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  1. Wait until the next album is due... he'll be back. Too much cash involved for him not to be, not like Serge's project was up to much.
  2. Because Brendon Puel must wait until 70 minutes.
  3. And that sums up exactly why big clubs get all the decisions. Mistakes get glossed over as the TV companies don’t care as we aren’t the audience pull. Officials are scared of getting a hammering so subconsciously favour them.
  4. Feel bad about laughing at the hamster cage part.
  5. Because she wasn’t murdered. Nobody other than her and him know the details of what happened in full so it’s not worth speculating. Plus the abused often do want to, especially if they are the financial provider.
  6. As the judge handed down the community order he said "you are lucky you are cool, too cool, otherwise this would have been a custodial sentence".
  7. In which case he'll be back in the band down the line after the shit has hit the fan. Smells like label damage limitation. Jump before you're forced out by the backlash, come clean, repent your sins, come back a better man etc etc.
  8. I’m just as bored now as I was then. Actually hoping crowds aren’t let back next season 😂
  9. Chilwell ever heard of quick ball?
  10. Least the lads are happy in training and can understand what he says.
  11. **** of Chilwell, honestly. You’ve just lost a quarter final and you have a laugh with their player. Utter shite mentality.
  12. Nothing will happen to him, seeing as it was he who put us there. If this goes half way into next season then they might start to ask questions.
  13. We’ll play much better when we get rid of Puel.
  14. We need a whole new forward line.
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