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  1. Babylon

    Corona Virus

    They can't even trust their staff not to post on Foxestalk between 9am and 5pm
  2. Babylon

    Corona Virus

    People aren't being admitted, people aren't being referred by doctors, 111 and 999 and deferring things they wouldn't have before. Paramedics are leaving at home people who would norming be taking in as they are told not to. I know someone who had a heart attack, something that would normally be an admission job. He got taken in ambulance, looked at by a doctor, whizzed around for a scan and shoved out the door with a, "you're better off at home". It's not down to a few time wasters, it's down to a total change in system.
  3. The league is done, it either finishes now or it gets moved to where the Euros should have been and that gets pushed a year.
  4. Another good game without Chilwell there... becoming a common occurrence.
  5. Puel’s team... it’s Peter Taylor all over again.
  6. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Man City, Spurs would all sell out. Then you have first games of the season, last games of the season, Christmas and new year games all popular games with big demand. So that’s already potentially 10 of the 18 games we play likely sell out. Stop comparing cup games to league games ffs. Nobody expects to sell out every game, it’s about having room to grow. If you were going to sell out every game after adding 10,000 then you might as well add 18,000 otherwise there is no room to grow.
  7. We used to see some extra effort chasing a game. Now we look no different to the first minute. Pass it about, do **** all.
  8. And.... it’s a pretty big indicator that we are shit and so is our form. More so than a loss against Man City being used as a positive. Desperation.
  9. By then you mean the last 20 games right?
  10. You know we are losing to the bottom team who hadn’t scored in 700 minutes?
  11. Yes, he’s still crap.
  12. Compared to Vardy of years ago, yes they have. It’s bloody obvious, short runs he’s still good, but anything about 35m+ out it’s a poor lay-off.
  13. He won’t be leading scorer at the end at this rate. He’s been woeful for months now. If we had options we’d be trying them, but we don’t.
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