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  1. Me talking to my girlfriend about the game... Me: ”There’s a debate on Foxestalk about what Praet brings to the team” Her: “It’s a fairly short debate...”
  2. “Marc, I want you on..” ”Yes boss, where do you want me? Left? right? centre?” ”yes”
  3. There is such a huuuuuuuuge gap between the forwards and everyone else... surely that’s where Praet should be?
  4. At least we have a potent bench to bring on to change the game...
  5. My band recently released a new single if anyone has a few minutes. It's an Indie Rock kind of thing...
  6. Fofana must have been in charge of screwing Cags studs in....
  7. Unpopular opinion: I actually like a Vardy/Ian partnership.
  8. Can't wait for the lineup of: Ward Amartey Evans Cags Kevin Fuchs N'didi Mendy Hamza Under Ian I feel like that would be an exciting lineup..
  9. The scenes when he prefers a right back as a winger instead of the winger he had in on loan. What do you think the chances of buying are?
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