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  1. Mister consistent. Defensively one of the best FBs in the league, only came a bit too short going forward. I liked him a lot. So long Danny and all the best!
  2. I do think that he's going. There's no smoke without fire and it's just a matter of when. We'll get the right price though.
  3. Slim was told he can move on, so I doubt we see him here at the of the season. Silva's tricky one.
  4. The club and Puel did everything they could to get him fit for the 2nd part of the season (something the former manager already achieved with Ben Arfa at Nice) with the intention of playing him as a starter, which is why he was bought in the first place. We were crying out for a box-to-box midfielder comfortable with the ball and Silva seemed to be exactly what we needed. He certainly could have played alongside Ndidi if he adapted to the league's pace and physicality and I don't think that Puel would have been against it. It didn't work. he didn't really impress when he was given a chance and don't forget that we don't see how he did in training, which is the basis on a manager decides if a player deserves to play or not. I don't know what Rodgers's stance is, but I doubt Silva's part of his project. His wages and transfer price are too high for a bench player, he isn't getting younger and certainly wants to be more than a part-time player. We have a shitload of midfielders and I don't see where he fits at all. No one with half a brain would downplay his achievements with Sporting and Portugal. He's good player, just not in this league. Not the first and certainly not the last.
  5. They killed themselves by appointing OGS permanently. In their current state, the dressing room must be more radioactive than Chernobyl atm and there is absolutely no hint of a long-term project. I think that most of the players eventually interested, and I mean the very good ones, are waiting to see how the next season pans out. Ti's going to be a very long summer for them.
  6. Maybe because most of people knocking him down don't have a half clue of what's happening behind the scenes?
  7. Some posts were pure gold that's for sure.
  8. Remember when some said what's the point of getting him on loan last season?
  9. I agree with the first part of your post, not the bolded one. They're a financial colossus, virtually bullet-proof. Just take a look at how much OGS will spend this season, despite the absence of european football and them finishing 6th. They do currently have an awful transfer/wage policy, the absence of DoF is hurting them badly and they will have a hard, long time rebuilding. However money's not a problem for them, more a lack of long-term project.
  10. The appointment of Rodgers, as well as the signings this summer are proof (as if we still needed it) that he never had any intention of giving up on his father's path. On the contrary. I'm absolutely amazed by how swiftly they're handling this crucial transfer window. Hats off to him and the board.
  11. I think you're absolutely right. My take is that we'll have him the next two-maybe three seasons before he goes to one of the big fish, be it here or abroad. If he keeps that level of performances, that is. I wasn't too worried about a permanent deal (fingers crossed), since we are the perfect team for him after his recent bad spell at Monaco. Here he's guaranteed to be one of the stars of the team, surrounded by young, talented players and a manager who advocates an attractive football and has faith in youngsters. As the team's shaping up we already can have a real go at european football next season. He'll get all the exposure he wants, without any pressure, whilst continuing to improve himself. And we get one of the most talented midfielders on the market. It's a win-win situation for both.
  12. He certainly isn't their priority nor their typical player. Youri's signing is a done deal anyway.
  13. Cracking signing. Wrap the Tielemans deal and the summer won't look bad at all. Can't wait for the start of the season!
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