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  1. We still don't have a clue what actually happened, I don't know about you but I'm not making judgments based on Sun articles. If the club has the full details then it's up to them to decide.
  2. I bet Maddison and Perez are missing again.
  3. Spurs players would never do anything like attend a party breaking Covid rules. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/02/tottenham-condemn-three-players-for-christmas-party-covid-rules-breach
  4. I don’t think they’ll particularly care what the fans think. Their manager and other players on the other hand!
  5. Then you'll get "they don't mean it", "they've been forced to do it". Either people want to get over it or they don't. Some meaningless apology does nothing for me personally, just don't be a tit again and prove it in their actions.
  6. There is a rather large difference between not being well enough to play an international elite sports match and not infect the other international elite sports athletes and tap away on a keyboard isn't there?
  7. Fans or players? All I see is that the press get more to write about and it drags the whole thing out longer. Just keep quiet and make no comment.
  8. If Rodgers leaves it will be because he has better offers or thinks he can't push us any further than he already is. Not because a few players broke a rule, he's the manager, deal with it. Get rid of them if he wants to, but leaving because of it makes no sense.
  9. They won't say anything without club approval, so if nothing has been said it's because the club want to keep a tight lid on things and not stir it up again prior to the semi-final.
  10. He didn't do anything wrong with England, neither did he do anything wrong going to play golf. It was probably more ill advised this time as he'd actually done something wrong before hand. But the England stuff was nonsense. Most peoples option seemed to be, don't do that because some idiots and the press will go after you.
  11. I don't like the three at the back, but I get it. I don't think Ricardo worked on the wing, so I think that experiment got forgotten quite quickly. And I think with the form Nacho was in, I understand him not wanting to mess with how well its worked for him in two up top. Losing your two top scorers from open play is going to cause any team massive issues. I can't really see any formation where there isn't a compromise or two at the moment. Personally I'm more concerned with how slow we come out of the blocks, we play at a high tempo and we've got enough
  12. Because the full back will be outnumbered, and if you just rely on 3 cm's to cover, the second one of them drifts over to help cover the full back you're exposed in the middle. So they need to drop back more than Vardy is now. Nobody is playing 3 forwards that don't have to drop back any further than the half way line. Which is currently where Vardy's involvement ends. You need a Liverpool like superfit front line to get close to doing it, and they drop back into their own half plenty.
  13. Who's doing his tracking back then? He'd last about 15 minutes in that position at the age of 34.
  14. Do people really think we are the sort of club that wants the press to vilify our players? We don’t need the press doing it, if they’ve done what’s reported in the Sun the manager can do it, and that’s where it should come from. It’s his authority they’ve tested, does him no good to go lightly and then see the press hammer them IMO.
  15. Perez was already hate figure no.1 for many, if fans were there he'd get dogs abuse. If we don't get to the final and finish top 4, our weirdo fans we have it in for him good and proper.
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