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  1. Maradonna off his head after downing Vardy’s snuff/port/red bull concoction
  2. The state of the comments on here. Youri and Madders are the best at forward progression passes. Granted he’s not blessed with speed but he does his best to get into positions asked of him. Did Riyad tackle well? No, but you accept that because of what he could do...he’s never been that rapid so don’t know where these comments that he had more pace last year have come from...
  3. Crowd chanting “you’re not fit to referee” 😂
  4. Great to see him living up to his potential. Think Brendan has had a big impact here; Might be time to bring back Musa from the desert 🙃
  5. Based on the first half, this team lacks quality and is disjointed in play, unsurprisingly. Gotta get first teamers on at 60 mins if not before...
  6. Sadly our best performer, by far, was ‘light show guy’...
  7. Christmas spirit didn’t last long 😉
  8. Their press today was superb and we struggled to get the ball forward. They are the champions after all...We are a million miles ahead of where we were last year with a young team.
  9. Tenner on its way - keep up the good work 👏
  10. Is this still the PayPal account to contribute to? ufsdonations@gmail.com
  11. Our collective press this season has been excellent and directly related to our success. Ayoze has contributed here hugely. He's clearly a talented player with great technique and a team player. Overall, except for a few sketchy clearances, I think he's done a great job and will only get better with time.
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