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  1. Well that's not true is it! The Zlatan bit
  2. Absolutely abysmal tonight. I don't usually criticise too much but today he got right on my nerves! Didn't offer anything going forward, defensively asleep for their goal, didn't go past their fullback once (and by all accounts he has been Villas weakest link so far this season), ponderous in possession, couldn't control the football at times, didn't get any quality into the box and was generally very very poor.
  3. Can't stand Danny Murphy. He is a mould of Mark Lawrenson as they both state the obvious and doesn't really have any knowledge of teams outside the big 6. I watched the Arsenal v Leeds game last night and he hardly praised Leeds at all. It was more down to the fact that Arsenal were tired after working hard to beat Manchester United than the fact that Leeds were far superior in the first half! He;s an odious toad!
  4. I'ts not worth even talking about. James Maddison will sign a new contract and be here for at least another season at the very least!
  5. Nobody is bigger than the badge!
  6. "You'd gone round there any night and found Redknapp hanging out the back of it"
  7. Agree. If Man City can't play through Liverpool, how the heck are we supposed to!!
  8. 1. Wilf has struggled on the ball, playing out from the back recently. 2. Maddison has struggled to get any space and has been muscled off the ball in the last 3 games. 3. Vardy is void of service 4. Chillwell has shown us that he is nowhere near the finished article. 5. We lack a real quality winger. 6. We lack squad depth. 7. I still think we require a real quality midfielder at the base of the spine to dictate the play. 8. Liverpool are the best side i have seen for a long time. They tore us to pieces in 2nd gear..Van Dyck is on another level to any defender in the league. 9. We need different tactics against better technical teams. Leaving space out wide in defensive areas is criminal against players of TAA and Riyhads ability.
  9. Wilf struggled with getting the ball off the back 4. He has looked uncomfortable in possession in the last couple of games. If we are persisting with playing out from the back, do we need someone who is better on the ball?
  10. Couldn't have put it better. When the going gets tough, he needs to be able to do the ugly part of the game...Retreating into his shell is exactly what he does.
  11. Tell you what annoys me...High fiving and shaking hands with the opposition before the game!! It's nonsense, you're going to war for gods sake!!!
  12. I don't know you but from your posts, you seem a top bloke. I hope LCFC give you a win tomorrow to soften the blow...Don't overdo the spuds!! Merry Christmas!
  13. Nice one Geoff, marry Christmas.
  14. Sorry to hear this. Hope your Christmas is bearable.
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