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  1. Well that's a stupid ****ing rhetorical question. Why even ask a loaded question like 'do you want a player with a terrible attitude who wants to leave?'
  2. Do I want one of the best players in Europe to remain at Leicester? hmmm. Tricky one.
  3. Can anyone honestly say that they bought a season ticket because of the 10% off offer? Additionally can anyone honestly say they wouldn't have renewed if they knew the 10% off was to be revoked?
  4. If we sell Mahrez we have to replace Mahrez. Who is out there for £30m who could reasonably be expected to do what Mahrez has done? Roma can go **** themselves.
  5. It isn't all bad. There is a slight shift away from the form filling mania which blighted the job and a semblance of common sense is returning. I would still recommend that you spend some time in a school and experience what it is like being a teacher. As most on here have commented it is the hours worked that will shock you. If you are still interested, try and be realistic with yourself in terms of how much of you you are willing to give to the job. No matter how hard you work it will never be enough and that can be a difficult thing to accept but also ultimately a liberating feeling. Try not to confuse who you are with who the person doing the job is; allowing that line to be blurred is not healthy. Don't confuse popularity with competence; the only day you want students to like you is results day. Do try and enjoy it; it may will be the best thing you ever do - it will almost certainly feel like the worst thing you've ever done on occasion.
  6. Mine says 'removed manually' leaving me with just 50 and not the 209 I actually have! Anyone else had this happen?
  7. I agree in part with red5. The phrasing of the questions meant that standing was almost always the inevitable response.
  8. We all did. Our capacity had **** all to do with it. As it's unlikely to happen again I think we'll see us going the route of Spurs in terms of what you can access at the ground (though probably not quite as flash).
  9. I think this thread shows how far behind we are as fans in terms of thinking. Our obsession with capacity as an indicator of potential success rather than amenities shows how out of whack our priorities are. 'Big' clubs aren't extending their grounds to get capacity they're moving wholesale to new grounds to enhance experience and broaden revenue streams. They don't want more of the same support, they want more of new kinds of support. The US designers who mentioned us work on stadiums such offer a range of facilities and design to promote that rather than simply cramming seats in. I don't think the owners want to simply whack seats in and expand the ground, they want to expand the experience.
  10. He's not good enough. No positional discipline and no reading of the game. Shakespeare subbed/binned him off too many times to indicate that he has any future
  11. In his ears
  12. He's dog dirt. Always got a mistake in him. So bad even Torino don't want him back. Over hyped and over paid.
  13. What on earth are blabbering about?
  14. Err, no it doesn't. It states that "Some say Mahrez has only one trick, the one where he dummies on his left foot, cuts inside, dummies again, then dummies again. But what a trick it is – all the trick you’ll ever really need, based on the ability to stop and start quicker than any other person on the pitch, a miracle of power-to-weight ratio, and a unique kind of creative physicality, swaying and bending and feinting with a range of movements that are all his own."
  15. I don't apologise for starting a new thread. This article is brilliant and sums him up perfectly https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jun/09/riyad-mahrez-leicester-english-football-should-cherish