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  1. Chelve84

    Yannic bolasie

    Can see this happening when they have completed deal Richarlison. Bit like we signed ward once Liverpool completed Allison
  2. Chelve84

    Puel to Fenerbahce

  3. Chelve84

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Javier pastore to West Ham for 17million, surely we should be aiming big for players like this if West Ham are in also flippe Anderson from Lazio. Both quality
  4. Chelve84

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    What about when schools close for teacher days and weather etc. You hear of schools just closing without any notice to fix a leaky roof and the parents are expected to be able to take time off work to cover this
  5. Chelve84

    Helicopter has landed

    Landing again
  6. Chelve84

    Helicopter has landed

    Helicopter landed at training ground at 3 in morning. Strange time
  7. Chelve84

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    I think it’s time to rebuild, let’s get rid of the clicky circle of players that seem to have to much of a say and power. We need to find a style of play that we want play and buy players that have the ability to carry out the tactics and instructions. This is the best possible to time to do this whilst we have some money to make this period of transition less painful. I don’t know what brand of football Puel wants to play but if he is happy with the last few games then he isn’t the man for us, but who knows 4-5 players could make a hell of a difference to the fluid of our play, but judging by past results I don’t think he knows how he wants to play.
  8. Chelve84

    unrest in the squad

    According to the daily telegraph the players are unhappy with Puels tactics and training methods. in paper today
  9. Chelve84

    Puel-come to the future

    Get Jokanovic in, they are playing some cracking football fast and slick passing
  10. The fact he has gone ****ing AWOL suggest to me he thinks he is bigger than this club and can do what he likes. example is he ain’t turned in for training and now missed 2 important matches.
  11. I think it’s the right back tosin bloke
  12. Chelve84

    Just over 24 hours to get a replacement

    It will be Nathan redmond
  13. Chelve84

    André Almeida

    See if he plays tonight? If he doesn’t I would say it is a sign that a deal is close
  14. Chelve84

    André Almeida

    Who would you suggest then?