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  1. Surprised he found the time to write that between posting across his dozen twitter accounts, ringing talksport and watching chubby porn.
  2. It wasn't evasive, he said it was personal. So, lets say he was telling the truth, it's not his place to expand on that.
  3. Yeah but Sean from Enderby is an absolute knob cheese, who only has one thing on his mind.... himself.
  4. I don't think it's a coincidence one of his better games came without Chilwell there.
  5. Perez can sit on the bench and Tielemans can come back in.
  6. We need some energy in the team, I know he's technically limited but I'd bring Albrighton back as you know he's going to give you bags of energy. You then hope that rubs off on the other slugs.
  7. The way you've written it sounds far worse than the way he said it. He said players he "trusted to get a result" not players he trusted. The could easily have missed it for personal reasons, whatever they may be, going from what he said. He could also be being coy on it because they were out on the lash and didn't get in until 5am But from what he said, he couldn't know for sure either way.
  8. Do we even want it? Week after week we are just so flat, no tempo, effort is half hearted.
  9. Vardy has been a bit crap since his injury.
  10. So pedestrian again. We’ve lost any zip to our game, only Nacho recently looks high tempo when he comes on.
  11. We’re so pedestrian... shame it’s the wrong topic.
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