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  1. It's great to see the level of optimism ahead to tonight's game, of course I live in hope over expectation on what we can achieve tonight, especially with recent improvements. The realist in me says they'll smash us. They have had a full week without distraction of CL to prepare for us and will be at it from the off all guns blazing. This could easily be a Barca V Liverpool kind of game, where we play really well, but come away losing 3-0 and wonder how the hell that happened. However, one of the delights of being a Leicester fan is that we are capable of pulling off the ridiculous so I am piling on 2-5 to the Foxes, with a Vardy Hat trick
  2. Wot no Soy? Shame. Cleary Brendan going for the strongest side each game, aiming at 7th?
  3. Front 3 are like statues, not offering any options for those looking to play forward. how many times has Riccardo received the ball in a great position on the right, but not a blue shirt within 25 yards.
  4. I don't think we'll see a lot of deviation from the 11 that started last night against Brighton. That is our best team currently with all players being comfortable on the ball. Will be interesting to see if he has any impact on the quality of set pieces, both defending and attacking. He'll likely be asking those players to make slight to changes to the way they play, the positions they take up and the runs they make. Maddison for example looks a far better player when he moves the ball on quickly, to do that though he needs options and movement from the players around him creating space for receiving a pass or creating space for a team mate to run into. That will take some bedding in, but their have been signs in the last few games that we are moving in that direction. Would be very interested to see if he tries 3 at the back in some games he has used that in the past and we have the personnel to try it. Would like to see Caglar get some game time to see if he would be a good option in a back 3. Basically though he has a free hit, providing we don't lose all 10 games and go spiralling towards the relegation zone - but I really don't expect that to happen. He needs to assess all the players at his disposal and make some big decisions ahead of the summer window around which (if any) contracts need extending and what positions he would like to strengthen
  5. Wilf has started like a man possessed, flying into everything - good lad
  6. My preference is for Rodgers. But reckon we’ll get David Wagner. He’s had a month off to recharge his batteries and weren’t our recruitment team all over him in the summer of 2017? No compensation to pay as well.
  7. The games this season are all about learning and building his experience. They’ll be good bad and indifferent performances, but it’s obvious he has a good football brain and hopefully a big part of a bright Leicester future
  8. Bullshit, you love being negative kasper ricky good Evans ’arry chillers yesindeedy the Belgium wonder kid demi (rw) madders harvey (lw) vards positive free flowing instinctive passing, no pussy footing around. About time we smashed this lot COYB
  9. Half time change. Vardy for Rachid and move Gray out to the right. i like what we’ve done that half. Tielmans adds a new dimension to the attack. COYB
  10. It’s a ver good article and final paragraph summaries if nicely. Both centre DM’s are too cautious and I believe limited in their ability to play incisive passes. having said that N’Diddi looked good on Sunday in the last 15-20 mins when we had more urgency and he was passing instinctively without thinking or bein so deliberate.
  11. Strange. When you're camped in your own half surely you need some pace to counter attack, Shinji instead of Barnes!
  12. Chowdhury coming on! Hopefully for Mendy, how about Barnes on for Albrighton. I'd keep Maddison and Gray on
  13. PATIENCE !!!!!! This will be a massive step up for Barnes. He will make mistakes and poor decisions with his pass/shot selection. Likely more bad stuff than good stuff - but when he does do good stuff it will be productive. Before the NaySayers bin him off at the first bad touch remember the games for the remainder of this season are all about him building up his experience of playing against better opposition. Providing he has a brain between his ears he will learn and adapt, as did Chilwell. So everyone please be patient with this lad. Bags of potential, he is far from the finished article. COYB
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