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  1. Id also play Rashford out wide, for all his faults he's still not a bad player and a good manager could get something more from him.
  2. What moron would actually even think a cash rich club sat second would even consider selling their left back in January.
  3. I’d take Zaha in a shot, instant almost risk free (injury aside) improvement on the team and a bit of xfactor we miss from out wide.
  4. You only have to go through what clubs have finished top 6 in the last 15 years to see how amazing it is.
  5. Yeah fair one... at 6-0 against Saints I still thought "keep it tight, don't let them back into it".
  6. I've always felt like our fanbase was a bit odd going back to when I first started going down. We've always needed something to get us going, a bit of adversity, a thundercunt of a tackle, a ref being a knob. If we're controlling play and generally being quietly effective, everyone just sits back and thinks "well this is nice and cosy", myself included.
  7. People who couldn't negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag.
  8. Which is baffling when he was absolutely mullering them in every week for West Brom.
  9. Sometimes it's about delivery, perhaps it's just a leicester thing. We do after all have lazy mouths and accents
  10. Absolutely, this isn't just a Barnes issue (the wide problems). I like some of what Perez offers, but I'm often left wondering if it's enough, just like I am Barnes. Especially when you look at the contribution other someone like Ricardo, he looks more of a winger from full back than either of our actual wingers.
  11. Can you choose another colour, it's like trying to read a redacted document
  12. Incredible really what we're doing, to assemble pretty much two different teams for a title win and then an unreal start to this season is nigh on unheard of in such a short space of time.
  13. Do try reading, that's not what I said at all. I'm talking about simplicity, few words, up tempo and it catches on, I didn't even say I liked that song. But if people are banging on about participation, then look at the songs and focus on simplicity as it works. Coming from SK1 there is far too many lyrically complex songs that just drone on, and people wonder why they don't catch on. There is no point throwing it back at a 40 / 50 year old and saying, well you do better. It's on the younger lads now, fair play that Union FS give it a shot and I know it's not easy. But I'm trying to be constructive with you. I'm someone who will get involved but if I'm singing two words out of 20 and mumbling the rest then there are issues with the song.
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