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  1. Well the good news is Man U still look absolute garbage, shite officiating or not.
  2. Reguilon is a good player. Significant upgrade on the weak link Ben Davies. Spurs look a really balanced team this year. Could go far. You do wonder about how that balance is affected if they get any injuries, but we've coped well enough so it can be done. You just hope their spursy nature comes to the fore at some point otherwise it really could be their year.
  3. Don't mean to be contrary, but I think it quite clearly hit the bare skin on his arm.
  4. Kane shoulda kept himself on there. Man City look unbelievably vulnerable to the counter attack. Pep has got some work to do.
  5. Spurs setting up quite similar to us against these, expect going 451 instead of 541. Son defending quite deep, which could be a weak point for them. Kane sitting on Rodri. City can't defend for toffee. Acres of space.
  6. https://sport.optus.com.au/articles/os16118/brendan-rodgers-liverpool-v-leicester One day there will be no caveats when talking about Brendan Rodgers. No current British manager comes close to what Brendan Rodgers has achieved but why does he still polarise, and have so much to prove still? Liverpool v Leicester is not just a top of the table clash. Daniel Storey examines why the occasion is such a big one for the Foxes' boss. A few minutes before Leicester City and Leeds United kicked off, Brendan Rodgers gave the customary pre-match interview to Sky Sports. You kn
  7. Going for this is kicking my arse at the moment. I can't really seem to get close to Bullring or Roswell (mainly because I can't reliably land the High Deck gap), and I find the Venice one infuriating as the Ramp 2 Roof gap doesn't seem to trigger half the time when it should. I think they are the only ones I have left though. Must've spent about 5 hours on School II
  8. Nice. Was this taken from an interview I can read somewhere?
  9. https://www.football365.com/news/premier-league-winners-losers-grealish-solksjaer-arsenal Leicester City and Tottenham Grouped together after 1-0 wins that took them into the top two, but grouped together for many more reasons than the scoreline alone. Leicester City and Tottenham are winning games in which they aren’t playing well, fluctuating between grinding out victories and blowing teams away in the second half (5-2 vs Southampton for Spurs, 5-2 vs Manchester City for Leicester). Both have managers who are desperate to prove that they still belong amongst the absolute
  10. A real Indian Summer for him. A thoroughly likeable bloke and an obvious CIty legend, but I'm surprised how well he's dealt with the intensive demands of the last few weeks. Absolutely superb. Must be looking after himself so well.
  11. One of the things I like best about JJ is that he never shies away. Always willing to offer himself defensively and offensively. He was excellent in defence today, and even though he had a few misplaced passes further up the field, he never let his head drop or looked like he didn;t want to receive the ball. Getting better all the time and his attitude will take him far. For me, if you compare his and Chilwell's standard after a similar number of starts there is very little little in it (not to speak of JJ's versatility) and we've just sold Ben for 50 million quid.
  12. Need to shore things up sharpish. Hanging on a bit here.
  13. Mendy looking a complete all rounder today. Some super offensive contributions in addition to his usual defensive work.
  14. Fofana is a sensational player. Great effort from vardy too.
  15. I like this change! Proactive, and for an in form player.
  16. Thomas has played well, but his physicality has been shown up on more than one occasion. If they bring Traore on, we'll need to make a change.
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