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  1. Chilwell is amazing

    He was absolutely fine yesterday until it got to his final ball, he's 21... I find it ludicrous on this forum that people constantly call for young players to get a chance and then suggest they need to leave and go play in the championship after a few games.
  2. Puel

    We missed 51 shots in those three games, I'm not sure the manager is to blame for us not finding the target with them. We also conceded 3 goal from a very small number of shots against, that doesn't happen all the time. I could point to us struggling against lower teams in any season, even when we won the league we struggled as soon as people started sitting back against us. I don't see the last three home league games as any particular trend, it's too small a sample, and it's not like we've not been getting chances. You keep saying more than ever, it's really not the case
  3. Puel

    More than ever? We're three goals off our entire total from last season and one goal off our total for our first season. We're also higher in the league than both of those seasons. So essentially we're struggling more than the season we won the league where we caught people cold and was never, ever going to be repeated. The point is we're trying to learn to play a different way, to have different options. Until we have the attacking full backs it's always going to be a bit stunted, as we saw last night. We've still counter attacked teams and scored goals that way, people still sit back because they know we can do that. We need to improve our play with the ball, that was obvious when we were failing with the counters and sitting with 28% against absolute dross teams.
  4. Puel

    A few places above us? They are 16 points above us, which to put into perspective, Stoke are 13 points below us and could get relegated. It might only be a few places but in premier league terms it's a huge gap. We've had one peak and they've had one slump. How on earth you can compare the two on that basis is beyond me.
  5. Puel

    It was also failing miserably since that biggest success, as all people had to do was sit back.
  6. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    There is a difference between not being good enough to start for where we're aiming, and not being good enough to play in the premier league. We've not lost to a team outside last seasons top 7 with him in the team, dominated and beaten quite a few teams and dominated and (if we'd take some of the 51 missed chances) beaten quite a few more. That's playing against teams where we've often been outnumbered in the middle. Look through a list of second choice centre mids and there are plenty worse than James out there.
  7. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    I'll wager £100 he won't be playing in league two.
  8. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Well yeah that's moronic.
  9. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Of the others outside the big 7 in the league, only two teams have spent more since they got promoted. They've got a net spend almost identical to us, and we've won the league and had champions league football. When they got promoted they made the largest loss in the league by a considerable distance. £39m!!, their wages to turnover was 237%, which is absolutely ridiculous. They made a £15m loss in league one as well, hey've been bankrolled far beyond their means for years and outspent most of their rivals. You still have to do a good job, but if anyone thinks this is small club done good, then they are wrong. Them and say, Burnley aren't even comparable.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Howe has spent a small fortune though which often gets overlooked. Money doesn't make the team, we know that. But he's spent a lot to go through the leagues.
  11. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    "Claude, wisely spend you must hmmmm" Amateurs.
  12. Vardy

    So he's slower than 2015 then, thanks for confirming.
  13. Vardy

    Except, he wasn't at the time of that article as his speeds had dipped. He's built like a whippet, perhaps he's not done the yards many pros will have done at his age. So his decline may well be slower and more gradual, but decline he will, it's a fact of life.
  14. Vardy

    It's in the article that others have posted. In black and white, it's a dip in speed. Only a fraction but a dip it was. Plus nobody dodges the laws of nature.
  15. Vardy

    And are those sprints slower... yes.