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  1. Just got a message from my friend who said just walked into the Sauna at Champneys Health Spa and his dad was chatting to Xerdan Shaqiri. Turns out his dad wasn't 100% sure who he was and was slating Jordan Henderson and telling him how good the pitch was down at the King Power!!! Classic!!
  2. pazzerfox

    Harry Maguire signs new contract until 2023!

    Great move! I think he will stay for another season after this one. Hopefully we can gradually build a team challenging for the top again which will make him want to stay indefinitely.
  3. Heskey Pontus Kaamark Izzet Mahrez Mark Davis VARDY!
  4. pazzerfox

    Jamie Vardy ‚óŹ Legend

    I just watched a bit of the Manchester City documentary and Sergio Aguero's son begged him to get Vardy's shirt after their home game last season. Jamie is an absolute Leicester legend! They thumped us 5-1!
  5. He's welcome back anytime! I think we will all only realise what an achievement it actually was in around 50 years time, when Claudio is no longer with us and we are all grey and old! "I remember the time Leicester City won the Premier League"
  6. pazzerfox

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    Fleetwood Reserves at home.
  7. pazzerfox

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    I agree, but the question is...Are the players carrying out exactly what the manager is asking of them or do the players need more time to grasp what it is they are being asked to do? If the answer is the former, then we might have a problem.
  8. pazzerfox

    John Moss unfit to ref?

    Agree with this. Also rated Bobby Madley, who has unfortunately quit.
  9. pazzerfox

    Harry Maguire and Man U

    Reading too much into that. He'll sign a new contract and stay for another couple of years. Top bloke, top player!
  10. pazzerfox

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    100% this. When the team sheet gets released and I see Amartey on it...my heart sinks. They clearly targeted him as a weakness with any of their meaningful attacks coming down our right hand side. He's poor on the ball, he's clumsy, he hasn't got a footballing brain and he offers nothing going forward. This should have been addressed in the summer and it hasn't! Also, the lack of pressing in the last 10 minutes (when they were down to 10 men) was bafflingly non-existent. Okazaki on for Gray was again...baffling. Yes, we won 2-1 but we are papering over the cracks!! We've been fortunate in two games.
  11. pazzerfox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Excessive force sir.
  12. pazzerfox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Poor tackle from Vards. I am all for his no holds barred, full throttle attitude but that was a sunday league tackle! Showed a lack of intelligence as we were in control and could have cost us! Saying that, I thought we looked good in parts. Perreira, Maddison, Chilly and Mendy were good. Evans looked rusty but cultured and Albrighton was his typical 7 out of 10. B+ promising
  13. pazzerfox

    Leo Says Farewell

    Thanks Leo. Still no idea of the fee?
  14. pazzerfox

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    My assessment of the game = Daniel Amartey isn't and never has been good enough. Can't afford to do gift any team a penalty with the stupidest of handballs!
  15. pazzerfox

    Thank you Riyad

    We've been through this. I've already forgotten about him!! When Ghezzal shows off his silky skills, Riyhad will be a forgotten memory!