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  1. Currently on 2m euros per month. Talk is cheap.
  2. If we allowed in this could be the end of clappers...
  3. He’s great on the ball but it’s off it that worries me...
  4. Fergie stood by Cantona, Keane, etc. Vardy seed red mist too but less as he has got older. I think we need to cut him some slack - hopefully he learns from his mistakes.
  5. Just seen video of Patson Daka. Some player for 21yr old. Scores with both feet and head and is super rapid. Can play wing or up top. Could be our winger for now and Vardy heir in one player...
  6. Maradonna off his head after downing Vardy’s snuff/port/red bull concoction
  7. The state of the comments on here. Youri and Madders are the best at forward progression passes. Granted he’s not blessed with speed but he does his best to get into positions asked of him. Did Riyad tackle well? No, but you accept that because of what he could do...he’s never been that rapid so don’t know where these comments that he had more pace last year have come from...
  8. If Leverkusen are likely to get him that may be the first step for us to get Dragovic on loan or Salif Sane, who we were reportedly scouting...
  9. Crowd chanting “you’re not fit to referee” 😂
  10. He keeps touching his face and a Big Brother psychologist will say he’s lying 🙊
  11. We have better sausages. Had a sausage in Frankfurt once, cut into it and it just seeped out onto the plate. Effin disgrace it was.
  12. FM18 I think. Him and some greek left forward whose name escapes me...had em both in my Leicester team.
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