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  1. 3 Assists. Decision making and passing really improved. Chuffed for him.
  2. Big name strikers won't come here to be benched. We need a backup for Vardy. Preferably young.
  3. Minutes played would be a less biased comparison. By the way, you post quite a lot on the matter for someone who doesn't want to hear about him again.
  4. Utterly disappointed in him. The best thing that could've happened to him was that he hanged around here instead of going to the serial bottlejobs. You just don't shit on the hand that fed you.
  5. MU raised their game against them as usual. Liverpool seem better at handling the pressure than last season and got wins they'd never have last season, Villa being a prime example. Maybe the CL win gave them the confidence they didn't have last year? The real problem is the number of games they have to play outside the league and they have no real alternative for Salah and Mané should they get injured. IMO, if the gap tightens and Klopp is forced to choose between the PL and the rest, he'll go all out for the former. I'm already suspecting that it became second on the list, if I consider their results in the group phase.
  6. He should've said forward and he's currently the best at it. His footballing intelligence and link-up play are magnificent. Class player.
  7. Game looks buried. Don't ManCity will come back from that. Can't remember when was the last time they were 3 down. Against us maybe?
  8. He's generally shite coming from the bench and Pep will probably sub him on at the 70th minute or so.
  9. What a strike! Never was a handball. Edit: After seeing the replay, there could have been food for thought for VAR here.
  10. Crap. Brighton are playing right in MU's hands. Too easy for them to counter.
  11. Please Brighton, just draw and weekend will be complete. Maguire at fault there.
  12. Liverpool win. They're not going to be stopped this season, imo. MCFC's wheels are starting to get a bit off and their injuries woes leave them trying bold experiments. Go for the weakest, not the one one who can run.
  13. How great is it to come back home on a Saturday and find out that we're leading 2-0.
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