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  1. We played alright tonite. Hopefully Vardy's injury isn't something to worry about.
  2. Can we put Pereira on 1,000,000K per hour? I'm dreading this summer window.
  3. Well, that sucks, hopefully nothing to worry about in the coming matches. Go, go Nacho!
  4. Barnes about 2mm offside. #enhancedarmchairVAR.
  5. They'll come to play I reckon. They're not doing well but I really like their style of play and are largely capable of an upset. The game seems like an easy win on paper but careful of the banana skin.
  6. Dunno, Mané, KdB are a tough competition but the golden boot is a real possibility. Would be chuffed for him either way.
  7. In hindsight, probably not. The results would've been better with Tielemans, but I also don't think we would've been where we actually are with him. Even with the full team. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for what he did, the new impulse he gave to the club but appointing Rodgers was the right thing to do.
  8. Wait for the summer. Delighted by the news but the cynical in me says that the new contract's more a way for him to get more money should he go to another club.
  9. Do they have a new manager yet or just a caretaker? Should be a win either way though.
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