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    One has to be an absolute idiot, to boo one of our players during a game or cheer when he gets subbed, no matter how bad he is. Not only they're not helping him but they're also harming the team. Criticize him, trash him, whatever, yes, be it in a pub, on the net, in the newspapers or even even in person but after the game. Absolutely embarrassing.
  2. He sent Choudhury to Newcastle. Class goal even if Ward could've done better.
  3. He put Simpson to cover for Choudhury and deal with either Mahrez or Sané Diaz. Not over the moon but can see the logic behind that. Silva's gone. Edit: Just saw their line-up. It's basically a B-team with Aguero and KdB coming back from injury. Puel made quite the gamble and it could massively back-fire if we lose.
  4. Ah crap, I'm about to reach my post limit per day and want at least to be able to moan about the starting XI. So beware, wall of text. Look, don't get me wrong. I'm also not overjoyed with the rumor about throwing Choudhury in a game like this. I know what's at stake, want us to play the strongest possible team and would be more than happy to see Vardy play. And if I and every one here know that, I suppose Puel does too. I'm sure Vardy is craving for this game but let's be honest, he's not been at his best the last months and his injury certainly has something to do with it. How things play out will be accordingly to what the medical staff says. As much as I want us to win this game, just going out with a bang and see our most important player ruled out for months doesn't sit well with me. We're utter shit without him and going for a crappy panic buy in January ain't gonna happen. The squad is bloated enough as it is. Can't recall Puel saying anything remotely similar but maybe I'm wrong. As for the players, well it's not like they're going to say: "hey we'll try to not be relegation fodder this season". And I repeat we do not have a team worthy of an European Cup. You seem to forget something. Guardiola has had his players for a bit longer than Puel and their quality as well as the bench's depth is not remotely comparable. Even then, I saw quite a bit of their games and Guardiola rotates/tinkers A LOT either with the starting XI or the formation. The only guaranteed starters, aside from the GK, are D. Silva, Laporte, Fernandinho, Aguero and KdB. That's 6 players and the rest is filled depending on the opponent, form, injuries, suspensions etc. Not even Sané, Sterling, Bernardo, Walker or Mahrez are guaranteed starters. Let's see ours: Kasper, Morgan, Maguire, Chilwell, Ricardo, Ndidi, Mendy, Maddison and Vardy. That's 8 players who will always start under Puel when avalaible, generally in a 4-2-3-1. This after a couple of months and a bit of necessary tinkering.
  5. Because a win against Palace was more likely than a win against Manchester City and we still have a tough run. Playing Vardy too often right now and see him injured would have tremendous consequences for the rest of the season. He has to manage him no matter what we might think. Frankly he's in a lose-lose situation here. If he didn't play Vardy against Palace, he'd have been hammered. Lose tonight and he'll be hammered anyway. With or without Vardy.
  6. We only need 18 points and won't be in a relegation fight unless something goes massively wrong. It was European qualification only for people deluded enough to think we even were in a position to do so.
  7. Would you rather play him tomorrow and risk seeing him out for a couple of weeks if not months? Who's going to step up if we lose him?
  8. Don't pay attention to this kind of posts, pal. They ain't worth it. To answer your question, I personally don't think we'll be able to stop you unless we manage to pull off a miracle. Our squad is actually quite unbalanced, we have new young players settling in and a big problem in the midfield hampering our transition from offensive to defensive phases. Vardy, if he plays, is a bit out of form, we don't have any real alternative and Mahrez is now on your side. As for people being unfair towards Puel, aside from a vociferating small minority who wanted his head before he even managed one game, fans are understandably frustrated by the inconsistent performances of the team and the patience of some is running out. Others take into account that he had and still has a lot of (dirty) work to do, and accept that we're bound to see some good games mixed with abject performances like our last game against Palace. He'll get the end of the season at least, however if we slide or things don't significantly improve in the next months, he might get the boot in the summer. I don't think that he'll set us up defensively because we'll get torn apart if we sit back and wait for you. We simply can't let you play from the back, nor let Fernandinho pull the strings between your defense and attack, or we'll get killed. I hope we put up a good fight with the strongest possible team and who knows, we might even win.
  9. Well that was a classy reply to someone who came in peace and just wanted to talk football. Keep it up.
  10. This myth needs to die. We're nowhere near of the top 6 with this squad. Not in a million years and anyone who thinks otherwise is completely deluded..
  11. You're surprisingly harsh on this one. I'd hardly count last January as a viable transfer window and none of the players, bar Diabaté who completely faded away, we signed under his reign has been a dud. To the contrary. We still have a load of players to get rid of and I can't wait for the next summer's clearance. Losing Mahrez was obviously going to hit us hard, Vardy being out of form doesn't help too. Now I'm not saying that we're playing crisp football and things must certainly improved, especially the transition between defense and attack, however I think that any manager would have problems with this squad. Imo he won't get the boot this January because of the chairman's death and Top certainly has other urgent matters at hand right now. We're not in any danger of relegation and I think that you're sensible enough think that the problems we have since winning the title are not going to be solved in one or two seasons.
  12. Because he was shit. We were much better with Ghezzal.
  13. No player has improved under him and the best are going backwards. Banter aside, I can't believe Martial, Lukaku, Sanchez or Pogba are that bad. The latter was excellent at Juventus and helped France a great deal to win the WC. He's a dinosaur who plays a destructive fooball and never adapted his game to the new standards.