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  1. Totally agree. Both exceptional forwards but there’s no doubt who’s record is more impressive.
  2. I still think our competition is the “Big 6” + Everton and Wolves. Being optimistic here: Top 6 again considering the transfer windows some of the clubs have had would be absolutely brilliant (a decent run in Europa would be even more optimistic)
  3. It’s only just hit me that we beat Man City 5-2 at the Etihad without Pereira, Ndidi or Maddison starting. Mind blowing.
  4. He looks like he’s lost a lot of weight and has got fitter. His performances so far have been exceptional, just praying he can be consistent this season. If he does, we’ll have a fight on our hands to keep him next summer! EDIT: Praying for our performances sake, not the fact that big clubs would be in for him of course... the above reads wrong!
  5. His record against the “Big 6” speaks for itself. The fact he has more goals in less games than main strikers for some of the best premier league teams ever is huge. Love it.
  6. The best thing about tonight is the amount of Chelsea fans that are rattled on twitter because Leicester fans are saying Vardy is better than Drogba. Love to see it.
  7. This coupled with us reaching the quarter finals actually blows my mind.
  8. Hit the nail on the head there. The next step is trying to solidify the progress and make it sustainable. Fingers crossed!
  9. And to think it the picture included the five years prior it would show how unreal the past decade has been. Sometimes I genuinely forget we finished 14th in our “Great Escape”!
  10. Not so much a crazy stat as such, but a nice illustration that shows that even without the anomaly of the incredible 15/16 season, we’re still making good progress - pretty much every year too.
  11. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Man Utd 4. Chelsea 5. Wolves 6. Arsenal 7. Leicester 8. Southampton 9. Tottenham 10. Everton 11. Burnley 12. Palace 13. Sheff Utd 14. Newcastle 15. West Ham 16. Leeds (17) Brentford 17 (18) Brighton 18 (19) WBA 19 Fulham 20. Villa ( ) if Brentford get promoted over fulham of course. No doubt this will change once the transfers get moving!
  12. That’s both Lingard and Solanke against us.
  13. As others have stated, the issue isn’t Vardy, it’s our reliance on Vardy. As soon as his goals dry up our form plummets. Opposing teams know that Barnes, Perez or Nacho do not provide the same goalthreat as Vardy, so if they null Vardy they null most of our threat. Other teams around us (bar Arsenal) have more than one significant goal threat. No doubt about it we need more, which in modern day football is usually being provided by the widemen (Neymar, Sancho, Sterling, Salah etc) and this truly is our downfall. Hopefully this is addressed this summer. I hate to say it bu
  14. That’s what I’m getting at. Of course winning 9-0 is unreal, but I feel it went to the players heads too much which made us all get a bit too high expectations. Overplaying thinking we were bigger and better than we are and then taking a HUGE confidence battering when Liverpool and TAA annihialated us at the KP (when we were seen as the second best team in the league). The Southampton 9-0, Rodgers to Arsenal rumours and being smashed by the top two sides in the league somehow played a big detrimental part in our season.
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