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  1. There is a leicester fan called george on twitter,loves harvey barnes. He always makes tweets that say we are a top 6 club, usually leaving out one of Arsenal or Tottenham
  2. Are you seriously comparing a youth player to a player who has the second highest g+a of our wingers. Despite playing way less minutes?
  3. Ayoze in before Ünder. Fking hell robbie,when will it end
  4. Is it really world wide if it's just liked by the Irish dispora,when I'm talking about world wide I mean like how real madrid have fanbases in almost every country that are not in any way spsnish
  5. I live outside of england and can tell you right now I have never ever seen a celtic fan that wasn't scottish, I've seen Everton fans from America, africa,asia. Hell for such a big team I've seen our jersey sold more times than theirs. So how do they have such a global fanbase
  6. Massive worldwide fanbases...I think Everton have a bigger worldwide fanbase than celtic do honestly
  7. But castagne is a better player than JJ...why would he be benched
  8. This means he's probably fit right?
  9. Wish Chilwell was here Would have suggested we drink everytime chilwell ran the ball out of play
  10. Calm down now, Ricardo is one of the few players we could claim are world class,Justin has been good but to say what he's done is equal to Ricardo is very wrong, Justin is very raw, excellent defending but his attacking work is Abit patchy, Ricardo is the complete package
  11. We're going to have to drop JJ,as steady as he is,he lacks that x factor Ricardo at RB does and wouldn't be as good a winger as Ünder would be.
  12. Not one successful cross? What about the one iheanacho blundered over the bar?
  13. I love him and he's been our maestro this season,but I do wonder what has happened to his shooting.
  14. Might have gotten it confused with West ham tbh😂. But yeah it's weird he's blaming the whole team for that
  15. Almost as if... Praet didn't play that match
  16. No man,c'mon don't do this, if anyone is taking home the main threat trophy it's obviously Ayoze
  17. This forum will never fail to amaze me,how did you watch that whole match and identify Maddison as our main threat
  18. Silly Ric flair,we only call really useless players in Ghana
  19. Ünder is that type of player imo,he has no qualms about receiving the ball and taking it to the other team, won't always come off but if he keeps doing it he'll get alot of goal contributions
  20. Ünder will succeed here, all he needs is minutes to settle down and stop trying to impress Brendan so hard
  21. Good thing we don't have to decide that now?
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