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  1. Pile on Chelski getting 4 or more
  2. I love the way he left Hamza (the holding defensive midfielder at our attacking set pieces) in his wake because he anticipated what might happen. The after burners went on once Ricardo had lost the ball and recovered really well. More of the same please and he will become a cult hero at Leicester for sure.
  3. Sky (I know!) still reporting that a fee is still to be finalised between the clubs.
  4. I agree, do you reckon we could get Man Utd to take him off our hands for about £20m?
  5. It'll be the same team that started against Atalanta, can't see BR dropping Hamza for Wilf......yet. Really looking forward to this season with high hopes for entertaining winning football. BUT this is the Leicester City rollercoaster so anything is possible from a) An LCFC blitzkrieg that demolishes a weary Wolves 3+ goals to nil b) We have a man sent off in the 1st half, but grab a street fighting draw c) The slick passing just doesn't come off and it's a complete stalemate until the final minute when we get caught with a sucker punch. b) Some howlers from our defensive unit that lead to a comfortable Wolves win and we're all left scratching our heads wishing Harry was still here. Cue FT meltdown. A win would be a genuinely awesome start to the season, no matter how it's achieved COYB
  6. Centre half in missed header shocker!! Jeez, talk about being picky. He was good tonight, passed his audition as far as I am concerned. As his game time and confidence grows he’ll get a bit more adventurous going forward, but composure on the ball and passing is better than Maguire Clearly Evans is a help alongside any partner, but the sun don’t shine out his arse. Two golden headers to score missed and two lunging tackles that would have resulted in at least yellows in a real game tonight. Give this pair pair a chance first 10 games.
  7. Good first half, Atalanta are a class side and moved the ball around really well. Was until the last 20 that our guys found their accurate passing. sadly Albrighton is a passenger at this level, his feet and speed of thought aren’t quick enough and looks like he’s on a different wave length to the rest of the team. Bring on The Barnes
  8. Huge game for the defence. Can they cope with the big gaping Harry sized hole? I certainly hope so or FT will go into meltdown and likely panic buying of a CB next week. Come on Cags, you show them ?
  9. Just saw the goals, they look good and will be a great test for us on Friday. Some quick a tricky forwards to give our back line the runaround ?
  10. There’s definitely more than 3 of you
  11. No mention of JJ, anything worth mentioning?
  12. daverollo

    Papy Mendy

    Appreciate it is only one game against lower opposition - but was what noticeable last nice is he didn't dwell on the ball he looked to move with energy. When there was space he would move forward and look to pick a pass in a forward direction. Clearly a sign that he can take on board what the manager wants. The other thing that we didn't see under Puel is more raking direct passes (not just from Mendy) generally in a cross field direction to switch the play, something that was a feature of his highlights real when he first signed for us. In terms of pecking order he falls in just behind N'Diddi, Tielmans and Maddison for the 3 midfield slots, but an able stand in and maybe push for a regular spot if he continues to impress. May as well keep for this season, unless a more capable player is signed.
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