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  1. Couldn’t Perez play number 10? He always says it’s his main position and he’s tried all the others...
  2. Says to me that is where Brendan sees his main strength in the squad going forward. Bit of a slap In the face for Under.
  3. I thought that was just the ferry!! I can almost throw a stone to the isle from my flat
  4. My neighbors would have worked out the score on that one by the noise! on another note, is that a Perez ACL now? Should rename the club Leicester ACL.
  5. Musa was a world beater on his first show. Skinned Messi and beat Barcelona alone. Even asked for Kevin's shirt to be signed.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Perez just turn a cross into a loss of ball and a card? He’s magic you knooooow
  7. Vardy keeps barking at Under and pointing at space. I think he’s getting irritated. This is usually a good thing..
  8. You know it’s bad when I’m not watching the game, I’m on the forum instead, and I can tell what is happening by the comments.....
  9. I think I’m on about 9-0 tonight. 9 lost possessions, 0 threats... think I’ll have a beer....
  10. Still won’t get an England call up.... 🧐
  11. I think that Brendan has that feeling too.... :/
  12. I know it’s immature, but “Anus long throw” will never not be funny.....
  13. Awesome. Justin started that move just outside the box and finished it!
  14. Brendan must really not fancy Under... I think we have found Perez best position. Maddison lite
  15. I heard him say “give it away! Give it away, give it away!” Once. If I was playing I’d have had to add a “Now.” Probably would have given a goal away but so worth it...
  16. We aren’t doing badly I suppose playing with 10 men
  17. How have Everton got everyone still on the pitch? They’d be giving Connor McGregor a good game...
  18. Stick Praet in instead and that's a hell of a bench!
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