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  1. It worked out because Lampard played his team of newbies too high and fell into our hands.
  2. Yes, you're absolutely right about that. I just don't know how they would sign another good CB who would be happy to sit on the bench, waiting for Laporte to have a poor run or get injured.
  3. I know, but MCFC lost Laporte. Despite the common belief, he doesn't have a real back-up and was essential to their game style. It's a hammer blow imo and he's out for a couple of months. I don't see how they're going to compensate, unless a Liverpool key players is injured.
  4. Ha, loving this. Should ManCity screw this one up and title is Liverpool's to lose.
  5. If he goes with the same set-up, we'll comfortably lose.
  6. You won't see a worst MU team in years. So yeah, without even talking about top 6 and whatnot, it's very disappointing.
  7. I seriously hope that you're not referring to my post.
  8. Just saw the manager confidence: -57%, LOL. Can we please also rate the manager? I mean, obviously I'm for him to stay, but he fecked up big time today.
  9. Think he deserves one more chance.
  10. Worst of it, the media just won't shut up about it and hail their team spirit as well as the hobbit's tactical genius.
  11. Disappointing to say the least. Encouraging first 5 minutes or so but as soon as they scored, our morale crumbled. They were shite but we showed absolutely nothing. Deserved loss.
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