stops people from donating when things are a bit open ended.
  12. Babylon

    Macia to Villa

    Wouldn't be shocked if he can't work on the back of him still being paid by Everton. or in dispute with them. Quite a few people get caught in limbo like that.
  13. Babylon

    Bring back Shakespeare

    I can imagine it's a difficult interview, he's not a soundbite manager and he probably take 3 minutes to answer a question some answer in 20 seconds... but there is certainly no issue in understanding him.