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  1. pazzerfox

    Happy Birthday Marc Albrighton

    Big fan of Marc. His work ethic alone has made him a fan favourite, he's been great for us!
  2. pazzerfox

    Name this Leicester team

    Rigobert Song
  3. I notice Danny Murphy having a sly pop at us again. "It's nice to see Mahrez playing under pressure at a big club like Man City instead of playing with freedom for a small club like Leicester". I know half of it is banter with Lineker but the consistency of his disregarding of us is wearing a bit thin!
  4. pazzerfox

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 13 seconds  
  5. pazzerfox

    Linked Players

    I said the same to a mate of mine about Chilwell when he was slagging him off last season. Some people just can't see potential! Nothing wrong with bringing up an old post if it helps prove your point. You massage your own balls.....nobody else will.
  6. Couldn't agree more my friend. I will be slightly annoyed if he plays the full90!!
  7. pazzerfox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Great post!
  8. Hahahaha. Fickle Football fans isn't it? A slightly unfortunate result and the knives are out! I think people play too much FIFA and Football Manager.
  9. pazzerfox

    Too easy to play against

    It depends what you mean by "get it right". You do realise that we will never repeat what we did in 15/16 right? We are Leicester City, not Manchester City!! To say Puel should have everything sorted in two transfer windows is a ridiculous comment. All successful teams take a long time to build! Pep didn't win the league straight away, Pearson didn't get us promoted straight away! The puzzle is never complete. All teams are looking to improve in all areas ALL the time. When we do buy a new right back, you will be one of the ones moaning that the midfield isn't good enough, or we need a new striker. We are Leicester, we are 10th, we are doing okay. Stop being negative!
  10. pazzerfox

    Too easy to play against

    Richarlison would have played regardless, as Tosan and Calvert-Lewin have been playing poorly. I know what you're saying though...Our weakness being Amartey and Morgan's lack of pace down our right. Rome wasn't built in a day. He probably needs January and the summer to get a starting 11 somewhere near his preferred options, that's providing we keep what we've got as well! It may have been that certain targets were not available in the summer and we were not able to bring in exactly who we wanted, it happens to every team (Man utd, Spurs to name a couple).
  11. pazzerfox

    Too easy to play against

    I see your point to a degree but up until the sending off yesterday, we were well in the game and looked the most likely to win. We do look vulnerable to a quick counter attack however and Silva set his side up well in a closely fought contest. Some of our current crop just don't look comfortable playing a possession based game (Amartey, Ndidi, Morgan) which makes what we are trying to achieve that bit harder! I can see what Puel is trying to do and with a couple of additions we might improve again. Wes has been great for us and obviously we are looking to replace him going forward because of his age. Let us not forget that Richarlison cost £50 million and is a very good player! Getting done for pace when you're 34 years old will always happen but the other defenders CAN'T be ready to step into the breach yet else they would already be playing.
  12. pazzerfox

    Best City keepers...

    I was a massive fan of Keller. He made one save against Newcastle from a Ferdinand header that was one of the best saves I've ever seen live.
  13. Say "Your mums" before saying his surname
  14. pazzerfox

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Arsenal seem to get remarkably easy draws in cup competitions!!