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  1. Anyone fancy calling what positions Mads and Praet are playing in? Inside forwards? Dual 10s? Really liking our shape at the moment, they both look so effective starting in those positions.
  2. Knocking it around nicely here. Good to be showing the 3 at the back boys how to do it properly. Just need to make the dominance count!
  3. We're well on top here at the moment. Just need to craft another decisive move past a stout wolves defence to make it count.
  4. It's a pen under the current rule but the rule stinks.
  5. Well he's undroppable at the moment isn't he? I can't see us persisting with 5 at the back when we're back to full strength so one of Evans or Soyuncu will have to drop out. What a fantastic problem to have!
  6. Best European performance this season by a distance. Really great to see, especially with so many injuries and changes. We're a proper team!
  7. Kel lucky not to be off there. What an odd but brilliant night he's had
  8. 90 has never been, and will never be, an acceptable shirt number.
  9. So we're playing the half block like we did against Leeds against a side who, while they do attack, don't over commit and are happy to let us have the ball at the back, meaning our opportunities for counter attacks are more limited. This means we need to be able to use the ball a bit better when we do have possession - a return to Brendan 1.0 if you like - which is where I feel we've been slightly lacking so far this evening. It's not helped having some of our more technical players injured or rested and we've been far from awful, but I think we need to improve in that
  10. Yeah, well worth a watch and most of Adam Curtis' stuff is pretty interesting and there is an artistic quality to the way his docs are presented, even if some of it does feel like a bit of a reach and a sort of public school version of those student 'intellectuals' who've had a few too many biftas.
  11. Pretty sure he was playing a false 9 role for us towards the end last night. Can't recall us ever playing in that way previously. HIs ability to turn into space and win fouls is unparalleled in our squad and he's a very valuable player. Can't do it all on his own, but when he's got quality options to aim at (see the run from Under) he does deliver.
  12. Going to the top this fella. He's got everything. I can't believe he's only 19 - he looks so assured.
  13. I have to say, i was a little surprised at the lack of Leeds adaptability. They only really had one way to play. Brendan sussed it and we set up accordingly reaping early success, so I expected Bielsa to respond. He made a sub putting on an attacker for a more defensive midfielder, but it didn't really change their approach much, just where the players were on the field. Bielsa 0 - 1 Brendan (or should that be 1 - 4? )
  14. Thought he was brills tonight and against AEK. Shows the mentality of the man. He's still only 30, got plenty more to offer. Little Leicester legend.
  15. A true legend. I honestly though he was past it, but he's been superb this season. A team player - his intelligence and quality shone through tonight.
  16. He's got real quality. That's two assists that I don't think anyone else in our squad could have delivered. Can't wait to see his cuteness and Barnes directness lining up either side of Vardy from the start.
  17. interesting sort of half block from us this evening. no where near as deep as man city or arsenal. set traps all over the shop and utilised the spaces like a charm. really enjoying the adaptability we've shown so far this season. it will be interesting to see how and when we try to impose our style (4141 mentioned above) when we have our full squad available.
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