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  1. Who’s keeping the “Gray is crap” score? Is it like bingo? wrong decision? Overhit... ran into touch! happy smile BINGO
  2. Im amazed how different we are playing compared to first half. It’s like a different team. Did they get on the beers at half time?
  3. My view would be the following combined team: Kasper Justin, Little Wes, Evans, Castagne Nd Maddison, Tielemans Albrighton Barnes Vardy
  4. Lose to West Brom, and they will be all ordered by the forum to leave the club for not being good enough.
  5. Did Fuchs move, or has he won a competition for front row tickets to watch?
  6. Did Brendan lose his game plan, and found one of Claudes old ones in his office and just thought “sod it...” ?
  7. Not being funny, but did we decide to play the game without wearing studs, just for a laugh? People can’t stay upright.....
  8. Big Wes on for Mendy, ND into Cm, Thomas on for Fuchs to involve Barnes. Loadsa Goals. I’m on the phone Brendan if you need me.
  9. So who are we blaming after this? a. Fuchs studs b. Mendy c. Kasper d. Chilwell ?
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