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  1. It’s lovely to see and long may it continue.
  2. Pisses me off we didn’t attack that shite team.
  3. It's a clear fault with his game, been saying it since last season. He cannot link up play properly because of it... doesn't help playing with Chilwell who is turning into a headless chicken, but he clearly doesn't know when to make a run, when to go outside, when to go inside. He's young, there is plenty of time to learn it, but you feel he'd be better off out there with someone with experience to tell him when and where to go at times.
  4. Other than like one nice chip pass in the cup to Derby about 3 years ago he's not stood out for us in any way, the under 23's or in the Belgian second division. No manager has fancied him, that says it all.
  5. He’s a steaming turd of a signing, and done absolutely nothing to warrant people still thinking he can make it.
  6. Difficult to create when you don’t get the passes and you are stood on your own marked by two people 30 metres from another player.
  7. Did it? We should have been about three down in ten minutes and only drew the game. We only played well after Choudhury pushed forward a bit more second half and was eventually subbed anyway.
  8. The stuff you out about our attacking play is intrinsically linked to playing two DM’s though. It happens pretty much every time because the forwards lack support, Maddison is out of position, and it’s easy to shut down our one creative CM.
  9. It’s not like it’s been particularly effective either...
  10. Abrahams on fire... thought he was total shite when I saw him most of the time for Villa. Fair play he’s stepped it up.
  11. He hasn’t been all season.. but then again we decide to break up the unit that worked so well all the time. So it’s not entirely of his own making.
  12. All we need is a Maguire goal to make this all pretty predictable.
  13. Remove attacker... play loads of DM's... struggle to get out... who'd have thought it. Don't worry we'll open up second half, play well and everyone will say "they could have won that".
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