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  1. Cameron Davidson

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Well, it’s going well. I think we need a striker on the pitch
  2. Cameron Davidson

    Southampton Away

    I think Yates on the highstreet is the "away" pub... I was there last year. I am not sure where else anyone else goes?
  3. Cameron Davidson

    Southampton Away

    Mine turned up yesterday. I think Yates and the Slug are the usual starting points!
  4. Cameron Davidson

    FoxesTalk Fantasy Premier League - 2018/2019

    Just joined the league.... rummaging through peoples line-ups to get tips....
  5. Cameron Davidson

    Southampton Away

    I'll be getting 2 for this one, just need to wait for it to be on sale, as I don't have a million points. The Christmas one was a blast, if a little cold and wet!! I had to explain the offside rule to someone I took to warm up!!
  6. Cameron Davidson

    Pereira & Silva

    I think he got exposed last night a touch even though I think it is probably more rust than anything, but I think what he offers going forward, combined with the suspected 3 at the back in Maguire, Evans and ANnother, as well as a similar style in Chilwell on the other side will cause us to be a lot more threatening going forward, and give space for our midfield to operate. I think it could be exciting.
  7. Cameron Davidson

    Pereira & Silva

    He reminds me a touch of Chilwell. Looks good going forward, defensively not so solid. Might work well with a three at the back...
  8. Cameron Davidson

    Pereira & Silva

    Or has short studs by the look! Haha
  9. Cameron Davidson

    Pereira & Silva

    I just watched that goal again, he drifted centrally and double marked the striker with the center back and left his man completely alone. Only twigged as the ball came over. Hopefully ring rust...
  10. Cameron Davidson

    Pereira & Silva

  11. Cameron Davidson

    Tunisia v England match thread

    It’s a Tottenham jizzfest so far on BBC.....
  12. Cameron Davidson

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Can’t wait to see Harry Maguire play center forward for a bit!!! Always makes me laugh when he parades up front. It’s like he decides he fancies a change! Come on lads....
  13. Cameron Davidson

    2017/2018 away followings

    It wasn't a criticism, just a statement as someone asked if it was sold out
  14. Cameron Davidson

    2017/2018 away followings

    I was at that one, there were plenty of seats still available unfortunately...
  15. Cameron Davidson

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Hey, at least the midfield is solid, to help out the defence...