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  1. Dreaming of the days we had Rio,Terry,Campbell,King & Carragher
  2. I think with both Henderson & Maguire, if it's a 23 man squad rather than 26, at least one doesn't go. The larger squad allows them to go as good leaders in the camp with the potential of being able to play in later rounds. Think we will really miss Maguire, our centre back options are really poor.
  3. As much criticism as him sitting down with Morgan will get, it was a good idea. You realise the man actually has a life of decency behind him, which cannot be aimed at his opponent. He really needs to be more natural to the electorate though, he’s far more “normal” than he’s willing to let on. To his detriment in my eyes
  4. I'm getting married on the 20th June (Hilarious I know), and overall the wedding industry has been completely forgotten about. Venues haven't been given clear guidance on exactly what can/can't take place, and whilst things are meant to go back to no restrictions on 21st, there has still been no clarification, despite Boris promising that he would give that yesterday. It takes a decent mind shift to be happy with restrictions, but overall I'm happy with 30 people. No chance I was delaying again!
  5. Seems like he's interested in by every premier league side. Smells like Celtic or his agent trying to get more money to me. Probably indicates that there is only one club making solid offers. Hopefully us!
  6. Think Southgate's comments about set pieces was implying that could be preservation due to his injury. Whilst that could be true, it says a lot about the quality of Madders set piece delivery that no-one else has thought of it of anything but a demotion based on ability.
  7. I can see a fair shift this summer, as it could be our first without a big departure. What i'd love: In Edouard (20m) Soumare (20m) Buendia (40m) Bertrand (Free) Ajer (15m) Out Choudhury (10m) Praet (15m) Ghezzal (5m) Amartey (3m) Net spend of just over 60m - which may be a little steep, but I think this is the summer to go for it if we are in a position to. We will recoup transfer fees in the coming seasons. This squad is reaching the peak of it's cycle with the club, and we need to bust a gut
  8. Listening to a podcast that Norwich would be willing to sell Buendia for around 40 Mill. I'd absolutely love him on our right wing.
  9. Becoming obvious that they have just chosen areas with large Asian communities as scapegoats, from data I've seen, only Bolton seems to be worrying.
  10. I think Neves would likely have his sights set higher than Leicester, but if no-one else went in for him he could probably be tempted.
  11. I never quite understood pairing Neves with Moutinho (cracking player still). Always felt they were far better when Dendonker joined them in the middle to add some legs and energy. I think if you had Neves and Ndidi sitting, with Maddison in the hole, that's a cracking midfield. Would much rather we kept Youri though. Neves is what Spurs are missing however.
  12. Love now the seasons over you just see a players name mentioned and immediately think of whether we could sign them. Apparently Neves could leave wolves for 35m. If Youri goes, he would be a perfect replacement although I’d suggest for that price CL teams would be interested.
  13. Really left field shout, Jose Fonte sounds like he is leaving Lille on a free. As an experienced centre back option it might make sense? yes he's 37 but in a way would be a Wes replacement (without the dodgy back)
  14. I don't see a team having the £80 million + it would probably take to get him, he would fit perfectly into Liverpool's midfield but I don't think they spend that kind of money. Can't really deny the guy deserves Champions League football, but i'd be absolutely gutted to see him go.
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