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  1. That_Dude

    Luka Jovic

    Pulisic is doing alright in Chelsea this season, I think. However you're right, Jovic's move was a disaster waiting to happen since Real Madrid and the likes are clubs where you are either as a confirmed player or exceptionally talented. They won't give you much time to adapt and will throw you to the wolves if you fail to live up to the very high expectations. It would be a class signing but I fail to see where he would fit.
  2. That_Dude

    Luka Jovic

    Can't see it happening unless Nacho's on his way out, which would be a shame. I also doubt Jovic would come here to play second fiddle.
  3. You're both sensible posters and I agree with most of your posts but come on, if we didn't blew our 14 points advantage, it wouldn't even be a topic. Of course it's annoying if the ban gets overturned, and there's definitely a strong bias towards the "Big 6", but I can't bring myself to lay the blame on that when it comes to getting into the top 4 or not. If Man United, Wolves and Chelsea are breathing down our neck right now, that's because they've been better than us (penalties and favourable decisions aside) and we stalled since that Norwich game. It was and still is in our hands to play the CL next season, everything else is irrelevant in my opinion.
  4. If we don't make it to the CL, we can only blame ourselves. We put ourselves in this situation. Man City cheating has nothing to do with it.
  5. Even on the RedCafe the general opinion is that it never was a pen. Obviously they take it, but it tells volumes about the piece of fecal named John Moss. Now they scored their 2nd. Game's done and dusted. We can't count on them having a blip, because they won't.
  6. They want the rags in the CL, they don't even hide it anymore. Never bought into conspiracy theories, but that's one of the dodgiest pens I've ever seen. They're getting around one pen a game lately.
  7. How the hell is that a pen? The rags are getting the most pens in the league. Screw that.
  8. LOL, that's 20M a goal at the moment. Brilliant investment from Ashley.
  9. How many goals has Joelinton scored this season?
  10. KdB is a superb payer. The weight of his passes and crosses is perfect. Hopefully he'll leave them soon.
  11. He's done a very good job indeed. I misjudged him.
  12. Newcastle are already on the beach. Nothing to play for.
  13. No ifs and buts, we should and must win against those. Otherwise it's pratically over and we simply don't deserve to get the top 4. The coming games are really tough and three points before would do us a whole lot of good.
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