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  1. There are several players in his position much better, he ain’t going to the euros. He needs to knuckle down and improve . Defo agree with idea of rotation at set pieces , most teams do, keeps opposition guessing ?
  2. I’m ripping my patio up . VAR have judged it’s not level (very slightly slopes away from house). Remember when goals scored as players were level !
  3. Any more of that from pogba and the recruitment at manure will be looking to sign him up. Prob go for that lukaku bloke as well. Just chuck some money at it , great club lol.
  4. I don’t think scouse commentators should be used on villa games, owing to a certain jack greeeeeleesh getting so many mentions.
  5. I wouldn’t want sharks nose put out. Not room for them both. And he’s french.
  6. Tammy Abraham. Why did he have one side of his shorts up all the time ? Puzzled.
  7. Most players spend the game spitting on the turf seemingly in a spitting Tourette’s fashion. That Spanish Man City manager fella likes rolling em out also. I think may be time for players to spend less time rolling around on the grass ?
  8. He’s not very good. Simple. That, I think could be his last chance.
  9. Richest 6. As BR said it’s all based on finance. Man U , Liverpool , Man City and Chelsea will just spend big to try achieve perceived success. Spuds and arsenal finding it hard to keep up . Top teams do tend to cycle over the years so here’s my view. Spuds and arsenal to be replaced by city and anyone else who can get it right. I’d rather support and enjoy watching the latter.
  10. Totally agree . Also “ caught him “ meaning player goes down having felt someone’s breath on his neck. Some pundits seem to follow a pattern of made up rules . Really grinds my gears . We need this stuff called out for what it is. Oh and please rid us of Clinton Morrison and his fake chav/Jamaican accent !
  11. Add to that necessity is the mother of invention. Surprise us boys !
  12. What happened to a good 70s style near post flick on ? Also direct free kicks , what happened to shifting it for a footing shot on target . SIMPLE. Try it br if you are reading this !
  13. Couldn’t agree more ! Other teams are so aware of this system and if we don’t score with that first chance we get picked off with balls down the channels . BR is paid to make better plans than this , it’s sooo obvious.
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