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  1. Mahrez would improve our first team massively but I wouldn't have him back (and he wouldn't come either).
  2. Take the point away at Wolves. Poor though. Raul should have bagged at least one goal. Lucky with the VAR. A bit deflating really - boring game of football and had no real chances. At least we didn't get beat.
  3. Didn't see the first yellow but that was a stupid tackle to make, blatant second yellow. Especially with Mike Dean, he loves a red.
  4. Feel like a 1-0 defeat is coming. Shite game.
  5. Thanks Alf - I always enjoy digesting your posts.
  6. @Alf Bentley Having googled which countries make up the middle east, it appears I need to brush up on my geography. I thought Pakistan counted, for example. Still, if I widen the definition net slightly to include countries such as Pakistan, and widen the date range a bit (especially post-2010, I'm not afraid of bashing the Tories, I'm no fan of them at all) I'm sure you'll find there are millions living here. We won't know really until the 2021 Census (but as I say, that'll exclude illegals of which there are an estimated 800,000 - 1.2 million according to Pew). Would you not agree that the British government firstly allowing biblical amounts of immigration then wading into foreign conflicts is a large factor in the terrorism we're suffering from now?
  7. https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/9.32 'net foreign born migration between mid 1997 and mid 2010 is now found to be nearly 4 million'. It's tricky to find reliable figures quickly on the country of origin. Obviously a sizeable portion of those 4 million will be from the EU. But these figures don't take into account the unknown amount of illegals. When you live in Leicester, occasionally travel to London and Birmingham for work, and have family in Bradford, it's not hard to see why I think it's millions (awfully anecdotal I know). I think the 2021 Census will be an eye-opener for many people.
  8. I'd point the finger squarely at the Government, Labour primarily. The combination of a) Inviting millions of people from the Middle East from the late 90s - late 00s and b) Bombing the shit out of these areas. All against the wishes of the vast majority of the British public. Hardly surprising what's happening now is it? The government has radicalised part of the population it imported.
  9. Only 2,200 allocation, hopefully the early KO puts some off as I fancy this one.
  10. Yeah agreed, the obnoxious date/time won't help.
  11. Why do old people go shopping on a Saturday? Winds me up no end when they clog up the supermarket aisles... yeah cheers Doris you couldn't do this on a Tuesday morning?
  12. Wheels are falling off, only saving grace is the chasing pack are shit too.
  13. Missed a peno and a one-on-one today to be fair.
  14. Yeah nobody can complain about the points tally at home irrespective of the performances.
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