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  1. Can we all just remember, we are 3rd in the league and in a FA Cup semi-final. First hour yesterday was awful, but everything is still in our hands. We have a good next 4 fixtures, and then we are more than capable of getting points in the last 3. Difficult matches yes but Spurs are no great side, Man U always have a wobble in them and Chelsea may be pre-occupied with Champions League. End of the day, if we don't finish top 4, it's because we don't deserve to. We prove ourselves in the next 7 league matches and if it doesn't happen and its Europa again, it's still a rea
  2. Technically we have a really good side. When the going gets tough we have the mentality of children. No resolve or leadership about us at all.
  3. Are memberships worth it if you're after say 1 ticket a month?
  4. I'm not his biggest fan, but Southgate gets way too much stick. Yeah, the football isn't breathtaking, but that's hard to get when you don't have the players for long. There aren't many international sides that play really attractive football. He's had one major tournament and got to a semi-final, that's pretty good in my eyes. He will have the Euros and the next World Cup regardless of results, and then after that we will see where we are. I think yesterday we saw 90% of the starting line up for the Euros with Pope and Phillips probably missing out.
  5. Can anyone recommend how to get life back into a patchy lawn (Mainly caused by my dog p*****g all over it). Gave it the first cut of the year at the weekend and have put some grass seed down in the patches but I don't hold much hope.
  6. I cannot think of a team in Europe that Youri wouldn't add quality to or look at home at, just an absolutely quality player. A good Euro's or World Cup next year and we could be looking at some serious bids coming in from Europe's elite.
  7. Kelechi has been really good most of the season....however. Today he was another level, a really world class performance. Held the ball up, great first touch, pressed excellently and 2 goals and an assist. At the age he's at, he's coming into learning exactly what kind of player he is, and that's obviously a second striker. Absolutely thrilled for the guy, just wish fans were back in as he would be a proper cult hero in the stands right now!
  8. Chelsea have hit the jackpot, Porto in QF with the winner of the other weakest Quarter in the Semi. They have a really good chance of winning the whole thing.
  9. For the first time since probably FM18 I won a major competition last night (The dutch cup is major yes?). 10 minutes to go against AZ and my striker skins the centre back and dinks it over the keeper to make it 2-1. Absolute scenes in my home office .
  10. Huge chance to get to the semi finals. United look really thin in numbers at the moment. Telling that Ole didn't make a sub today. They have Milan on Thursday, hopefully they win that after extra time and decide the FA cup is a competition too many. Even if they go full strength though, I fancy us.
  11. Albrighton when he's on the pitch, but Maddison's corners have been far better this year than people react (Last year and the very start of this season they were awful). But he hit a spell of games where he was constantly putting 1-2 really good deliveries in and there was no centre back attacking. Evans never looks a threat from set pieces. Fofana could be in time.
  12. £15m for Edouard is an absolute no brainer. Great fee for a 23 striker with a good goal record. No real pressure on him either for that fee, and even if he flopped, we would easily make 75% of that back when resold. Get him in.
  13. Good from him today, always looks so much better in a two. First touch is underrated but decision making let's him down. I can actually understand why he was bought off, allowed us to switch to a 4-3-3 which saw us get control back in the 2nd half cause we were really struggling. You can easily argue Vardy should have made way but I wouldn't be surprised if Kelechi starts over him at the weekend. Absolutely belting finish for the goal.
  14. Fancy us much more than I did before the Burnley match. The week off after this before Sheff U is so well needed. I'd rest Vardy and Ricardo, both look unfit, and an injury to either would be a disaster right now. Can always come on with 30 left if needs be. Kasper Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi. Tielemans Under. Tavares. Albrighton Iheanacho Under's last chance to really show he's an option for me.
  15. People will i'm sure mark Hamza down massively from the mistake, but that could easily cloud how poor he was tonight. I've never seen a player caught on their heels so much as they let a ball 1-2 yards away roll past them.
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