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  1. We will sign a striker in the summer, and he will phased into becoming an impact sub I would imagine. Poor finishing recently but before the international break his all round game outside of that has been great, arguably better than when he was a prolific scorer. There is no question this is the twilight of his career though, he is 35 next season. Our greatest ever player IMO.
  2. None of the girls respect Maddison because he goes down too easily
  3. You reckon 4 premier league footballers and 18 young women are playing Jenga and sipping horlicks in their jammys at 1am during an illegal house party?
  4. It is still in our hands. We definitely CAN do it, hopefully a win in the cup can arrest recent poor performances before it is too late. The self sabotage by a number of our own players certainly doesn’t help though. In my opinion... it’s a toss up now, between us, Chelsea and West Ham for that 4th spot, I’d expect Liverpool to come 3rd with their remaining fixtures. But this is football, it often goes against what you’d expect.
  5. The details of what they actually did to miss this game aren’t that important to me, it’s more that they made a choice to put their own bullshit ahead of the success of Leicester City football club in arguably the biggest game of our season so far. They knew the risks involved. These aren’t the types of people you want to rely on if you want to achieve something as a team. Their actions show they aren’t dedicated enough, and have a lack of respect for their teammates. Maddison playing golf instead of even showing up to the stadium tells you even more about his personality. Hopefull
  6. They are lucky that there aren’t going to be fans in the stadium for their next games
  7. Cancelling contracts is deluded and never going to happen. They are still assets. We could sell the likes of Maddison and comfortably replace him for the money we’d get, however.
  8. They should each be sold and replaced. An elite club wouldn’t tolerate such weak mentality, nor should we.
  9. We don’t deserve anything here, but fair play to Albrighton
  10. Not sure why we don’t bring the kids on at this point
  11. We only have 2 attacking players fit and who give a sh*t, we don’t have many options in terms of the system. Similarly, being let down by your teammates before a key game isn’t exactly ideal preparation for those who actually bothered to turn out.
  12. The circumstances around the game make this feel worse than Bournemouth
  13. At least Fofana, Evans and Amartey are out on the pitch and putting in the work, they have my support. The others should be sold IMO, regardless of result here. Weak mentality. If we are serious about having the attitude of an elite club, they should be shown the door. All three are replaceable.
  14. Looking at the bench, you’ve gotta say it’s not looking good unless West Ham are even bigger bottlers than us. Self inflicted. Hard to not be angry at those who’ve let the club down in a big way today.
  15. Let’s make some attacking changes at half time lads
  16. We need a goal before half time here. Going behind was always going to be difficult here with no attacking options on the bench thanks to the three nonces
  17. If only we had some creative/attacking midfielders on the bench...
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