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  1. Any idea about whether we can sack the bus off on the way home?
  2. I can also imagine people like me have no desire to set off at 10:30 so you’ll end up with hundreds arriving last minute for the 12:30 departure and it being chaos. I’m now curious as to whether they’ve allocated buses to tickets
  3. Thanks. I saw the 10:30-12:30 thing but wasn’t sure if that was the window to arrive for the bus or indicative of staggered departures. ideally I’d like to travel back by car rather than a slow bus into Leicester to then drive back the way I came.
  4. Apologies for the questions as I appreciate we’re all in the same ignorance bubble but: what time do buses depart? where do buses depart from? do we have to get the bus back?
  5. There are some good articles on there. Just not about Leicester (unless they’re written by someone else). Honestly, today’s reminded me of a terrible Jimmy Greaves autobiography I had where I swear he’d been paid by the word. There were anecdotes about myxomatosis in rabbits and half a page dedicated to what was on at the cinema one week in the 60s.
  6. Does anyone find that the City articles are becoming a tad ‘lazy’? Today’s feature on Vardy’s party the night we won the league includes more details about home improvement fixtures and fittings than anything else. It details how many bedrooms, the type of work surface in the kitchen (‘designer American walnut with island if anyone’s interested) along with details of his tattoo. I know we’re rather limited in terms of big moments in history but if we’re at the stage of writing articles that read more like a piece from country living then heaven help us.
  7. A decent plumber should be able to reconfigure it and make it feel bright and airy.
  8. That would be a really claustrophobic landing, like a level from Takeshi's Castle
  9. This is just the start. The rules will be continually 'tweaked' to ensure the same few clubs are guaranteed entry. Aiming for the top 4-6 will soon become utterly pointless as prior achievements will count more and more and so the fact you've not qualified for a competition that is designed to ensure you don't qualify for it will be used as justification for why you should qualify. This is a glorified pre season tour in all but name.
  10. We're not a 'well run club' in the terms most people understand - balancing books, buying low and selling high etc. I'd wager 90% of fans genuinely think we've next to no debt and that we spend what we earn (the same guff people believe about the economy) by selling players. The Maguire 'joke' is a 'joke' because lots of people believe it to be true. Whether we are better or worse than other clubs is up for debate, but we're a million miles away from being sustainable and most likely never will be. The issue, as always, remains that to be where we are requires us (and t
  11. Swiss Ramble on Twitter is a great go to if you want to see how we compare. Certainly the narrative of a ‘well run club’ and ‘Maguire paid for Seagrave’ make us feel smug but has zero basis in reality.
  12. No. Not even close. He and Maybury combined cost 100k.
  13. Utter charlatan. Bought the club on the cheap by leaking false stories of our imminent demise so he could drive the price down and appear a hero. Ran it on the cheap. Bought players no one needed via an agent who is now struck off. Went through a rogues gallery of manager. Got us relegated. Got lucky with Pearson. Sacked him to make the club more attractive to the Thai's. Sold to the Thai's. We got v v v v v v lucky finding the current owners (or they found him). He previous clubs perhaps paint a more accurate picture of his acumen as an owner and legacy builder. Sold Pompey to cro
  14. He’s just a bloody good player. He’ll not be here forever so let’s make sure we do enough to keep him as long as we can.
  15. He’s just not very good. There’s no harm in admitting it. The level of his ‘ability’ is unfortunately being cruelly exposed by the ability of those around him. I agree with all those posters who have noticed his ability to hide in a match and place himself in a position where he cannot receive a pass. Persisting with him is damaging both his career and our performances.
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