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  1. The minimum they should be doing really. Barca's players have took 70% cuts.
  2. It's hardly surprising that people are failing to self-isolate, are visiting public spaces etc in the West at a greater rate than other regions of the word, particularly Asia. Firstly, people have less respect for authority (be in the Gov, Police etc), and secondly, we in the west live in very atomised selfish entitled societies. The sense of community, nationhood and responsibility that exists in many places around the world has been greatly diminished in the west.
  3. Presumably worldwide?
  4. Surely the best thing to have done early doors was shut the borders. Look at countries like Russia and Mongolia, shut their borders early doors and have been largely unaffected.
  5. Just because other countries are hysterically panicking and closing everything down doesn't mean it's the right course of action. Fair play to the government for holding their nerve, only time will tell if it's the right decision.
  6. Anyone else choosing to see the good in humanity at this point? I.e. We're willing to sacrifice: - The performance of the global economy - All manner of businesses from local cafes to multinational airlines - Pretty much every fun social activity - meals out, sports, festivals, theatre etc. - Visiting family and friends - Wages/income for those not salaried All to protect a small (comparatively that is) percentage of ill and very old people from becoming seriously ill and dying. I think that shows that we're all a bit nicer than we give ourselves credit for
  7. We've got a trip to Barcelona booked for mid June - still fairy confident at this point that it'll go ahead.
  8. Nobody talking about the Turkey-Greece situation? Pretty dire state of affairs.
  9. Mahrez would improve our first team massively but I wouldn't have him back (and he wouldn't come either).
  10. Take the point away at Wolves. Poor though. Raul should have bagged at least one goal. Lucky with the VAR. A bit deflating really - boring game of football and had no real chances. At least we didn't get beat.
  11. Didn't see the first yellow but that was a stupid tackle to make, blatant second yellow. Especially with Mike Dean, he loves a red.
  12. Feel like a 1-0 defeat is coming. Shite game.
  13. Thanks Alf - I always enjoy digesting your posts.
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