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  1. Who the hell do they think they are! See ya then. Punishment them all, deduct points and see how they like it. What an absolute joke. An even bigger joke that Spurs and Arsenal are included. They won't be able to be competitive with those other teams ðŸĪĢðŸĪŠ I wonder what the players think with the threat of not being able to play for their country?
  2. Come on Nacho 🙏🙏🙏
  3. We have been the better side but need to sharpen up and be more clinical. It's there for the taking. Come on!
  4. I'm not really sure why Brendan persists with certain players and not others ......
  5. Youri needs help from Madders or Praet please Brendan
  6. Nice early booking - aim for him!
  7. Good to see Leicester fans in the crowd. Come on!!!!!
  8. Yeah I read that too - man city haven't signed up for it YET...........
  9. Some of the players are putting on Instagram stories clips and pictures of today. Let's go! I really hope they are pumped and excited for this. I can't wait!
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