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  1. That_Dude

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Sarri's a goner. They have 0 defensive shape and Kanté is truly wasted.
  2. Which is your right.
  3. Do you actually get stick despite not being a great fan of his? I suppose not and rightly so. Why's that? Well, because your posts are balanced and argumented. There are other very good posters who also want or at least wouldn't mind seeing Puel go in the same case. You can see the logic behind their thoughts and are free to agree or disagree with them, which is fine because we don't have to have the same opinion about everything and it helps to put one's own personal view in perspective. Then you have the others and I'm sorry to say, they're either the majority or maybe simply the most active, where you're at loss trying to make heads or tails of their posts. All you can see is a strong personal dislike clumsily backed by a flawed logic, a skewed use of stats or facts, sometimes blatant lies and, above all, an unwillingness to give the man any credit. If they could put the global warming on his tab, they would. He's gone no matter what, I think. We'll see then how the outers will react to the new manager and how long it will take before they go for his throat.
  4. That_Dude

    What's Wrong at Leicester City?

    It won't happen as it's still too early, I think Northcroft's bang on the money when he say that CP is a goner.
  5. That_Dude

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    My evening is absolutely ruined.
  6. That_Dude

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    Utd would. Their back four is dreadful and he'd walk straight into their starting XI. Chelsea could be interested too. Arsenal wouldn't pay that much.
  7. That_Dude

    What's Wrong at Leicester City?

    Thank you for this amazing, well argumented contribution.
  8. That_Dude

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Lol, ManU can bin the whole back 4 and Matic as well. Ole is being schooled by Tuchel. 0 chances of going through.
  9. That_Dude

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Here we are. The best team scored.
  10. That_Dude

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Too much fouls in this game. PSG still have the upper hand though. United didn't see much of the ball.
  11. That_Dude


    Most of the goal chances fell to the wingers not the striker himself, which was due to Gray drifting wide to attract the defenders. Not saying that Gray is the solution (he isn't). That said, Vardy isn't finished and even if he's a bit slower he still can shake off any defender when given the space, which doesn't happen as often. He's lethal but it's undeniable that he's missing more chances than in the previous seasons and that's not because he's not fed. He's still part of the plan however we definitely need an alternative. I'm curious to see the impact Tielemans is going to have on his goal ratio.
  12. Do you even read the articles or just come here to rant?
  13. That_Dude

    If 2018/19 was a gif

  14. We played the possible Champions away and two teams of the top 4 and we deserved at least a draw in the last two. You're right they play for the coach, bar maybe Vardy. Yet you'll still find moaners, you'll always find them moving the goal posts. - If we win, they'd prefer losing and have an entertaining game - If we lose, they'd prefer a shit game but win. Palace will be the real test. For the first time I think we'll be able to break a deep sitting team at home.