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  1. If they need to play then so be it, there will always be a drop off in quality the deeper you go Into the squad. You can’t have 5 DM’s for one available spot, If we can’t get rid of them, 5 DM’s is a giant waste of resources.
  2. How much did he actually play for O’Neill? I know he was unreal for a while when he signed and then he got injured. But after that if feels like we were forever waiting on him to get fit. He did the well known man marking job of course. But his other involvement is sketchy to me.
  3. That’s three DM’s... Unless we got rid of at least Hamza and maybe even Dan, then there isn’t much point.
  4. I don’t think you can compare them as players though really, one was scraping the barrel with us in league one and lower end of the championship when we were at our lowest, which saw his best performances for us. It was others who drove us to a higher level and he became less involved the higher we went. Izzett was a regular for a team top end of championship and top 10 prem team. Two promotions, 3 cup finals, Europe twice, World Cup semi final. You can’t deny his (King) involvement in what happened, he still played a part of course. But If King was a regular starter like Izzet in the prem then I doubt we’d be achieving what we have, because he wasn’t good enough for that regular starting spot, and that’s why managers constantly tried to replace him. Not trying to slate then bloke, he was just more and more a peripheral figure after Pearson came back until he left. I get why some love him, because we were at our lowest and he was a shining light. And he went on the journey with us from lowest to highest, and was one of the few consistent figures.
  5. He’s finally putting together consistent seasons to be fair. It took him until he was 28 mind! Before that I was never sold, he always had talent, that was clear, but he was very patchy, he’d score loads in a short space of time and then go missing for months on end.
  6. Isn’t meeting a load of ransoms in another country, at a hospital outside of his bubble. If not... why even bother with the bubble shite.
  7. Is that to Sloop John B?
  8. Babylon

    Adrien Silva

    I've made more posts than pounds we'll receive in a fee.
  9. Does Germany... because he'll be flying from there and not France. If they don't, then no quarantine needed.
  10. Babylon

    Adrien Silva

    I presume you mean pounds and not millions.
  11. I've only sat outside the train station waiting to go elsewhere, that was better than ours anyway
  12. Babylon


    Doesn't tend to happen when a player does nothing for you.
  13. Think he's nailed it other than the "Shit Team" part.
  14. Must have made a mistake when he constantly praised him, said he was our number one striker, played him in virtually every single other game, barring cups when fit. But you know, we'll ignore all that and focus on ONE game where he didn't play an ageing player, who the game before looked like he slagged him off on camera.
  15. West Ham, Leeds, Palace, Villa, Burnley can all do one.
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