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  1. Won't l Won't lie I teared up a bit up a bit. Wonderful...
  2. So happy for us and Top. Quite a long way from Fleetwood for Sir Jamie Vardy of Sheffield. Not to mention King Kasper, Captain Morgan and the shining Marc Albrighton.
  3. Maybe you're both right and I'm reading too much into it. Still uncomfortable when one of (ex-) players gets booed. Never mind, today is a great day.
  4. Well, that's a new low point reached for him today. Nice.
  5. Didn't hear boos when Chelsea's other subs came on.
  6. Seriously don't understand why he was booed. You'd think he'd ran over every Leicester fan's grand-mother, cat and dog on his way to Chelsea. His face after the goal was call off-side was funny though.
  7. First time in a long while I'm watching a full match of football. Hope I don't jinx us.
  8. Great result for us this afternoon. They'll play their reserve team against us and go then full strength against Liverpool. Nacho to bag the winner, CL next season. Simples.
  9. We made everything we could to lead to that mistake. We invited pressure until Kasper blew it up. I don't think I'm biased when I say that BR was the one responsible for that defeat.
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