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  1. The Big 6 is obviously about the richest clubs not the current best ones. Arsenal and especially Spurs being founding members is an absolute joke. This hostile take-over has one and only goal: generate money. RM (Perez seems to be the master mind behind it), Barca and the three italian clubs are drowning in debts, especially with COVID, and desperately need the cash. The big six is owned by mega-rich a-holes with neither footballing culture nor love for the game who see there the opportunity to maximize their profit and couldn't care less about anything else.
  2. Can see keep Klopp walking, maybe Guardiola. Tuchel seems to have showed his hand.
  3. I do think that Dortmund are in control. They came out with a simple plan: score first. They already have an away goal and Man City aren't a team that likes to be bullied. Can't remember the last time where they completely deprived of the ball for such a long time and no one can put it on Guardiola's selection. It's their strongest team but the players began the match with the handbrake on (psychological barrer and all that) and they dearly paid for it. The second half will be interesting.
  4. Thank you, that means a lot to me.
  5. Frankly, I've hit a wall, and won't get out of this on my own this time. I feel absolutely dead inside. Time to seek for professional help, I think.
  6. Never ever thought this virus would do such a number on me without even getting it. I battled hard with depression since the end of last year, things went better for a couple of weeks, then had a relapse due to work stress and my alcohol consumption went through the roof. Just lost my job and I've really hit rock bottom.
  7. Even if you're not really into epic ARPG in space, go for it. It's one of the greatest trilogy in gaming history and ME2 is up there with the greatest games ever. I You'll also play them without the wonky gameplay and combat that plagued the first two (especially the first one) which is a massive bonus point. I'm finishing my umptieth playthrough at the moment.
  8. Always wanted to give it a go, I even have a playseat challenge and a good wheel, but just can't find the time. Aside from the steep learning curve, the game is also quite costly if you want to unlock tracks and cars, not to mention the subscriptions...
  9. The first one will benefit the most from the improvements and it's storywise the best of the trilogy. People (rightly) take a dump on the third one, but all its problems storywise actually stem from ME2. While brillant in itself, I absolutely loved it, it massively hampered the story by letting you play the dirty dozen in space while contributing to next to nothing to advance the overall Reaper plot, leaving everything to ME3 to tie all the loose ends. And there were too many of them for a single game. ME3 has, by far, the weakest plot, not only the endings. I won't ent
  10. Ha, my reply aged like milk. Congrats, it's areally good card!
  11. I think it's really not the moment to get new GPU unless you're ready to overpay or you're really, really lucky and literally constantly monitor the online retailers. Set your retailers of choice to notify you as soon as cards are avalaible and jump on your phone or computer because the cards are sold out within 30 minutes tops. Or buy a pre-build for which you'll also overpay. New cards are a generation leap in terms of performance, crypto-mining became a thing again, the pandemic is forcing everyone to stay home and Nvidia / AMD can't satisfy an exploding demand. I've
  12. MY MSI 3080 does, I couldn't believe my eyes when I compared it to my old 1080 which itself wasn't a small GPU. 34cm / 1,5 Kg. While the performance gain is massive, the thing needs a nuclear plant . I'm drawing 350W at full performance, double of the 1080's.
  13. Final thoughts on the game: all in all it's a good game, I enjoyed the ride and the story, got a good amount of entertainment for my money but I also see a wasted potential. For me there's very little replay value because the story is set in stone, your background doesn't matter and the outcome of your extremely self-centered journey is decided in the very last moments of the game, when everything is said and done. V's evolution as a character isn't determined by the player but is already set by the script. You just go along with the flow and your actions have a very lit
  14. I had tons of gun with that one. In fact so much that I bought of all of the other Yakuza games. A blessing that the series came to PC. The city is alive, plenty to do when you need a break from the main story and the OST is phenomenal. I must have sunk 130 hours in Y0 and pretty sure that at least 50 of them were spent in the cabaret minigame, lol.
  15. Nvidia can feck off with their MSRP, the actual pricing is absolutely insane. The 3070 was supposed to be sold around £469. Ah, my bad mate. The K is for overclocking ability. They have a higher stock frequency (and TDP) and can be pushed beyond that, the non K have their cores locked. Most of the buyers never overclock their CPU and buy it because it sounds cool. I was an Intel consumer from 2004 (my last AMD CPU was the Athlon XP for those who remember) to this day but made the jump to the red team this time, because Intel screwed up its tran
  16. The 10700 is no slouch and it will be quite a while before it becomes itself a bottleneck. So unless you're an enthusiast, by the time it finally does, technology has advanced so much that you're going to upgrade your MoBo and RAM anyway. Before my actual rig, I had an i7 4790K (2014) and never overclocked it once, nor felt the desire or need to do so. And I was playing demanding games at 1080p where the CPU plays a more important role than in higher resolutions. Only the latest generation of GPUs proved to be a tad too much for it and I felt that the current CPU and GPU generation jump was wo
  17. You're right. PSU and CPU cooling are components where one shouldn't save money as they really screw up your rig. Imo Gold certfication is a must for a PSU and preferably from a well known brand. Corsair's RMx series is a great one. Efficient and silent. You also have the BeQuiet Straight Power and Dark Power, Seasonic and Thermaltake are also reputable. Best is to read various reviews about the product you're about to install. I personally don't mind an overkill cooler. I slapped a Noctua DH-15 on my 5600x. It hoovers at 50-60°C in a silent case that has a mediocre the
  18. I think has more to do with DDR (Double Data Rate): 1333 x 2= 2666 MHz. Dual channel doubles (theoritically) your memory bandwith, not your frequency.
  19. LOL, I tend to spend big every 6-7 years to spare myself the hassle of constantly upgrading. If any I'd upgrade the GPU in 2-3 years. Wanted to get a 5900X but the insane prices of the new RTX made a hole in that budget and the 5600X is by itself quite capable whilst having a very low TDP. Your rig ain't bad at all and you'll be fine for a long time at 1080p and have more than a fair shot at long-term 1440p. 1330MHz seems awfully low for DDR-4 memory, you sure about the frequency?
  20. The american conservatives aren't a homogenous block. You find a bit of everything in there, the hard fiscal and social ones, the fiscal conservative but on the liberal side when it comes to social policy, etc. You can engage a debate with them even if you don't agree with their views, they do respect the democratic game and you can have with them a polite, civil discussion. I'm still baffled that in this day and age one live in one of the supposed most advanced countries, can be offended by gay marriage or being hell-bent against abortion right, but yeah... I'll never agree with t
  21. First rig since 2014. Fractal Design R6 3x Silent Wings 3 PWM Fans Ryzen 5 5600X Noctua DH-15 Chromax MSI Gaming Trio RTX 3080 MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon 32 GB 3200 RAM Corsair Vengeance 2 TB Samsung NVMe M2 SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2 TB WD Red HDD 750W Gold PSU BeQuiet Straight Power Monitor. 32' Dell S3220DGF 2500x1440p @165Hz I should be okay for quite a couple of year. Finished Cyberpunk and Project Wingman, going to take on Control and the new Hitman trilogy. My backlog is enough to keep me occupied for a ver
  22. I read conservative forums (both side of the story) and the overwhelming majority of the moderate conservatives rejected him after what happened post-election, a notable chunk way before that. The Capitol storming was an eye opener for many even if a little late. However it's certainly the case for his die-hard supporters. He's exactly like them, unsecure, vindictive, intolerant, uneducated and proud of it, short-sighted, vulgar (tells it like it is), amoral, and reached a god-like status among them. They worship him because in their wrecked mind, they think that one of them reache
  23. *NSA enters the chat* Gotcha. Joke aside, Form my very limited knowledge flying isn't the 'hard part', landing, however, very much so. I've read many articles about it, and former or still active pilots point that to do what the hijacker from Flight 11 did (changing the original course from Los Angeles to New York while smoothly lose about 28,000 feet in the process before hitting the tower), you have to know what you're doing and definitely must have some experience with flying a jet-liner. However other pilots say that you can ind
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