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  1. Would surely think we push for this deal now if Vardy is out
  2. The dailymail mentioned he was high on our list when wanting a new forward to replace the outgoing Slimani
  3. Seems about time he got his own thread no?
  4. I just seen it on this
  5. Would make even more sense for us to go for him now Praet is out for 3months.
  6. New name, thought it was worth sharing
  7. He is literally the ready made Vardy replacement ffs.
  8. I can see this one happening. We’ve been interested for a while.
  9. LestaLad


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9106711/Leicester-midfielder-Hamza-Choudhury-offered-loan-Newcastle-West-Brom-Southampton.html Been offered to West Brom and Southampton as well apparently
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