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  1. daverollo

    Adrien Silva

    This is very much how I saw Silva play yesterday. He kept the ball moving, made himself regularly available to receive the ball off the defence. Chased down the opposition, got involved further up the pitch as well and looked very comfortable on the ball in the most part. With a pass completion of 85% he was above the team average and when you consider that most of the 15% were forward probing passes I don't have an issue. Yes there were 2 (that I can recall) where he brain farted and messed up what should have been an easy option. Pisses me off how so many of the FT forum just focus on the small mistakes instead of seeing the positive contribution made. Like Wilf last night, can't believe some people thought he had a poor game, he was involved all over the pitch and yet all folk see is one or two stray passes. I'd much rather have a player 'Wanting' and showing for the ball to help their team mates out rather than hiding and shying away. Lets re-assess after a nice run of 10 games or so, in my mind he is a definite upgrade on King and James.
  2. daverollo

    Söyüncü Signs

    On the evidence of that video alone I not convinced he’d be going straight into the team as part of a 2 man CB pairing just yet. But given how comfortable he looks on the ball and the way he moves along with his age, I do wonder if he might be used/converted into a defensive midfielder alongside Wilf.
  3. daverollo

    New LCFC Phone wallpapers for all fans

    Done, thank you very much!
  4. daverollo

    Scottish Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  5. daverollo

    Pension plans/retirement

    If anyone is considering DIY investing, whether that is through a SIPP or ISA then their is a really good guide to the different available platforms that provide investment services comparing costs and service and breadth of market coverage. Which company you use is really down to the size of the portfolio and where you invest. Funds for instance tend to attract far higher ongoing fees, whereas investment trusts don't and some really cost effective ways of investing https://www.langcatfinancial.co.uk/product/come-go-served/
  6. daverollo

    Thank you, Andy King.

    He’s been an awesome servant to the club these last 10 years. its been obvious for the last 3-4 seasons though that his game time has been limited. When he does get on the majority (or so it seems) on here are throwing dogs abuse at him for not being good enough. He will have seen it coming a long way off. At least now (if the opening post is true) Puel has had the balls to make the judgement about him, instead of stringing him along for bit part appearances. Given his age, surely he wants regular 1st team football, he’d be a top acquisition for a championship team. By the end of the week we’ll know how motivated he is to play, or whether a splintered arse and cash in the bank is more important to him.
  7. He’s having a Weston. Slow laboured and obvious. Needs to sharpen up
  8. daverollo


    Reading the polar opposite opinions in here makes me chuckle and bang my head against the wall at the same time. Very much a case of seeing the differing personalities (if such a thing is possible on a t'internet forum) 1) My pint glass is half empty - shit where's my next beer coming from 2) My pint glass is half full - still plenty of enjoyment left. Nope, the half glass half full brigade won't accept it, until you acknowledge there has been some good stuff he has done as well The upshot is there were spells last season where the team were truly dreadful - but also some games and passages of play where Leicester looked superb. The trick for Puel is to get that latter part going significantly more often than the former part. I am looking forward to the season, it will be a tough one and a steep learning curve for the youngsters, but I think the squad does have some talented players. There are also signs from the pre-season games that the players look fit and hungry and are attempting to play with more pace and vigour. I also think the board are being canny, now Musa has been shifted we are positive in terms of net spend this summer, I think a couple more may well go and will be interesting to see if they trust Puel with spending say another £20-£30million before the window closes. In affect still a very small net spend. If they have to get shot and manage to get s Benitez in, then surely they will have a nice pot of gold for him to spend in January and next summer. My hope though is that it works with Puel and we see some exciting free flowing football this season! COYB
  9. daverollo

    Football badges quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 132 seconds  
  10. daverollo

    Movie quiz for oldies

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 67 seconds  
  11. daverollo


    The above ties in with this I fall into the nearing 50 category and from my time watching Leicester if you'd have given me 3 seasons out of the last 4 (lets forget the big one!!) then that would have been Leicester about on par with what previous 'good' seasons have looked like. Prior to that we have always been a bit of a yo yo club, bouncing between the top two tiers, similar to West sHam. The owners clearly have ambition and have put some serious dollar into the club over the past few seasons, so my 'hope' rather than expectation is that we can have a run of 3-4 plus seasons where we are knocking on the door of the top 6 with maybe the odd freak occasion where champions league will happen again. My expectation though is that we can be comfortably 7th-10th in those seasons, playing some attractive attacking football and pick up a cup or two along the way. The win of two seasons ago won't be repeated in the short term, it was a wake up call for the big boys and you only have to look at how much they have gone out and spent in the last 2 seasons to cement their places at the top. We can certainly live in hope though. I just hope that Puel has the balls to try and play some quicker slicker attacking football, no picking and setting up a defensive formation. We just don't have the personnel to do that, lets have a go, especially against the big boys, take it to 'em. We have some really talented youngsters that if their confidence grows who knows where we can go! COYB
  12. daverollo

    Alfie Mawson - Fulham

    One less possible replacement for Maguire https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45006839
  13. daverollo

    jamaal lascelles

    Victim of the dreaded auto correct on my ipad after and few sherberts last night - you know i meant the lad at Swansea, Mawson
  14. daverollo

    jamaal lascelles

    Far better option than Mason or Gibson, would like this to happen. Sounds as though it only would if we end up selling Maguire though.
  15. daverollo

    Felipe Anderson - West Ham

    Took the words out of my mouth. Not as good as Townsend