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  1. It is utterly delusional. There is just no way we'd put up a fair fight against the likes of Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea. ManU for all their woes are miles away from us. One has to be high to think just one second we got the same squad quality or depth. Best bet is 7th and that'd be an excellent performance to say the least.
  2. Of course not. Should we win they're nowhere to be seen or still find a way to have a dig at him.
  3. I still see our team getting better at holding the ball, Chilwell constantly improving, Mendy being revived, Maddison thriving. If there's a problem it surely has something to do with the older ones who are used to another of playing style. Our defence still needs to be sorted out but that's a problem prior to Puel's appointement even if he still has to solve it. Same goes for finishing the occasions we create. The talk is on the pitch and nowhere else. I don't give a shit about the PR crap served to the media and if fans rely on it to judge the manager then there is not much one can do for them. A big part of them didn't want him before he even managed a game for us anyway so anything goes to slate him. Anyone saying he doesn't have a plan is either blind or flat out lying. I don't know if he's going to achieve what he has in mind but certainly see it and still am willing to give him time to achieve that.
  4. We have yet to read a post from you where you make a decent argument.
  5. Turning us into a team that can get hold on the ball, control games without sacrificing our counter-attacking strenght, and not hoofing it like there is no tomorrow. That would be the first step to cement our position in the top 10, better chances to win a cup as well. Buying clever, relying on and developping young players to sustain this position and having a chance to aim at a regular European spot in next couple of seasons. If you weren't so impatient, biased and putting so much weight into how speaks, you could have spotted it all by yourself.
  6. That_Dude

    Matty James - Our future together

    That's great news! Thanks for sharing.
  7. That_Dude

    Matty James - Our future together

    Yeah, you could give a hand there too.
  8. That_Dude

    Matty James - Our future together

    Feel sorry for the guy. He'd obviously be an asset as a squad player but he's more in the sickbay than on the bench. Some sportsmen are just cursed, talent is there but the body just doesn't follow. Maybe a league which isn't as physically demanding as the PL would suit him more.
  9. That_Dude

    You're the manager: LCFC vs Everton

    I replied in the wrong thread and am truly sorry about that. Nothing wrong with your OP. Will edit my post.
  10. That_Dude

    You're the manager: LCFC vs Everton

    Hard to say. Wes was at his limit and it's not the first time but taking the captain out for a yellow? A midfielder yes, but it's not that simple when it comes to the CB pair. Furthermore, it's not like we were losing and we were having a good second half until his silly mistake. That's a 50/50 decision that unfortunately back fired. Obviously it's frustrating and I do understand the point, but the ones pushing it are the same usual suspects just taking it as an umpteenth excuse to push their "Puel out" agenda and that's what irks me. They're jumping on every occasion to slate him to the point where any reasonable debate becomes impossible. There is absolutely 0 acknowledgement from them about anything he got right.
  11. Just like Mendy, oh wait.
  12. That_Dude

    One step forward two steps backs

    They're a lost cause. If we win it's the players or the opponent being shit and if we lose it's down to the manager. Toxic threads like this made by the same doom mongers again and again after every defeat, made me wary of coming here. Would get me a ban in no time.
  13. That_Dude

    One step forward two steps backs

    Strong is the irony in this post.
  14. That_Dude

    You're the manager: LCFC vs Everton

    OP said no Puel bashing thread. Hindsight is also a wonderful thing. No one hooks a CB off because he's on a yellow.