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  1. Forgive me if this is insensitive @Webbo but why was he having the vaccine if only 32? Underlying health condition?
  2. If correct, it's either almost impossible odds that you know 2 people who've both died of clots as a result of vaccination, or there's a scandal brewing!
  3. I'm sceptical of these figures though, as it states "Number of deaths of people whose death certificate mentioned COVID-19 as one of the causes". That's very ambiguous without knowing the criteria for 'mentioning' Covid. One would suggest it was very loose indeed as by this count we have tens of thousands more deaths than by the 'died within 28 days of a positive test' figure.
  4. J&J? Which country do you live in? Hope J&J is approved in the UK ASAP.
  5. Hammers home just how tiny the risk of severe disease caused by Covid to young people is...
  6. The Brazil variant has been seeded numerous times in the UK but never got out of control, partly due to intensive testing and isolating those found to have it, but also because it has no advantage over the Kent variant in terms of transmissibility, therefore it will not displace the Kent variant as the dominant one in the UK. I didn't see anything in that video to worry me. It's ran rampant in Brazil because they refuse to lockdown. It's hospitalising people with an average age of 10-20 years younger than the 1st wave because so many very elderly people died last year.
  7. You've got to play the game mate. It's one more number in the 'vaccinated column'. One less person some useless modeller will record as a likely death in a hypothetical catastrophic 3rd wave.
  8. Wow mate, that would make me sick to my stomach. I'd be contacting the financial ombudsman, emailing Martin Lewis / the Mercury etc to try and get them named and shamed. Not that it'd do any good of course, but I couldn't take that lying down, daylight robbery at it's worst.
  9. At the risk of being flippant, why? Just take it mate.
  10. I think restrictions and lockdowns would have been more severe under Labour tbf. Not that that's a defence for BoJo of course. Glad to hear this. Hope your recovery continues apace.
  11. Yes, essentially we're paying full Council Tax and all we get for it is bin collection. And even that's on alternative weeks with an extra charge for a garden waste bin. But that's another topic to moan about
  12. And deliberately starving local government of funding since 2010.
  13. I think the difference is, when you buy a leasehold property, be it a flat or house, you go in expecting to have some kind of service charge or ground rent. We paid that at our previous place and didn't really have a problem with it, as there was a communal stairway and gardens that were decorated and maintained. These areas were fob access only. Whereas our house now is freehold and was advertised as such. When you buy a freehold you (clearly wrongly) assume you are free from fees of uncapped scale and for an indefinite time and expect your Council Tax to cover public areas.
  14. Wondered what people's experiences are with "fleecehold" homes were, and how much public awareness there is about them. The term fleecehold basically refers to housing estates where the properties are all freehold, however the freeholders have to pay 'estate management fees' to a private company for the upkeep of the green areas, roads, etc. This practice has become increasingly common in the past couple of decades and is now the norm on the majority of new build estates. Freeholders are legally bound to pay these fees (with repossession orders enforceable for those who don't), but
  15. Tragic isn't is really? Either 'side' desperate to be able to weaponise it to espouse their shite online.
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