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  1. £40m is a mad amount of money for Abraham and is no doubt applying a hefty ‘English’ / ‘top six’ tax.. But I don’t buy the whole ‘why would we want a Chelsea reject’ motif, especially when you consider other players Chelsea have deemed ‘not good enough’ for their first team - KDB, Lukaku, Salah to name a few.. I’m not saying Abraham is necessarily up there with those players by any stretch.. but think it’s a little silly to right him off just because Chelsea are looking to sell him
  2. Hasn’t he only got a year left on his contract though? £35m seems steep if that is the case..
  3. I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this already, so apologies if so.... but the notion that there shouldn’t be any points deductions or bans from European competitions because it is ‘unfair on the player and fans’ who had nothing to do with the decision is ridiculous. Does that same logic get applied when clubs go into administration? I’m pretty certain that’s not down to the players or fans..
  4. Robbie Savage is just embarrassing to listen to! First half: ‘I’ve got no idea why Everton are sitting so deep on these free kicks’ Second half: ‘I absolutely love how Everton sit so deep for free kicks, they’ve done it all season and it works SO well for them’ 🤨🤨
  5. Yeah I suppose my original point would make more sense if we’d gone in with the loan + obligation. Completely agree with the above and the fact that the RW role has been lacking, realistically since Mahrez left, and Under was always going to be a bit of a punt considering his history of injuries and lack of playing time.. but surely this had to be considered at length before we brought him in and must be playing a factor in why Under has been used so infrequently so far.
  6. I suppose there is a couple of ways of looking at this though no? Obviously the above being one.. But also could it not be that we are giving him time to come up to speed with the rigour of Premier League football as well.. we’ve tried to nurture him through the first half of the season to make sure he is getting up to fitness and up to the speed of the Premier League, which could be a sign that he is a longer term prospect, rather than an instant quick fix. I’m sure when Fabinho first joined Liverpool he didn’t get a tonne of starts and didn’t have as big an
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