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  1. Great pass by madders too. Lovely chipped cross. The boy's got quality.
  2. Fuchs lucky diving in there even if it was a filthy dive
  3. Marriner has been dog for years tbf. Dunno why I expected any different.
  4. Madders already getting his foot on the ball, as my youth coach used to say. Right player for us at this time.
  5. That's not only a foul, but a booking, pulling him back from behind. Lovely turn from Vardy.
  6. Brendan making a swift response at least. Mads to win us fouls and get us up the pitch.
  7. Leeds come out with a real purpose. We need to calm down and impose ourselves.
  8. Poveda is a tricky little winger. Need to keep our focus. C'mon lads, please serve up a quality second half.
  9. Marc is continuing his form from Europe and is playing the best I've seen him in about 4 years. Legend.
  10. I love it when the focus isn't on us. We are quality underdogs.
  11. This is how to play a low block sexily. Quick, purposeful transitions with premier league savvy and quality. Lovely stuff.
  12. Pissing this. To think I was bricking it pre game
  13. Barnes taking up some nice spots in that left channel... my bet is he sets him through again before the evening is over
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