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  1. Gray last season had 3 assists all season and Ünder has 3 assists despite playing 90 mins a collection of 0 times. To say he is like Perez or gray is Abit insulting
  2. I've wanted him out since last season,he's just not a very clever player, terribly one minded, if we still employ him by next season I don't think we have the ambition we're talking about
  3. I never actually want to see albrighton in another premier league game ever again ,I swear crosses with absolutely nobody in the box
  4. Abit weird how many insults he's getting,this wasn't his game,we needed a counter attacking outlet or at least a defensive one like Praet to help Marc,this isn't his position, Maddison will never be a winger,and when brendan realises that he can be dropped for some matches is when we flourish
  5. Well it wasn't supposed to be ruled out so he's right to moan
  6. After Mahrez bleached his hair he basically became unstoppable
  7. Whenever he's on the ball he's looking to make something happen, when he's not he's looking to make something happen and I love that about him
  8. I know he wasn't entirely the one responsible for our good signings,but this forum and large amount of Leicester fans acted that way,that's why I'd like an apology, because a great man once said "Chat shit get banged"
  9. So when do we genuinely apologize to Congerton for doubting him
  10. A poor mans anthony knockeart I genuinely hate this forum sometimes,we talk so much nonsense
  11. I'd love an Under 90 minute winner to be honest
  12. Ünder starts let's goooooo. Hopefully I can watch it
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