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  1. Nobody is saying you don't question things, but inconsistencies are going to happen in any group of people trying to recount a traumatic event to the smallest detail, when they've probably also had a few wines. Inconsistencies are not proof of anything in themselves.
  2. One of my pet hates is conspiracy theorists and how they delve for inconsistencies as though they prove anything. If you go out with friends for meal on holiday, have a few glasses of wine, then your daughter went missing sending your world into melt down, didn't sleep for 48 hours and then were expected to give an exact, minute by minute, consistent story of exactly what happened. Not only that but everyone then has to give an exact replica of that story when questioned time and time again over months and years, there would be more holes in the story than Fred Wests garden. I couldn't even tell you what time I went to bed last night, let alone give a breakdown of my whole night, with precise details of what time I went toilet, what time I had dinner, what I or others were wearing blah blah.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they actually find and speak to the person who it's believed she saw? He confirmed he was wearing exactly the clothes described, was there at pretty much that exact moment carrying his daughter from the kids club up the road.
  4. There was a lot in the documentary that isn't said or repeated by most people online when talking about the case though. I learnt quite a bit, not in terms of new information particularly, but in terms of highlighting a correcting things that aren't true but out there.
  5. You mean they've actually explained the series of events factually, rather than conspiracy sites, red top rags and youtube videos with red lines. Leading people to have a more informed opinion on what happend.
  6. Dave Worthington Current Club: Everton Previous Clubs: Leicester and West Ham.
  7. Galloway... end of thread. The man tried to chop his own leg off with a knife and throttled Duncan Ferguson.
  8. Whilst I know you are wumming, the fact someone even says shit like that pisses me off. The man won two leagues and kept us in the premier league ffs.
  9. If Fifa ratified the transfer I'm pretty sure there is bugger all they can do about it.
  10. I've bought one that's motion and force detection. So if some tool decides to hit my car (it's happened to me three times outside my house now), it will come on and record them driving off. For that alone it could be worth every penny! I'd imagine it will go that way, where they just end up getting installed automatically into cars as standard.
  11. Doing well it seems, fans like him and he's played with the manager before. So you'd hope it was a no brainer.
  12. We need two top players, unless we sell someone like you say I'd be amazed if we had the money to buy Tielemans and pump what we'd need to on a striker as well. We'll have problems shifting Slim even on loan in the summer with how bad he's been in Turkey. I was hoping he'd do ok and we'd get a bit of money back on him. Tielemans we can do if they want Silva, £25m and Silva is more than doable. But I do think it would hinge on him being wanted there. Considering what they paid you'd imagine they'd see that as a decent deal. Profit on the player and someone who is performing for them essentially free.
  13. I wouldn't drive now without front and rear facing dashcams, it's only a matter of time some idiots does something to cause me to crash. If they are stupid enough to do something like that, they are stupid enough to think they were right and argue the point. If you'd gone into the back of him, you'd be the one paying out if you didn't have a camera.
  14. That's spread over 4 players and not one. The risk increase when all your eggs are in one basket, and I'm not talking in terms of whether they are good enough. But the lad could do his knee a week later
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