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  1. Just finished watching the movie on Amazon Prime. I was wary of Kapadia because I found his Senna movie awful (I loved Senna but always thought that Prost was one of the greatest ever and the movie did a terrible job when it portrayed him as the villain. Sue me). Two hours well worth of my time, with additional footage and details I didn't know about although I'm a big, big Maradona fan. Diego wasn't able to talk about Shakespeare but he sure would've been one hell of a character in his books.
  2. That Cardigans song should be forbidden while driving.
  3. A touch of class from Juventus. Note the wall distance.
  4. I feel that the people bringing the hand of god and/or saying that he was a great but a cheat, will never be able to fully comprehend what Maradona was and represented. And I truly feel sorry for them. Many others greats have scored more goals, been more consistent, won more trophies. However I don't think that anyone of them has ever incarnated football, its origins and its passions like he did. He didn't lived and breathed football, he was football. What made him stand out among the greats, aside from his unbelievable football skills, was his joy to play the beautiful game and u
  5. Secret of Mana for those old enough to remember.
  6. AMD raising the price was predictable since they're in a better position than Intel, but the 5600X is still a bargain for the performance it delivers while having a very low TDP. It's my first AMP CPU since the Athlon X2's glory days. On the other side, the GPU prices are indeed completely off the charts. For the first time I seriously considered getting a PS5.
  7. Upgrading from an i7 4790K and a 1080. Both no slouches, even today, but I know that the jump in performance will be massive. Went for an MSI Gaming X Trio. The 3080's TDP is insane though. I think I'll reduce the power limit and undervolt the card. It will take down the power draw to 250W for a performance loss of ca. 10%. Can live with that.
  8. My new rig with a 5600X and an RTX 3080 is coming just before Xmas. Hopefully I'll be able to hold out until then.
  9. I dropped it after 30 hours. Didn't happen with Black Flag, Origins or Odyssey.
  10. Sorry mate, if I in any way offended or hurt you. I've just realized how tactless and ignorant my post was.
  11. I don't think that I'm much wrong in saying that everyone of us had his moments of doubt, especially after a break-up. What you said is not ridiculous at all. There's a feeling of loss, of failure one has to deal with, before life goes forward again and that regardless of their age. How and how long depends on the individual, there's no cure-all recipe. Take your time, don't deny your pain. Speak with (trusted) people about it, don't keep it to yourself. Use that pain, but in a meaningful, positive way. That's the key sentence. You first have to move forward and not tie your fate
  12. They're both too rash to be paired at the moment.
  13. He played against the best winger of the league. As you said he'll learn from it. I like him a lot, he's still rough, especially in his challenges but is very positive going forward.
  14. Disappointed by the defeat but think that people are massively overreacting. We have many key injuries and Liverpool were simply the better team. We do have a set-piece problem, but that's what happens when you play against them. They're relentless and force you to make mistakes. Cheer up and think about the next game.
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