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  1. On the shithousery scale that's a solid 7/10 For 75 mins it felt like we defended well but our passing in the top 3rd of the pitch was piss poor. But looking back, how many saves did Kasper have to make? Hardly any, we also had the more clear cut chances in the first half. Great character from the lads to keep going. N'Diddi - immense Evans and Cags - Outstanding Big Dan - FFS his distribution and decision making Riccardo - starting to regain his match sharpness and can't wait to see more driving forward from him Youri - solid if unspec
  2. Sounds Like it will be Tuchel, but we'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed either Benitez or Tuchel is fine by me, as long as they don't go after Brendan!
  3. 3rd time lucky then against a previous club, surely no motivation needed to put a solid shift in. looking forward to this game, it’ll be tough with how they performed against Liverpool, but expecting Brendan to go all in.
  4. When we played with more tempo we looked more threatening. Actually played better than I thought we would with that starting eleven. Perez been good, involved in a lot of our better play in the final third
  5. Don’t wait until HT. Praet and Fuchs off, Under and Barnes on please
  6. As a fan of over 40 years, simple mental approach to watching this; Expect: Either get schooled like last year, or lose by a controversial goal. Like: To go toe to toe and show no fear and come away with at least a draw, maybe a scrappy arsed win. Hope: Defend fearlessly, everyone showing for the ball, first to 50/50’s, show some clinical finishing and humiliate these f@ckrrs
  7. We had 6 corners and 21 crosses against West Ham. Can’t help thinking that a motivated Slim would have actually got on the end of a couple.
  8. If we can shithouse anything from this game I’d love it 😀
  9. Feck me, those graphics take me back to my ZX Spectrum days. Great to see Benkovic get a start, here’s hoping for a solid game and an injury free 90 minutes. COYB
  10. I think he means Peter Whithe(?) or Dennis Mortimer. In a pub though, I go Gary Shaw 🍺
  11. The absolute masterstoke of getting Brendan to extend and sign a new contract is that when the club is sitting down to discuss contract extensions with key players the opening line will be "Look Brendan has committed for the long term, you will win trophies here and play attacking enjoyable football, this is your new increased salary, sign here..............."
  12. Not convinced he’s an upgrade on Matty James though........................
  13. Kasper RIcky, Cags, Evans, Chilly Wilf Denis Yuri Madders Vardy, Barnes 4 1 2 1 2?
  14. More or less what I was thinking - chance for some fringe players to get some game time and stake a claim. Would like to see Benkovic get some minutes, would it be too much of a gamble putting him in from the start alongside Wes? This formation also allows us to get a feel for Perez playing in the Maddison role. Lets face it, the chances of Madders going all season without injury/suspension would be a big ask.
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