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  1. So is it established that life won't return to anything like normal until a vaccine is in use? Then it'll just be another flu we have to deal with every winter?
  2. Hoping Under comes in and impresses...
  3. Kasper's lack of ability at coming off his line has been exposed again. Caglar has been doggo. Perez continues to steal a first team shirt yet again somehow. Can only improve 2nd half.
  4. By 'we' I assume you mean globally and not the UK? If you mean the UK, our birth rate has been below replacement rate for years, it's only net migration that's increasing our population so rapidly. If you mean globally, I can agree to an extent, but how would you even go about enforcing it?
  5. There's long been the argument of Covid deaths vs deaths/ill health as a result of lockdown & wrecked economy - surely now the death rate is so low (be it that steroid helping patients in intensive care, the virus mutating to a less deadly form etc), the scales have been tipped. I can't see how further lockdown is beneficial on the whole.
  6. Obviously buzzing and ecstatic today after a tremendous win so this isn't a moan at all (especially as it contributed to 3 points)... ...but the 1st and 3rd penalties were pretty bad dives, Maddison's especially. I'd be fuming if it was given against us. Fully aware it's part and parcel of the modern game (unfortunately) but it still makes me cringe watching players manufacture 'contact' then throwing themselves to the ground. Anyway, up the City
  7. Leicester fans: "Our corners are shit", "might as well give Man City a GK", "didn't we last score from a corner in 1998"? Also Leicester fans when the ref blows for HT early: "**** YOU REF YOU'RE WORSE THAN HITLER"
  8. Surely at some point rivalries need to be put aside. I can't see how anyone can enjoy these decisions - the game is being ruined.
  9. I think if it's point blank and the arm is right by your side it's not an offence allegedly. Dier's arm being extended is what ****ed him over.
  10. This is tragic - can see coaches telling attacking players to just try and chip the ball at a defenders arm every time they're in and around the box.
  11. It's the EFL Cup, we have far bigger priorities. If we progress, it's Liverpool Away. We've got a very thin squad. Let's just bow out gracefully lads.
  12. Haha feel for Bardsley there, that was never a foul.
  13. He's decent but not quite the level we want to be at.
  14. We're playing well, far better than our typical first half displays. Corners useless as always though.
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