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  1. For me, sub Ghezzal for Vardy, stick Gray on the wing, Vardy up top. Same play as before.....
  2. One thing I have noticed, Gray is drifting very wide, rather than attacking through the middle, which is sucking out midfield forward into the box, leaving a hole behind.....
  3. Scenes when he gets injured. Can we recall Silva? I hear he’s just what we need....
  4. I’m not overreacting either, but we need to buy him!
  5. Maybe Claude logged in to this thread and thought “**** it, this will irritate them” and swapped them around..... Vardy to sub on in goal.....
  6. Might as well throw in a goal for Simpson......
  7. He nearly did when he saw that Coventry had beaten Charlton over christmas!
  8. Are they all drunk? both sets... it's comical! I've seen about 4 completed passes
  9. Agreed with that, I put that in my further message as well.
  10. Maddison (Mendy as well in that last minute) is delaying his pass a touch too much... either that or being greedy, but reasonable half...
  11. I have reason to believe that the formation isn't suiting us.....
  12. Adrien Silva looks to be on his way then... thought we had a world beater after his first game...
  13. I'm going to stick my neck out here and say it doesn't look thaaaaat bad... Granted, no Vardy and not a great right side, but still....
  14. I thought that was the high water mark. I was sat with a hangover and watched that game, he had an excellent 10 minutes. Looked like he ran the show... was everywhere, won tackles, great passing, intercepted people, dummied..... "Imagine what a full 90 mins would bring?!" I excitedly thought. I was also at Selhurst Park for Palace. That was slightly different.
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