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  1. He won't come in to be 4th choice, and there is no point us spending money on a 4th choice centre back. Amartey does that job just fine, and still a slight hope that Benkovic reaches some potential while at Leuven. Until King Power are bringing money back in, we won't spend money unless absolutely necessary or we sell someone for big money.
  2. LVocey


    2 Goals and 2 assists in 15 games - pretty disappointing really He showed glimpses last year, but I'd much prefer Buendia even though he would cost about double.
  3. I think this is mainly a play for more money at Southampton (Maybe even a release clause to CL teams), but if it is CL football he's after he will basically have a choice of Man U, Man City & Liverpool as looking good money to qualify next season. Liverpool could happen, they would probably be interested in bringing him back and he would fancy his chances of dislodging Firmino, but the fact he couldn't do that before (I know injuries didn't help) could stop him. Man Utd & Man City both need centre forwards but I see them going for bigger names such as Haaland.
  4. LVocey


    Moved here November 19 and pleasantly surprised, although I'm not bang in the middle. Village is nice enough though, decent pubs (when open), plenty of shops/takeaways etc. Traffic can clog a little in the centre but nothing too annoying. I always say to people that i'm 15 minutes from everywhere. M1, Town, Fosse Park, Loughborough, Bradgate Park - everything is pretty close.
  5. I enjoyed watching it...but then at the end actually realised not a lot has actually happened. Also felt the character of Alice came across as hugely unlikeable. Nigel Havers was fantastic in it.
  6. I wasn't saying that it was going to be normal, just asking the question of what would likely to be closed. Selfishly, I plan on getting married in June (After moving it from last year), so I'm constantly on the look out for news to imply whether that will be possible. For what it's worth, I don't think "Normal" will be happening at all in 2021.
  7. I don't quite understand from this article, what would be closed during this "Halfway House" lockdown?
  8. Could easily say the same for Justin, or for leaving Ricardo on the bench once he's fully fit. Tough decision
  9. Was just about to come on here and suggest Lingard. Would offer a similar type of player as Praet in his ability to go beyond the front man, and decent pressing ability. With him being cut from the United squad I would imagine the finances could be decent on the deal too. Only issue could be United not wanting him to go to a direct rival?
  10. Shows just how negatively the general public view the Labour party, when we can all point out examples such as the few above of how the Conservative party acts, and yet, they will likely go into the next election as favourites to win. We are a baffling country at times.
  11. Pre-Injury Ricardo was better in my opinion, but who knows if Pre-Injury Ricardo comes back. It's a huge period of time to lose in a short career. Think that's why we will see him at RW rather than RB more often than not for the rest of this season, as it will allow a little more security while he gets sharp again. Justin being moved to LB just as Ricardo gets back to the squad is a big nod to me that Brendon see's Justin as first choice LB and Castagne more as a backup option.
  12. I imagine this will see him out to around the Liverpool home game on the 13th. Worth doing now before Europa League starts up again, been obviously bothering him for weeks. Massive chance for Ayoze and Kelechi to fight it out for that spot
  13. I'm hoping that if Covid has taught us anything, its the importance of plain competency in our governments, rather than the personality popularity contests it has become. Seems rather obvious when you spell it out.
  14. Tricky match at Everton only a few days after, I think we have reached the stage of prioritising other competitions over this. Ward Ricardo Amartey Soyuncu Fuchs Thomas Mendy Hamza Under Perez Iheanacho Lets be honest, that should still have the quality to win, as much as I really like how Brentford play. Castagne to come on for Ricardo after 45/60. Vardy, Youri & Barnes on the bench alongside some
  15. I don't agree, contract that expires end of next year. If he doesn't sign a new one they will sell in the summer. Roughly 15-20m say? If in 1-2 years it hasn't worked out at Leicester I could imagine any lower Prem team would pay half that to bring in a proven goalscorer, even at 31-32. I don't see it happening (This whole story is most likely Agent chat to boost his next contract at Saints)....but I personally think it would be a really smart move.
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