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  1. I think Fulham are quite good. Fancy them to stay up this season. Very evenly matched with Chelsea so far, and have probably shaded it.
  2. This move just makes so much sense for absolutely everyone involved. Can see this being a rare bit of January business that actually gets done.
  3. Well, yes. But from that perspective, 99% of discourse is pointless unless it serves some sort of utilitarian purpose
  4. I'd argue that it doesn't matter in relation to the point I was making. One can desire change, rather than expect it, and voice their concerns and wishes accordingly.
  5. When you - or anyone else - has a little moan about LCFC (justified or otherwise), is the de facto response to encourage them to get their FA badges so they can 'make a difference'?
  6. Because if you were to catch it, get ill and take up a hospital bed, you'd be denying that bed to someone who was ill with something there was no vaccine for. And that is if they don't reduce transmission of symptomatic cases which they very well might, as they almost certainly reduce the viral load.
  7. Gone from solid to superb in an incredibly short space of time. Looks every inch a top tier premier league player and seems to be improving week on week. Absolutely terrific attitude, and not short on talent as today's finish showed. And still only 22! Love the bloke already and I have no doubt he'll continue to flourish here. The only problem is how to utilise our three best full backs when they are all fit!
  8. JJ and Timmy have both been brilliant this season, but I think people are forgetting just how good Riccy was. Whether he comes back the same is another question, but part of his effectiveness was making the runs with the ball at his feet from deep, which I feel would be limited by him starting higher up. However as others are pointing out, the form of JJ is making this more of a serious possibility. As excellent as Albrighton has been in recent weeks, the RW spot is still the one that is the most obvious spot we could improve. If Under can't get fit or BR doesnt fancy h
  9. Made an absolutely filthy megs on the opposition full back to cap it all off today. A proper club legend.
  10. Stoke have got a decent team. Made the better start n all.
  11. Benko recalled. I imagine we'll look to ship him out on loan to somewhere he'll play regularly asap. Just seen this was already covered in his own thread
  12. I am uninterested in blaming anyone. Just want to navigate my own way through causing the least amount of damage but with my own sanity in tact.
  13. Well I actually don't have one this time around. So I suppose they could become it and we'd still be doing things legitimately.
  14. Good performance that half. More of the same please. Liking the grit we are showing.
  15. I don't know how he didnt give it live! Pawson is toss. Get in Vards!
  16. Who will be thumbing their nose at the new xmas rules then? Original plan was for sister to come up from London. If we do follow the new rules, I'll be on me tod. Unsure what to do and rather sad about the whole thing.
  17. What a performance so far. Massive at all you tarts prior to kick off
  18. Looking better now. Under will bag tonight.
  19. I know it's easy to say with hindsight, but it does seem early for both cags and riccy to come back, possibly even wilf too. And you have to question whether a minus temperature game after a long flight is the best way to reintroduce them...
  20. We've not been at our best but we've not been *that* bad. They're really good. Don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed. Just so many OTT comments!
  21. bunch of bedwetters in here we're allowed to be beaten by a better team you know
  22. Well beaten that first half really. Can't cope with the excellent movement of liverpool's forwards, and we're under pressure so quickly on the rare occasions we do get the ball that we're unable to do anything decent with it. Might as well go for broke second half and risk another hammering - 2 goals down against such a good team means we're not gonna defend and counter our way out of it.
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