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  1. I hadn’t seen this, thanks a lot. Fingers crossed 🤞
  2. Mine doesn’t charge in rest mode from the front USB either, haven’t tried the back ones yet.
  3. You don’t seem to be able to charge up the controller through plugging the usb into a 3 pin plug, a bit annoying.
  4. Absolutely loving this game, great storyline and ive only just set sail for England
  5. That’s good, I’ll have a blast on Astro then. Not sure if it was my settings but pretty sure when I played a game on the PS4 it stopped downloading. Either that or it went to very low download speeds. I sold it over a year ago so can’t remember clearly.
  6. What’s the game install times like? Get to set mine up after work today after not having time last night.
  7. Yeah they were down yesterday too. Hopefully December onwards things will look better 🤞
  8. I’d be interested to hear how long Valhalla takes to install if anyone happens to do so today.
  9. I don’t know of comparisons against other oil companies. Contract wise BPC will own all oil pulled up. Even to get back to 7p a share would over double your money. A new article below gives more info. “Perseverance-1 is a potentially basin-opening well, with the kind of scale and associated value uplift exposure rarely offered outside of oil majors.”
  10. We’re finally in launch week. Can’t wait now.
  11. They’re on about moving the whole tourney to Russia.
  12. Bahamas Petroleum Company start spudding in December and have acquired territory. Their CEO did an interview a month or two back saying the will start to make returns in 2021 for shareholders. 3p a share currently.
  13. I got on Rolls Royce about a month ago at £1.23 to make the most of the share rights issue. That entitled me to around 3000 shares at 32p which are currently worth £1.09. IAG I got on after their share rights issue at 93p a share. Tui I got on at £2.99. Just need to prices to hold now 😂
  14. Well I personally would do my own research and never take anything off a football forum. Most of my money got transferred to aerospace companies. This was/is a gamble because they are the most likely companies to go under in my opinion having been the most affected by the virus. However if they survive there will be huge returns, as was proven yesterday when Rolls Royce was up 43.76%, IAG was up 25.48% and Tui was up 19.53%. (All aerospace companies were up, these are just the ones I’m invested in) This was all down to just good news on a vaccine, when there actually is one and there
  15. Or how you can wake up with the most random songs in your head. Literally can be anything. Or is that just me 😂
  16. The vaccine announcement has made the market boom. Particularly aerospace which I have most of my money in.
  17. I take it we’re all absolutely rolling in it today 😍
  18. Pre-ordered this to be my release game. Looks incredible in the videos on YouTube.
  19. When trying to make payment for Dazn it’s recognising my card isn’t from the country I’m registered as. Using monzo and PayPal it’s the same. Any ideas round it? Edit to say using Firestick so unable to change settings in play store.
  20. Is being a bin man below you then? I hope you bring said toddler up with more maturity than that. Ironic.
  21. Look at my previous post. Yes I did get tested before. No I haven’t isolated on return as it’s not a requirement. Bed wetter.
  22. Should I not go work then because I can give it people there? Why shouldn’t I be travelling abroad? Because you say so? Luckily the government says different, for now anyway.
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