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  1. Drinkwater's sale was the only one that riled me. I'd even go so far as to say the way he engineered his move was far worse than Mahrez's histrionics. Both Kante and Mahrez were clearly good enough to join the teams they did and moved predominantly to win more things. Drinkwater was never in that class and moved not for a chance of playing and showing his ability in a 'better' side but moved to secure a huge pay rise - his lack of game time and disinterest in secure a loan move before this season shows that. He most definitely was not injured when he moved, his hair however was significantly thicker by the time he arrived at Chelsea having avoided competitive football for a bit.
  2. Yes he got the system/players wrong but he identified it and corrected it. The Hamza for one of Praet and Tielmanns was obvious. We were effectively playing with seven men behind the ball first half with the two sitting keeping our full backs penned it.
  3. In my experience the biggest reason for queues are people waiting till they get to the front to actually look at what is on offer
  4. Isn’t the whole point of the Maguire saga to make it a saga? All reasonable City fans expect him to leave it’s more about how he leaves. By asking for above market rate and making it as slow as possible, we send a clear message to any ‘big’ club that doing a deal is not easy. That in turn makes doing business with us less attractive so buys us more time to keep the squad together and slows the rate at which players leave.
  5. It hasn’t adversely affected the big six in previous seasons. Think we’re clutching at straws
  6. Sadly in the time Matty has been injured the club has transformed beyond all recognition. James at his best, pre injury, isn’t good enough to get into this side. James after 2+ years injured won’t be anywhere near the level he was and so is even further behind the standard. He needs time and games; something we just can’t offer him.
  7. Goalkeeper metrics and data is still a huge area of contention in the stats world with most people still trying to agree what precisely they’re measuring and why https://statsbomb.com/2018/12/introducing-goalkeeper-radars/
  8. I wouldn’t say negative. The club and Brendan have recognised the need for additional goals if reports of a 30-50 million winger are to be believed. My point is that goals is the one area our recruitment has struggled since returning. Of Ulloa, Okazaki, Musa, Slimani and Ihanacho only Ulloa can be seen as bringing any form of goal theat. That’s an awful lot of money for very little return in terms of goals.
  9. The issue we’ve had since returning to the premier league is buying in goals. Vardy and Mahrez we’re already here and contributed the lions share. I’m impressed with the signings we’ve made but breaching the top six will need more that just Vardy contributing.
  10. Made a run for it years ago. Still lurked to see some discussions on the football, but sadly all too often it became a parody of itself and lost much of the humour it once boasted. Some of the views ceased to be intentionally ironic trolling and became something more unpleasant altogether.
  11. They’ve conceded at a rate of 1.5 a game since returning. For a supposed no nonsense defender that’s hardly good.
  12. I've never understood the obsession with Brighton's CBs. They conceded 60 goals.
  13. Another nomination for Yaxley Lennon. Utter irredeemable ****.
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