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  1. Someone is also clearly an idiot.
  2. For those not bothering to read the Sun article, they are just repeating the mail article, which was a repeat of an older article.
  3. You ever heard the saying a broken clock is right twice a day. Do people not actually understand how this ITK twitter plague actually works?
  4. No he’s not, unless you don’t pay attention to other sources. Then of course he looks like a cross between Confucius and Nostradamus.
  5. “Agreeing” not agreed.... see the get out there.
  6. Easily done... see people hanging off every word of people on this forum (not saying you).
  7. Yes... it’s also a surprise to Bale who pissed himself laughing when he heard.
  8. Thought this was rubbish, but after getting about £65m from Gueye, McCarthy and Lookman (the former going PSG), it might have some legs. Wouldn’t it be nice to flog a few unwanted ageing players for good money.
  9. Perhaps judging the others with first teamers whilst he can, just in case he goes.
  10. We can on the fact it’s a reoccurring issue of making mistakes though.
  11. I’m reimposing my own pre-season ban because I don’t think I can take another summer of people making out these games mean or prove anything.
  12. I was gutted he didn’t say “give it a miss”
  13. I know we shouldn’t moan about pre season but.... ***insert moan about pre season here***.
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