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  1. The fact they don't want to?
  2. IMO if we don't buy another very decent striker and a top class winger we can forget pushing on too much. The clock is ticking on Vardy and no matter how brilliant he can be, one injury, or a sudden drop off and we're fecked.
  3. Has any normal person on here actually suggested and seriously meant it when said "pay whatever they want". It's one of those utterly meaningless comments that doesn't even warrant a response or an argument against even if anyone has. But if said figure is £40m, which whilst being excessive considering his time there, it's not silly money now we've seen him play here, presuming 1/4 wish of that can be offset by Silva.
  4. Babylon

    Jarrod Bowen

    So you're saying the FIFA index might not be right... who'd have thought!!!
  5. It's really quite simple, if we have shit loads of cash to spend. Then close to £40m (presuming some of that is offset by Silva) is a complete no brainer. We've tasted the product and seen how good it is. If you can afford it and it's exactly what you want then just pay the cash. Sure, there is the possibility that the scouts have seen another player who is unreal and looks a bargain in comparison. But there are vastly more risks involved in those signings, as they won't be tried and tested in our league or our team. So you weigh up what the finances allow and what the risk / reward is. If we can't afford it or it doesn't work in terms of all round squad building, then you need to look at cheaper options that allow you to strengthen say three positions than just one. There is no one answer to the problem.
  6. Better what? Better player or better value? It's vastly more probable that we're not going to spend £40m on someone because we don't actually have £40m to spend on one player, and it's not good value when you need to buy other players as well. Rather than us thinking we can get a better player for less, when we've all clearly seen how good he has been and how much potential he has to improve as well.
  7. If I ever get married I'm definitely going for the red fez and pimp cane look.
  8. Babylon

    Jarrod Bowen

    Good for them, but I'll trust my own eyes and after spending far more time than I should have watching him, he was slow enough to have me worried. To suggest no-one catches him is laughable, he literally got caught on pretty much every clip. But a bit of decent footwork bought him some space, I'm not sure premier league players will be fooled so easily.
  9. Unfortunately that's the modern media for you across most formats now, they are judged on calls and being controversial drums up interest. Hence why talksport survive and people like Savage, Mills etc keep getting gigs.
  10. Well no, it had little to do with that and more to do with the cut throat gestures and stuff like him spending half a game slating Pearson for not showing passion and not being on the touch line, when he could actually barely move after a back operation.
  11. No no no... it's indicate, manoeuvre and everyone else moves out the way. I'm sure that's what they teach now, no mirrors or checking.
  12. I don't think you're understanding me. If someone is driving down the motorway and sticks their indicator on and WAITS for me to concede my right of way they are going to get let in. If you flick your indicator on, let it flash for .5 of a second and start the manoeuvre of cutting me up you can get to ****. At no point have I said I'm not letting anyone in if they indicate, I'm saying it doesn't give you the right of way and it's down to everyone else as to whether you get let in or not, so wait for them. Examples. People who go up Soar Valley way, go up the left hand lane to the very top ignoring god knows how many left turn only signs and then tick their indicator on and expect everything who has been sat in traffic for 10 minutes to let them on their merry way. Nope, not happening. (Note: It's clear as day the people who've made a genuine error as opposed to the queue jumping tossers.) People who totally ignore basic rules of the road, like if there are two lanes coming on to the roundabout, the lefthand lane is clearly not going to be for turning right. Them putting their indicator on doesn't suddenly magic away the issue and everyone else shouldn't have to part like the red sea so that they aren't inconvenienced by having to go in the wrong direction and then turn around.
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