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  1. That's exactly my thoughts too! Little Wes 1st goal incoming!
  2. I'm not choosing - both! Both are perfectly achievable with this team!
  3. It will be fine! The players are mentally stronger this season and we actually have a team and not a stand full of injured players. Positive pants on!
  4. Yep! Pretty good summary 😁
  5. To be fair the training video was only a minute or so long and showed no one really other than the youngsters, Evans and vards. Fofana and castagne were briefly visible. If we are going on that then most of the team is out! It felt to me like they were not really showing much on purpose, maybe keeping things on the down low a little more now. Tunnel cam has also disappeared. I suspect he wants tactics etc kept quiet and players concentrated. It's a shame for fans that there is less on social media but understandable. They were all included in the gallery though so I don't think we need to wor
  6. Great to hear he has no symptoms and hasn't been poorly. Covid can't beat Cags and is a fool for trying 💊 Fingers crossed for that negative test on Sunday ðŸĪž
  7. Sign all the Belgians I say! ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜
  8. Sore arm, really tired and mild symptoms (headache, temperature, dizzy) all gone within 24 hours though.
  9. Damn it! Was enjoyable watching him wipe out Bruno though!
  10. I don't understand why he didn't play? He would of been a perfect addition plus played brilliantly for Belgium mid week and needs the game time? I get the Ricardo and Madders substitutions but he should of come on instead of Mendy?
  11. I think Praet would of been a good sub today plus needs game time. He played well at the etihad and was great for Belgium mid week
  12. Gutting but we still have a better team than them. Madders, Ricky and Praet back is huge.
  13. We embarrassed them at the etihad so there was no way they were going to let us win. We have taken 3 points off of them in a pretty thumping score line. Not many can say that this season!
  14. Subs definitely too late today. It clearly needed changing! No game time for Praet either? He played brilliantly for Belgium! Different when Madders came on, more positive.
  15. It's disappointing with how good they are that they resort to the dirty tactics they do. My biggest bug bear is players stopping free kicks yet it goes unpunished time and time again. The ref allowed it all today from them. We lose we lose but that was actually disgraceful from them. Onwards and upwards! A winnable next 3 games, still 3rd. Come on Leicester!!!!
  16. They deserved the win but disappointed by their cheating and dirty play. The ref is a shite as well!
  17. If we lose we lose but the ref and the cheating tactics are disgusting! I can't stand players stopping free kicks and nothing is done.... they are good enough to not be like this
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