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  1. Can anyone compete with my agent? We'd previously had our house on the market with a major online only company and paid them to do accompanied viewings. We'd had views and bids in double quick time but took it off after my wife fell pregnant. A few years later we're ready to move so we ring them up to get it re-listed as we've found our dream home. Agent was too busy to come back to our house to view it and said to stick with the old price. We click the button, set availability to all the time as we want to sell and move pronto. After a few days there'd been lots of views of the advert online but no requests to view. This carries one until the first week is done and our dream house has sold. Feeling a bit despondent we ring the agent to check that everything is ok and clarify why their number isn't available on right move for people to call and there's only an instruction to download an app if people want to book a viewing. They say their number is available (it isn't) and recommends perhaps we lower our price. As our dream house had sold within a week we decide to hold off lowering the price until we find somewhere. Days go by, lots of advert views but no requests to view. This carries on for another week or so until one night we're sat eating tea discussing why no one wants to view when previously we'd had loads and a note drops through our door. Some kind soul who wants to view our house wrote a note and walked across town to tell us that they've been trying to arrange a viewing for weeks but there's no contact number and the app of the major online only company says there is no availability to view our property until the end of October! The agent hadn't even noticed that they'd set our house as unavailable to view. We've missed out on our dream home and three weeks of possible viewings. I'm now in the process of attempting to get our money back and am still waiting for someone to make our house available to view.
  2. FFP - Mike Newell - he seemed to score every time we went. Then I was amazed that he went to a division 'above'. There were actual divisions above! FG - Plymouth 87 (I think) FM - First clear memory - Beating Norwich 2-0 in the League Cup in 88. I think they were top of the old Div 1 at the time.
  3. Good business all round. We get a known quantity at a reduced rate and Papys gets a place at a top half team and the chance to play in a league that will keep him on the radar of scouts.
  4. This isn’t a doom mongering post more one of practicalities. People frequently refer to our amazing scouting and ability to sign and sell on stars and cite Mahrez, Kante and Vardy as examples of our success. However, with the exception of Kante who is the freakish of all outliers, we’ll never sign players like them again. Not because they don’t exist but because we can’t afford to look at them. Kante, as a signing, was a complete freak. We signed an elite level player at their peak who for some reason wasn’t at an elite level club. The player who joined was the finished article and the player we sold was too. He began playing at world class levels and left playing the same way. It was easy to slot him into a premier league side and have him contribute immediately. Mahrez and Vardy were completely different. They both took time to settle, grow and adapt. There is no way the Vardy and Mahrez’s we signed would get anywhere near this team not be given the time to grow and that’s why recruitment is suddenly so hard to do. If both players had been flops we’d have not really noticed, their fees were such that they reflected their low risk status. Subsequent moves into the transfer market have shown that we, like everyone else, are struggling to find players just below the level of Mahrez and Vardy who might one day improve. That’s why getting to and staying at this level is so hard. We’re no longer looking for those sort of players because we don’t have the time to nurture them.
  5. Chilwell has had the misfortune of playing more under Puel. I think Puel made the right long term decision to play him but he suffered in the short term and has carried that with him since. At the time he was put in the side he wasn’t defensively as sound as Fuchs and therefore looked ‘worse’ than perhaps he was. He also joined a side that was trying and largely failing to transition to a new style of play. He very much had to learn as he went. I can’t think of many other Leicester youngsters who’ve had to learn at this level (be it top six aspirations, off the back of a trophy, and or a campaign in Europe). Most players are blooded in the championship and grow into a role, Chilwell had to hit the grown running and occasionally he stumbled. That perception of inconsistency has stuck with him ever since and caused him to get criticism more readily than others.
  6. After all this no one will move and we’ll re sign King
  7. I do think he’s improved in an attacking sense but still has work to do on his defensive positioning. The most important factor has been the change in style of the club which has suited him and helped develop certain aspects and hide others. I haven’t seen any visiting player (with the exception of Liverpool’s freak full backs) who I thought would be his equal or upgrade so his sale would be a backwards step in my opinion.
  8. I completely agree that I and 40% of respondents to that poll thought that in Feb 2018 that Chilwell wasn’t much better than Schlupp at that point. His improvement in the 2 1/2 years since has been admirable and I definitely think he’ll be a huge loss and more difficult to replace than Maguire due to his style of play; I for one don’t want him sold. if you took great schadenfreude from that poll wait till you see what I wrote about Vardy back in 2014 or Pearson mk1.
  9. Any pass that directly leads to a shot/attempt on goal. Anything immediately cleared wouldn’t count.
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