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  1. They are lumping in all the numpties flying their own planes in with professional pilots flying small planes though. This would have been a professional pilot and not some weekender out for a jolly and ploughing himself into a field.
  2. Flying is very safe, they just stand out because it's a bit more dramatic.
  3. Well I'd say performances were better than Ranieri's second season, results certainly are. Shakey was hard done by with the fixture list and was harshly treated. My issues with him was I didn't think there would be any long term plan or attempt to adapt. Pointless doing anything now unless results and position drop off a cliff and see where we are in the summer.
  4. Compared to what? With the exception of Ndidi, who frankly looks worse because he's being asked to pass the ball, it's a much of a muchness in terms of performances compared to the 18 months before he joined.
  5. Babylon

    Nahitan Nandez

    This has "steering wheel" transfer saga written all over it.
  6. Babylon

    Let's have a films thread.

    One of the best films I've seen in a long time.
  7. Babylon

    Pearson sacking that was rescinded

    Foxestalk in 'nobody has got a scooby' shocker.
  8. Unless you are Sir Eddie of Howe... in which case Leicester fans want you lined up as a replacement for their manager.
  9. Babylon

    Andy King to..........

    Leicester reserves? They still got Fryatt, Hobbs and Mat Mills? I know they don't, that's a joke before someone says no. Matt Mills plays for Indian Super League club Pune City.... **** me what a signing he was.
  10. Babylon

    Pearson sacking that was rescinded

    I don't know why but I always thought Top sacked him and Vichai said no... Top's "punishment" was a year as a monk
  11. Idiot.... oh hang on....
  12. I can understand some of the critisism, I'd have far more respect for people if they just said. You know what, his football style isn't for me, I'm getting little enjoyment from the games and a year and a half in charge should be enough to see where we're going with his style. It's just all the nonsense that gets chucked his direction that makes me cringe. "Destorying the club", "Worse than Taylor", "Disrespecting Vichai" blah blah blah.
  13. Where does this "stubborn" thing come from, he just doesn't agree with you.
  14. Half that bunch are 22 and under, consistency isn't going to be our strong point.