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  1. Disagree with that. Has Castagne really been miles better than Justin? Could you really see Castagne scoring a goal like Justin did against stoke?
  2. Surely if he has been in first team training then he is deemed "not ready" to make the jump to a matchday squad. Attitude is a key component to making it to the very top. This lad looks as though he has bags of ability but there must be another issue that's inhabiting his progress.
  3. How do people generally chose their stocks? I picked up Boohoo shares on the dip due to the recent issues but how do people go about finding the next Tesla? Cheers.
  4. I can't help feeling that with a couple of top signings we won't be far off you know.
  5. It's clearly a debate, that's why we are debating it.
  6. How is there "no debate"? JJ has been arguably been our best player this season and Ricardo has been class since he joined!
  7. It's the media who seem to highlight any critism directed towards women, which blows it up out of all proportion.
  8. Correct and our club never would tweet anything like that. Leeds obviously felt the comment was disrespectful to them but i agree they went about it in an unprofessional manor, but had Robbie Savage said it, would it have gotten the same level of attention do you think?
  9. Not sure what to make of this. I know a lot of us on this forum have been annoyed at comments made by Sutton, Merson etc regarding us, but does that mean women in football are expempt from critism just because they aren't men?
  10. You see, i find this confusing. The population of Liverpool is around 500k and they have 2 clubs. The population of Leicester is around 360k and we are a one club City. Manchester is slightly bigger but they also have 2 clubs.
  11. Anyone see the debate Savage and Scholes were having on BT sport? Savage saying there is no way Radgers should consider going to Arsenal and Scholes saying he should! Very hard to shake this "small club" mentality off with some of these pundits, especially the ones that played the game back in the 80's, 90's and early 00's.
  12. From what i've seen of him currently, he seems bang average. Doesn't have much impact on the game! Had a blinder against Liverpool but been hit and miss since.
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