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  1. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Bet they darent sack the c**t..
  2. Are front 2 are ****ing useless and our midfield is none existent. Iborra is not a pressing kind of midfield. He needs to be in a 3 and just play it simple. I don't think any other manager in the league would play slim and ulloa upfront together. They ain't won 1 header
  3. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Exactly we should steam roll them but it won't happen and they will play decent football and I'm sorry but Morgan will be all over the place. Solly march and pascal gross will destroy Morgan and Simpson today. I hope I'm proved wrong I just think we are so predictable and Brighton will play us at our own game.
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Got a horrible feeling we are going to get beat today. Hope I'm wrong but we do look a weak side that can only play one way. We don't look like a side that can change it up and looking at the bench, it doesn't strike me as a bench that can change a game unfortunately. If we get beat today the pressure will be on shakey to either get some proven quality in or we are in for a long hard season
  5. We desperately lack any sort of creativity and need to address this asap because we can't keep the ball never mind build an attack. Ulloa musa Lawrence just are not good enough and although I rate slimani he just doesn't fit our style. We need a proper number 10 who can in pockets of space and play some killer passes. We have too many similar midfielders now. They can all pass side to side and back but haven't got the intelligence to drive with the ball and play a incisive pass. We need to invest and get rid of the fringe players that just don't suit us
  6. Sam Allardyce leaves Palace

    Just announced he wants to leave??
  7. Did slim score then?
  8. Did anyone else see Deeney clapping leicester when we played a bit of decent football. I thought it was rather strange thing to do when your warming up.
  9. Pearson Part 3?

    I ain't a big NP fan but he did a good job here and when I heard he might be coming back wasn't too impressed. I don't think it will happen because what went on with him, and the owners reckon he brought shame on the the club so I can't see it happening but saying that if he does come back the owners are putting the club before there principals and beliefs back home and that has got to count for something. I think he could get us fighting again and I'd love to see the sight of vardy chasing down lost causes and sliding and blocking defenders clearing balls. I don't think Mancini would get the reaction we need straight away he would take a few months to change us and that's not what we need, we need to hit the ground running and I think NP could get us running through break walls again. Has much as I hate to admit it he could be the man to help us survive but I ain't a fan and if the owners are prepared to put there beliefs and stuff aside and appoint him I'm all for it
  10. Next Manager?

    Oh please...... behave the Thais won't have him back
  11. Disgraceful club

    Do one pal, if it was your millions being wasted and spent I would imagine you would have a different opinion. But it's leicester city FC not CR FC
  12. Ranieri sacked

    I'm not in the know as such, but there was rumours he just wanted to get through this game. The argument was that we trained all week using 441 formation with grey starting and another player but on morning of game CR changed side and gave no explanation. Grey was upset and it led to players confiding in shakey who was left in the room whilst CR left and went back to his room
  13. Ranieri sacked

    Apparently it was shakey that led the revolt last night, with the team selection the major discussion.
  14. Ranieri sacked

    Bit desrespectful for the new manager. I agree singing his name for a few minutes but then lets get behind the owners, new manager (if in place) and the team. Let's be honest we have all said how shit we was and the football is awful and then add the unrest on top there was only ever one outcome. Any other manager would have been gone long ago. Losing to millwall who had 10 men was bad enough and keeping 4 at the back was horrendous tactically. I love the bloke but he ain't the man to turn this club back around, we need a bloke to get this team motivated and most importantly the fans motivated and back on side because a lot of people was sick of the dross this season.
  15. Swansea post match 2-0

    So if they are no good why didn't he replace them???? That is his fault. To now say they are Pearsons players is pathetic excuse. Yet he has spunked £70 million and all of them are still playing.. what does that tell you