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  1. The boy is having a great game today. I know he's only playing against Ipswich but he looks a class above! Set the goal up with a thumping shot from outside the box and is full of confidence.
  2. pazzerfox

    Andre Silva

    https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/04/18/do-report-ac-milan-offer-33m-striker-andre-silva-to-wolves/ Been offered to Wolves.
  3. The lad nearest the camera looks terrified of big Bige when he asks his questions!
  4. Today we missed a tall, strong forward to hold up the ball and for others to play off.
  5. It is in Chilwell's best interest to stay at Leicester in my opinion. How much game time will be realistically get at Man City, if Mendy is fully fit? He will find himself in same situation as Mahrez - sitting on the bench with his finger up his arse, stunting his development, not playing games and stalling his England career. The grass isn't always greener.
  6. We'd concede a lot more goals down that side. Simo is/was a very good defender.
  7. We need to be looking at better quality than Aaron Mooy in my opinion.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6869993/Barcelona-Atletico-Madrid-battle-50million-Leicester-City-Ben-Chilwell.html
  9. I will throw something at you if I see someone who looks like a Bear in a Wolves shirt then as I work in Coalville!
  10. That's right. We just stood there and watched them roll around for a few minutes. Seems like yesterday! Bit like me then, I played for Ibstock and Ravenstone before retiring after being more injury prone than Matt James!
  11. I thought so! We played against Leicester Youth team at U13's I think at the training ground and you definitely played. Think we drew 4-4! Didn't make the first team at Derby then? You based in Leicester now?
  12. Hahahahaha. I remember it well! They were rolling round in the hedge!! Was it your manager or one of the parents? I think I was covering so would have caught you!! haha :). Who did you play for in your later years?
  13. Fu** me!! Small world! I remember playing against you..You were strong for your age at the time. Think you might have played centre mid against us! Were you at Leicester youth with Matt Piper as well?
  14. Hahahahaha. Let's all just take a minute to laugh like **** at Spurs!!
  15. We were in the North West Leicester league so only played the inner City teams during the county cup. We won it one year but you knocked us out two years I can remember. I had to mark Piper in one game!
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