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  1. We were over performing, now we're under performing. Brendan has made some good players better and some average players good. I don't lay the blame for this slump at Brendan's door. He's using the squad he has and we've been over reliant on Barnes having an exceptional season and having a back four that is both swashbuckling and secure. We need to strengthen the squad, move on some ok players and get in some who, rather than just being able to do a job, can change a game when they come on. We also need some old heads throughout. The midfield needs an established and experienced player who can better managed stages of games.
  2. Me too. It was no frills and aimed exclusively at little kids. Had a real charm in the simplicity of the fun, attracted just the right sort of crowd in terms of not appealing to older children who might frighten the younger ones. The most endearing aspect was its charitable status; to have such a wonderful area with free access for all is such a commendable thing and meant all social groups could mix, no one would be priced out, everyone could pick and choose what to enjoy without the fear of not being able to afford to go. I really hope they can raise enough money to get the attractions up and running again.
  3. Weirdly I'd suspect the 85m figure is something Chelsea are pushing to give them two clear options. a. They can claim they got a bargain if they sign him for less b. They can claim he was over priced if they fail to sign him
  4. I don't think we needed a Cags to replace Maguire. It's a bonus that we had him here already but his style of play isn't integral. We could have two Johnny Evans' and be just as fine. At CB our system just needs a good defender. At full back we need a good attacker who can do some defending
  5. I think his departure would be far more detrimental than the Maguire one [regardless of the fact we had Soynucu here already]. Our system didn't rely on Maguire, he helped but wasn't integral to our style of play; a pair of marauding full-backs are crucial to how we play, losing Chilwell will be a huge blow and a really difficult one to replace.
  6. WTF? You mean it is a shame we're not endangering the health and lives of construction workers
  7. Very brave of the Prem to suspend a grand total of ... [checks notes] ... one round of fixtures. The longer the suspension the longer it will take to re-start. With no training taking place there will need to be amid season 'pre season'.
  8. Pretty slow growing seeds considering it took him another four and a half years to buy us...
  9. My favourite twist is that we are now no longer allowed to say No Deal. Instead we are being told we will get an Australian style EU deal, which considering the fact that Australia has no deal with the EU means. And I am sure it has been posted before but man alive the ****wittery of this is sadly not surprising. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/leaked-brexit-memo-no-deal_uk_5e57a8c1c5b66137fb5e82bc?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly90LmNvLzR4Z3djNHpvUFY_YW1wPTE&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAJMsIVW1Pi4etZBQ4-LeRmyFZJgOOP2iEQE6GUg5jexlTdIpR2wgBMtA5GS5QDw-RZq1rbEFrhWtTdx0OvuUh0PI0ovI2Q0X6VSkTREKQ78AeRZZGrtIRjVtKFIzvVDUU0H49mxA1GlpIGuPavnLrxbnspTd6WnZ2axnc4vXzu2q
  10. You do realise that we too are part of the globe that make up the global economy?
  11. Hamza Choudhury: win ratio -43.4% As the understudy to one of the league’s most underrated players, Hamza Choudhury has understandably struggled to have the impact of injured teammate Wilfred Ndidi. The youngster has started eight league matches this season and Leicester have only won two of them – against Sheffield United and West Ham. Leicester with Choudhury starting: two wins in eight games (25%) Leicester without Choudhury: 13 wins in 19 games (68.4%)
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