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  1. Got to take a point at Arsenal. First point there in 25 years; haven't won there since 1973! Top 4 is looking very shakey it must be said, but the last 2 games are more encouraging. COYB.
  2. Fizzling out to a 1-1. Always take a point away at the Arse tbf.
  3. It's always heartbreak late away at Arsenal...
  4. 1973 (seriously) https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2020/jul/07/arsenal-v-leicester-city-premier-league-live?page=with:block-5f047f168f08082d65236704#liveblog-navigation
  5. We're hardly piling the pressure on are we?
  6. Sky punditry is appalling. Ads, rimming the Arsehole for 10 minutes, more Ads, done. So glad I steal this shit.
  7. That was soft as ****, not convinced that's a foul at all. Of course the pundits brush over it....
  8. 101 and counting. My favourite ever player and perhaps the best we've ever had.
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