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  1. Money talks ! But it can’t sing and it can’t dance . Manchester City , despise them. Hope all football fans take every oppotunity to let them know
  2. What time are Arsenal’s midfield flying in ?
  3. Sheff Utd s goals don’t matter ?
  4. Yes I was there 15 at the time. Coach from Kibworth. Stood on Liverpool cop. Bloke behind clocked us as from Leicester but told us it was ok as he was Everton fan. Best stand as I believe bottles throw into Leicester corner ! My mind is we won 2-0 home match with that Peake goal ? Other memories pissing out the coach door as in drove in traffic and a few punches thrown on Stanley park. Alan Smith coaches, his son lee drove lcfc bus for a while I believe. Back in the days when we were good , oh wait 😆
  5. Have to have some kind of conclusion. If not what if following season disrupted . Games become pointless (no pun intended). 75% of season completed , surely if poss play few more games even all behind closed doors , if not then finish as we are.
  6. Akinbadbye, now someone remind me the first goal he scored Against who ? He ran to half way line ,shirt off, now I think that means he must be taken off list ( sort of giggs moment with muscle !)
  7. Ok , leagues aborted (hope not) who qualifies for champions league for next season ?
  8. Luck will only change with effort. Var should never have disallowed goal as it was not obviously handball ! Chill well out , Perez out.
  9. Not clearly handball was it ffs!
  10. Had a place in Lincoln years back. Electric storage heaters and immersion for hot water. Just a thought....
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