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  1. Looked an awkward one that. Timmy doesnt look quite right either. Time for Riccy? Still reeling from the luxury of Cags replacing little Wes. What a squad we're building.
  2. Dodgy knee, on a yellow, not his best game. Sensible sub. Hope cags is fully fit.
  3. Nervous, but not overly so. His all action style means he's always at risk.
  4. JJ not as good on left. Madders needs to use it quicker.
  5. Youri needs to wake up. Did well to get himself back though.
  6. Big game this. Nervous. Sometimes struggled to get up for games in this mental shitshow of a year, but not tonight. Helps that I'm knocking back the 7% hipster IPAs this evening
  7. I'm not sure I've ever seen a one on one hit that wide
  8. Anguissa is a baller isn't he. Shocked at how shit Werner has turned out so far this season. Watching this, we've got nothing to fear in our next game - go for the jugular.
  9. Think it should've been a yellow, but you can see why it was given and it's never getting overturned. Moronic decision to make a challenge like that it that situation, Fulham were right in the game and probably should've been one up.
  10. I think Fulham are quite good. Fancy them to stay up this season. Very evenly matched with Chelsea so far, and have probably shaded it.
  11. This move just makes so much sense for absolutely everyone involved. Can see this being a rare bit of January business that actually gets done.
  12. Well, yes. But from that perspective, 99% of discourse is pointless unless it serves some sort of utilitarian purpose
  13. I'd argue that it doesn't matter in relation to the point I was making. One can desire change, rather than expect it, and voice their concerns and wishes accordingly.
  14. When you - or anyone else - has a little moan about LCFC (justified or otherwise), is the de facto response to encourage them to get their FA badges so they can 'make a difference'?
  15. Because if you were to catch it, get ill and take up a hospital bed, you'd be denying that bed to someone who was ill with something there was no vaccine for. And that is if they don't reduce transmission of symptomatic cases which they very well might, as they almost certainly reduce the viral load.
  16. Gone from solid to superb in an incredibly short space of time. Looks every inch a top tier premier league player and seems to be improving week on week. Absolutely terrific attitude, and not short on talent as today's finish showed. And still only 22! Love the bloke already and I have no doubt he'll continue to flourish here. The only problem is how to utilise our three best full backs when they are all fit!
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