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  1. mo-rima

    Ticket arrangements for Chelsea FA game (not ideal)

    Plenty tickets will be available don't worry. Will also be television
  2. mo-rima

    Slimani to Watford or Besiktas?

    Vary also needs 4 or 5 chances to score
  3. mo-rima

    RIP FA Cup

    Hate to say it.. Well done forest
  4. None season tickets holders £15... Ridiculous
  5. mo-rima

    Harry Maguire

    For 50m sell
  6. mo-rima

    Realistic signings and other chit chat.

    No more business for city. News from sky.
  7. mo-rima

    Give Cambiasso a go as Manager?

    Get Powell
  8. mo-rima

    Villa Away

    Am going villa end sod that £25
  9. mo-rima

    Drinkwater, Cambiasso, James

    Nugent is weak link
  10. mo-rima

    Earliest memory of watching leicester

    Mine was 1977 against Cambridge