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  1. We had 6 corners and 21 crosses against West Ham. Can’t help thinking that a motivated Slim would have actually got on the end of a couple.
  2. If we can shithouse anything from this game I’d love it 😀
  3. Feck me, those graphics take me back to my ZX Spectrum days. Great to see Benkovic get a start, here’s hoping for a solid game and an injury free 90 minutes. COYB
  4. I think he means Peter Whithe(?) or Dennis Mortimer. In a pub though, I go Gary Shaw 🍺
  5. The absolute masterstoke of getting Brendan to extend and sign a new contract is that when the club is sitting down to discuss contract extensions with key players the opening line will be "Look Brendan has committed for the long term, you will win trophies here and play attacking enjoyable football, this is your new increased salary, sign here..............."
  6. Not convinced he’s an upgrade on Matty James though........................
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