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  1. The great Richie Benaud had this down as an art form. Sometimes the commentator needs to just let the action play out for the viewer.
  2. Loved Ulloa. One of the best near post defenders of opposition set pieces I've ever seen. A lot of people talk about his goals, and rightly so - he's a striker, but his defending was also very important to us. In fact, during the title winning season, I was so unconcerned by opposition set pieces that it bordered on the arrogant, and it was only worse when Ulloa was on the pitch. It was like we were unpenetrable. Plus, who can forget THAT penalty against West Ham. Talk about cojones!!
  3. Stan Collymore's was a good read I thought, until he got to the point of printing his diary owing to his depression. Then it got a bit boring (I get why he published it and it will no doubt have helped someone, just wasn't for me). Peter Shilton's was the most boring one I've read. Conversely to Stan's, Shilton's gets better towards the end when he starts gambling and having an affair...
  4. When the Desso Grassmaster pitch was installed under Sven, was the structure underneath not changed? My knowledge of the sports turf industry is non-existant to say the least.
  5. At what point will it become necessary for Top or Susan Whelan to intervene and sort out the academy? As has been said by others, Rudkin has done a great job as DoF (against seemingly everyone's expectations). But he is doing no favours for anyone by keeping Beaglehole in a job with the 23's. There needs to be a coherent plan in place where from 1st team down, they all follow a similar ethos and pathway. Even under Micky Adams ffs did the old reserve side play 4-4-2 to mirror his first team. For every Chilwell, Thomas and Choudhury, we are getting a Ndukwu, Elder and Mu
  6. I'm just surprised he's made it out on loan before the age of 22. Surely he's due to play some more Beagleball?!
  7. Remember THAT Barnsley away performance? Jeez, it was like he'd never played the sport before.
  8. Kelvin Etuhu. How many appearances while on loan did he make
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