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  1. Shame they've won **** all in front of so many people.
  2. I'd say bigger clubs are determined by what they win.
  3. Good for them. Have they won the premier league? Liverpool aside, when did they last win a trophy?
  4. We won the Premier league with 32k. Liverpool haven't. Aston Villa haven't. Sheff Weds haven't. Sunderland haven't. Newcastle haven't. Spurs haven't. I could go on. Its the size size of your trophy cabinet not the size of your stadium that counts.
  5. Well I cannot recall a single one. My overview of multiple games (basically the whole season home and away) is that he isn't good enough. I think sound logic is if 9 times out of 10 you aren't very good, then you probably aren't very good. I just can't see what he offers that other players don't do better. As a midfielder N'Didi is better. As a centre-back Huth and Morgan are better. I get that we need a squad, and that squad players are naturally going to be inferior to those who start. However I am of the opinion that a squad player should be better at one thing than the player he replaces. For example Okazaki, whilst not as good as Vardy, is better at being a shield for the defence than Vardy or Ulloa or Slimani. Likewise Slimani is better in the air than Okazaki, and Ulloa is better at holding up the ball than Slimani. Each player has an attribute that you can use to alter a game. Chilwell, whilst nowhere near as good a leftback as Fuchs, is a better athletic attacking option. As either a midfielder or defender Amartey can do nothing better that N'Didi, Drinkwater, Huth, Morgan or Simpson.
  6. I only used those sites to remain impartial and objective. My opinion can obviously be impacted by where I sit, where I am looking at a given time etc. If you can suggest another site which looks at things objectively I'd be happy to reappraise my thoughts. Looking at Sqwaka he doesn't appear much of a boss or a machine.
  7. At the risk of repeating myself I am yet to see anything from him that makes me think he is suited to a side aiming for the mid to top half of the Premiership. I watched all the games you claim he 'bossed' and don't share your opinion. In an effort to be balanced I looked back on 'who scored' and sqwaka to try and gain some objectivity and see how he rated from a statistical standpoint Swansea (H) - 6.9/10 (Albrighton 7.2, Drinkwater 7.6, Mahrez 6.5) I'd interpret that as not 'bossing' a game (only 2 outfield players, Mahrez and Huth, rated lower). Porto (H) - 7.4/10 (Albrighton 6.7, Drinkwater 7.1, Mahrez 7.9) You could 'possibly' claim that he bossed that game (if you ignore the 4 other outfield players who scored the same or higher) Man City (H) - 6.6/10 (Albrighton 7.4, King 8.0, Mahrez 7.8) I'd interpret that as not 'bossing' a game (only 2 outfield players, Morgan and Simpson, rated lower). I don't think any reasonable person would describe him as a machine or as having 'bossed' those games. Looking at Sqwaka he again doesn't appear to have bossed Swansea (he scored less than two stars and gained a minus rating), though Porto he scored well (3.5 stars and grew into the game) though against Man City he was not rated well (1.5 stars and another minus rating). Overall I don't think it unreasonable to claim that he didn't really catch my eye in those matches. I do not think that he is currently any better (or in fact close to) Huth or Morgan as a CB and I do not believe that he ever will be. Similarly I do not think he is currently any better than N'didi or Drinkwater and again I don't think he ever will be. Would I ever start Amartey if our first XI were fit? No. Do I forsee a time when Amartey will match the ability of the players I have listed above? No. Do I want to wait 5 years to see if he will get to that level? No. Do I blame him for this seasons ills? No Am I being laughable to claim I've seen nothing? The statistics appear to say no.
  8. I do not think he is good enough to play for a premiership side that wish to finish mid table or top half. I have seen nothing to indicate that he could compete in a side who aspire to finish in those positions. Amartey has made the match day squad by virtue of the fact he has a pulse. In the two games he's played (aka started under Shakespeare) he made the starting XI v Everton as we rested players ahead of Madrid, and he played against Spurs as no one else was fit. We conceded 10 goals in those matches.
  9. How did you manage to buy tickets away from your kids. I didn't think you could buy a child's ticket without an adults next to it?
  10. How many times since Shakespeare has taken charge has Amartey kept a fit midfielder out of the match day squad?
  11. He's not cheap. The vast majority of what he does is structural stuff behind the scenes; sports science; extensive scouting network etc. so you're not just hiring him. Not necessarily a quick fix (see us second time around and Derby). He will leave you in a much better place (off the pitch) than he found you. Terrible with the media and this may cause unwanted distractions. Slight issue is Walsh is at Everton and Shakespeare is here. Whether he can assemble a similarly cohesive back room from scratch remains to be seen.
  12. I've missed 4 games. Non of Amartey's performances have encouraged me to think that he is suited to midfield. The fact Shakespeare doesn't view him as being better than King in CM or Fuchs (a left-back) at CB suggests that rather than being guilty of horrific hyperbole (I assume this was deliberately ironic) I am just echoing the thoughts of the coaching staff.
  13. 4 months ago I'd have said no such thing about the players you list. Over the season Amartey has been underwhelming. I've never seen a glimpse of anything to change my mind.
  14. I think you can write off Benny. Too rash, too weak and too selfish. My points about Amartey are valid. Over the course of the season he has consistently been found wanting. His distribution is not good enough for a midfielder and his awareness and reading of the game is also very poor. Im yet to see, in any game, anything from Amartey to indicate sufficient scope for improvement.
  15. He proved himself incapable of competing at either CB or CM last night. The game completely passed him by.