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  1. Happy with that team , come on you bluesssssss
  2. And another one and a goal . All hail king nacho
  3. Easy 4 - 1 win with Maguire x1 Vardy x2 and Maddison x1 . Coyb keep the faith foxes never quit. Anything other that 3 points and pules in trouble
  4. It’s pules choice to play Morgan tho . We need wingbacks not rb and lb with our players
  5. We won the league 3 seasons ago we have the right to deserve better as the players that won it for us we have only lost 2 . Kante was the biggest lose to any team in the history of football. And the price he went for was criminal
  6. The only way I see us accomadate him is a 352 do you agree ? I think that formation along with 99% of fans would agree do you? I cants see whys Puel can’t see it.
  7. Just a quick thread as I haven’t seen one but off the bench against Liverpool and Bournemouth he has two assists . Long live the nacho man keep it up brother
  8. STUHILL why you use in my name
  9. We was massively unlucky to be 3-0 down at ht had we took our chances that wouldn’t have been the case as we did have them , however I think we should be playing even better with the squad we have now and I can only put it down to pulse tactics. I will happily give Puel 10 games and see how it is this season without calling for his head , but with the squad we have now we should be doing better. I 5hink the only way forward with the personnel we have is 352 chilly and peara would excell at wing back imo
  10. Or he could just swap them, I’m down with that.
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