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  1. We're so Tinpot we've become Copperpot
  2. We are going with red for a change
  3. Went to Palace in 2018. Drove there, got stuck in traffic, with my shirt on in the middle of a Palace fan parade it looked like. Couldn't find anywhere to park. got past kick-off time and missed the start and nearly gave up and went home, so I didn't actually manage to get to the start! Eventually found somewhere half legal to park and ran the 2 miles to the stadium, to catch as much as I could. Still, at least the result was good...
  4. At Least we will be able to play Iheanacho for a full 90 mins without Maddison... Look on the bright side lads..
  5. He did.... if the target was that camera man near the corner flag.....
  6. That comment will start a riot!! haha.. I agree though.
  7. Hate to say it, I much prefer an all blue kit.... Goes back to the Coca-Cola cup Final for me in 97..
  8. Awesome game plan so far, frustrate and smother. Catch them out toward the end....
  9. Same. For the Shinji one... apart from when I took my girlfriend to her first game, she didn't hear his first name, so made one up... she sings a variation of it at different times now when making tea....
  10. Gone three at the back!!! Grrr Puel out... oh never mind....
  11. For me, sub Ghezzal for Vardy, stick Gray on the wing, Vardy up top. Same play as before.....
  12. One thing I have noticed, Gray is drifting very wide, rather than attacking through the middle, which is sucking out midfield forward into the box, leaving a hole behind.....
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