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  1. That_Dude

    Leo Says Farewell

    All the best, Leo. You won't be forgotten.
  2. I don't know but certainly not Emery. I'd argue that Puel has more chances to go than him. Not that I want him out btw. Arsenal just parted way with an iconic manager who managed them for more than 20 years. It is totally normal that the results will be mixed for a while. They are rebuilding and I suppose that he'll get at least one season. If things go bad (finishing outside outside the top 6) he might get the boot at the end of the season, but not before. Furthermore they faced one of strongest teams the League ever had. A loss was to be expected.
  3. That_Dude

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    First real test but I'm confident that we'll win. Hopefully Evans will be fit. 3-1 City.
  4. Nope, just a lot of schadenfreude from bitter fans. He's actually far away from the other players tempo and level, but that was to be expected. B.Silva needed one season to settle in and I think that he'll have a great one. He was outstanding today and a joy to watch. Man City were quite sloppy at times but their tempo, work rate, movement and passing were unreal. Arsenal might be in a rebuilding phase but playing them off the park the whole game at the Emirates is no small feat. Should have been easily 5-0. Riyad will have to work really hard to reach that level, but the talent is already there. If Pep turned Sterling into a classy footballer, there is no reason Mahrez should fail.
  5. ManCity will walk the league again. Closely followed by Liverpool. Top 6 is unreachable.
  6. 8,5 Maddison my MOTM. What a signing! 8 Gray, Pereira and Chilwell. Impressed with Gray's work rate. 6,5 for the rest bar Amartey who gets a 5 Puel 7 Unlucky to concede a penalty early in the game but still a good performance away.
  7. Nah, it was indeed a sly dig. Many here would wet their pant if Mahrez fails at City. HHe's still a long way to go but still did okay.
  8. That_Dude

    Mirror madness?

    Because you need them to know that this is a load bull?
  9. That_Dude

    Jamie Vardy ● Legend

    Doesn't get enough love? Just lol. Try to find a post bad mouthing him. Thanks for stating the obvious though, as if no one knew he's a legend and that he'll go down as one of the club's greatest, if not the greatest ever.
  10. That_Dude

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Love that Madders bloke.
  11. That_Dude

    Thank you Riyad

    People like you deserve to watch players like Musa, Akinbiyi or J.Lewis until the end of their lives.
  12. That_Dude

    Is it time for a New Club Captain...

    Can't be captain from the bench.
  13. That_Dude

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    Worth every penny. Good luck, big guy.