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  1. I can only speak for myself but I'm not fussed at all about this "race" for 7th. Let Rodgers build his team, have a decent pre-season and we'll see how it goes next season.
  2. Nah, he didn't want to take that pen and it's not the reason why he's been dropped. He had a good run after that miss, then his form nose-dived and he was dropped. Since then he failed to make any significant impact. He'll need this season and the summer to adjust and i think that it's not over for him.
  3. Don't think he'll play or start against any of the big teams until the end of the season. Unless they're comfortably winning.
  4. Don't understand why Lukaku is crossing instead of being at the end of them. What kind of shit tactics is that?
  5. Comedy gold. Although to be fair, they're much more grounded and nuanced than those on the Blue Moon Café.
  6. For me his antics and his mug (a very objective argument). As unlikeable as Alli. Time to visit the Red Café.
  7. Certainly and I don't see Frodo as the right man. He looks to me more like MU's version of C. Shakespeare.
  8. He was doing a good job, although the 2-0 loss against PSG at OT, should've raised a flag. But then again they won in Paris... Not that I have any kind of empathy for them and I hope they'll finish 6th this season, the next one and the next after...
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