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  1. Jeeeez, someone’s still a little bitter that he didn’t sign for West Ham.. (the ‘journalist’ that is.. not you MarriedaLeciesterGirl)
  2. This... I don’t think Jamal Lewis is a bad player by any means.. but I don’t think we need to sign another young LB with potential to develop when we already have Thomas. Tagliafico/Telles as your starting LB, with Thomas playing in cup games and easier PL fixtures to bed him in and get some decent experience.. similarly with how we were treating Justin before Ricardo’s injury.
  3. Looks fairly comfortable on the ball and as part of a back three.. although that’s purely going off that YT video. Was he a regular starter for Schalke during his loan? And do we know the reason for them deciding against making the move permanent..?
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