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  1. If he plays we play. Stop Youri and you stop us.
  2. Leicester and Leicestershire map from 1630 https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~285255~90057928:Leicestershire-?sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No&qvq=q:leicester;sort:Pub_List_No_InitialSort%2CPub_Date%2CPub_List_No%2CSeries_No;lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=1&trs=30
  3. I can now add James Justin to the list of players who have proved my judgement in players to be wonderfully abject.
  4. Hang on, isn't that you judging today?
  5. He's off to Klopp in the summer.
  6. I don’t think anyone knows what you’re actually getting with King. It’s been so long since he played a competitive game for City that making any confident prediction that s hard. Hopefully, for both King and Lueven, you get the steady, dependable and occasional big game scoring Andy King. A steady 7/10 every game.
  7. Let me get the right. Nice £100m training ground, shame about the social media promotion during a week where Christmas has been cancelled, Dover is ****ed and a new strain of a deadly virus is hogging the limelight.
  8. The numbers are correct. The sample size for both are small (and far smaller for the league).
  9. I used this season (and both competitions) because that’s what Hamza’s mum has been bleating about. Plus, to misplace a third of your passes in a cameo off the bench is remarkable. Previous seasons are at 85%, which is still lower than Mendy. This is a lovely article on why, contrary to what the one eyed king would have us believe, Mendy has been quite good https://t.co/RW40Yce0RL
  10. Is this thread a wind up? Passing - the simple thing you’d like a midfielder to do. Hamza’s pass completion in the league 65% Mendy’s pass completion in the league 91.2% let that 65% sink in a bit. Every 3rd pass misses. His passing is 2% better than Kasper ffs. That does shoot up to 85% in Europe but that pesky Mandy infuriatingly stats at 91%. Tackling - the thing he’s supposedly good at Hamza’s average tackle per game in the league 0.5. Interceptions 0. Clearances 0 Mendy’s average tackles per game in the league 1.5. Inte
  11. Could people just add their mother's maiden name and the name of their first pet...
  12. Lest we forget, Dan Roan is a ****.
  13. Still just Danny Tiatto with an Afro
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