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  1. Going against that lot, with a makeshift defense and Wilf out, gives me have little hope for a positive result. The players should have fun in this one and go for it. No pressure, even it it ends 4-2 or something like that.
  2. Awful news. That's a new CB pretty much mandatory, and I do hope that we'll be able to get a DM on loan, if we can afford it.
  3. Rule35: If there's a channel, there's a stream for it. Good to know.
  4. Maybe not a starter but later on as a sub?
  5. I get what you say and I'd be all for going for it, if we didn't have the EL. We litterally limped over the finish-line last season with that squad, and certainly don't have the means to seriously take on 4 competitions. I just don't think that this Cup is Rodgers's priority and he certainly won't go all out for it, because the short and long-term rewards (money, exposure...) for a good run in the EL and a high position in the league outweight those of the League Cup. We'll see what he really thinks about it tonight.
  6. Of course, I would. But I wouldn't cry if we went out in the first game.
  7. Play the kids. The sooner we're out of it, the better.
  8. Yeah, he deserves it. Two very good wins with a makeshift defence is a great way to move from last season's slump.
  9. No they won't imo and they'll surprise more than one.
  10. West Brom are absolutely awful and nailed for relegation. Interesting to see how we'll fare against Burnley.
  11. Well deserved goals and more than likely win. WBA are really poor. When was the last time we got 2 pens in one game?
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