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  1. Oghenekaro Etebo
  2. Because there were quotes/articles at the time stating that our long held interest in him swayed his decision to come here. It said we'd been watching him for a long time and he and his family knew we were tracking his career. Something like that.
  3. I'm not sure that counters my point really.
  4. Wilf isn't Mascia we scouted him for ages.
  5. HITC.... fooooook oooooof.
  6. Think we'll survive considering we've signed nothing amazing from that area.
  7. You're comparing one striker who is mostly used as a late sub compared to one who starts. So no I wouldn't suggest that because that can warp them. But that's not the case with James or Clucas whose stats are both based on mostly starts, a fairer playing ground. I said Clucas is bang average, he's 11th for tackles, George Boyd just a few places lower down like he is in distance covered also... yet I don't want us to sign him either because he's equally as average. We also don't need defenesive midfielder with zero creativity. Clucas has played a shit load of minutes more then our players, so his totals are always going to be higher this year, last season when Drinky played a similar amount he pissed all over him, just as N'didi would have.
  8. Indeed, when criticism defies basic logic or facts it makes you wonder where exactly it's coming from.
  9. Looks like a big blurry mess so you can't even make it out the design anyway.
  10. Yeah I mean it's totally ****ing unfathomable that people think the player who offers the most goals, assists, chances created of all our strikers per minute actually has something to offer.
  11. It's not really, because it also shows he's a completely useless winger as well as a bang average CM.
  12. Clearly having a large stadium doesn't prevent you from chronic mismanagement from the top like all those teams had. The extra money and pull needs to be used correctly, but it should give you an advantage if you do.
  13. St Albans answered your points. You are correct it's not my area really, but I can read and the articles around their purchases put all your points to bed if you'd read them.
  14. Seems like someone else did some research before commentary unlike Gaelic.
  15. Article mentions a brand new training complex as well, is that a renovation of Belvoir Drive or a move elsewhere?