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  1. How's it patronising? You either believe it or not but a lot if people was very quick to dismiss it
  2. I said we had no money 2 weeks ago in the ben Chilwell thread and got slated as saying I didn't know nothing and was bullshitting
  3. I got slated last week when I said the club has no money. The club has accepted 30 million less. Hope that tells the story of where we are as a football club currently.
  4. You do know you count managers,staff, players, u23, youth team etc. Goal bonus, clean sheets appearance bonus etc.
  5. Been trying to do this for past 2 years. Easier said than done especially after this covid situation and the age of the pair now. No one is going to pay them what we are and we will no doubt have to pay a share of them wages.
  6. We do roughly around 27million but are wages are killing at the minute and we do not have the revenue coming in
  7. Exactly mate.... £150 MILLION ARE WAGES A YEAR. Im getting slating here some people just don't want to believe it. KP is totally separate to the football club and will not be used any longer and want the club to run by itself and not be supported.
  8. Listen we owe other clubs £91million for transfers and £67million of that is due this season and some of them players haven't kicked a ball this season.
  9. we will see pal. Im not saying that is the order of priority in terms of signings but we know we need a striker winger box to box mid and cb and they will not come in until we sell.
  10. Exactly mate... im not going to out the source. Why would I do that!!! Let's be honest here if we had the money and we wanted Lewis, cantwell, buendia, Watkins, banarahmi, eduardo, William carvalo, Wesley fofan we could attract them from their clubs but we simply can not sign before we sell
  11. OK then pal we will soon see then. Anybody that thinks maguire money is still available is wrong thats gone and been invested etc. Let's just think we have played with lack of depth at Cb and not replaced Maguire all season and the best we good get was Bennett. Believe what you want..if you think it bs then fair enough.
  12. I said I'm not speculating. I have a source
  13. They banked on champs league and it didn't happen. I'm not speculating and funds are really tight. We was linked with a lot of players before the restart some true and some not. We now have to sell to recruit. We have 2 strikers at this football club and BR has said he would like another one to partner vardy as another option.. for this to happen Kalechi has to leave yet keeping him would only leave us with 3 strikers.
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