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  1. If you want to show solidarity with Liverpool and Everton then don't buy the paper. Banning them from Leicester would only undermine the stances taken by the respective Merseyside clubs. On a cynical note the whole controversey may well have been allowed to happen by the Sun so they could get Mackenzie off the payroll (he earns 300k pa for his column), something they've wanted to do for a while.
  2. I do like being reminded to support my team. It is so often very easy to forget why I have gone to the match, which team I like most and how I should feel. I like the idea that many have put forward of cheering loudly, but I'd like too suggest we cheer even louder than the other loud suggestion thus making it louder still.
  3. In the club's defence the last one did quote from Julius Caesar, you know that play about an Italian who gets stabbed in the back.
  4. Can we all not just wait and see before complaining?
  5. In life after love
  6. Play Mahrez. Discussion over.
  7. Squad players in not as good as first choice players shocker.
  8. Benny having a mare
  9. The disadvantage nearly all this summers recruits have is that they've joined a team that won the league. With the best will in the world our trajectory this season was always going to be slightly lower than last year. Additionally we always like to think that signings are upgrades rather than squad fillers. Musa has had the hardest task because he is essentially an expensive Vardy, we now know what a striker with pace should be capable of and that means every mistake Musa makes (and he makes a few) serves to highlight that he is no Vardy. Slimani has it slightly easier (even though his fee is larger) because as a 'big man' we can only compare him to Ulloa - a player who isn't a regular, so we don't have too much to go on in terms of comparisons. Mendy has 'benefited' from being injured and may even be helped by the arrival of N'didi who is more similar in style (if not stature) to Kante than Mendy ever will be. N'didi has benefited from only joining in the winter and having a 'visible' style of play (interception, tackles etc).
  10. I think you'll find I can and that is precisely what I did. In terms of domestic success we've been better.
  11. The teams I cite have also spent a minimum of 10 years more than us in the Premier League yet in all that time, with all that access to greater funds than in the Championship (and shudder league 1), they've won bugger all. 'Long term' they've done nothing, won nothing and look like they're going to continue to do so. Watching mediocrity in a big ground is no ambition at all.
  12. Why? What trophies do you get for doing well off the pitch? The teams you cite have won nothing at all in nearly 20 years.
  13. So you want to aspire to be like a list of teams who haven't won anything in nearly 20 years? And we didn't win the league by good fortune, we won it by a good 10 points.
  14. They haven't won the league