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  1. Feck me, those graphics take me back to my ZX Spectrum days. Great to see Benkovic get a start, here’s hoping for a solid game and an injury free 90 minutes. COYB
  2. I think he means Peter Whithe(?) or Dennis Mortimer. In a pub though, I go Gary Shaw 🍺
  3. The absolute masterstoke of getting Brendan to extend and sign a new contract is that when the club is sitting down to discuss contract extensions with key players the opening line will be "Look Brendan has committed for the long term, you will win trophies here and play attacking enjoyable football, this is your new increased salary, sign here..............."
  4. Over and above any signing I would love the club to announce that Madders and Ricky have signed new 5 year deals. That would be great business for January 👍
  5. Not convinced he’s an upgrade on Matty James though........................
  6. Kasper RIcky, Cags, Evans, Chilly Wilf Denis Yuri Madders Vardy, Barnes 4 1 2 1 2?
  7. More or less what I was thinking - chance for some fringe players to get some game time and stake a claim. Would like to see Benkovic get some minutes, would it be too much of a gamble putting him in from the start alongside Wes? This formation also allows us to get a feel for Perez playing in the Maddison role. Lets face it, the chances of Madders going all season without injury/suspension would be a big ask.
  8. It's the line up the majority of Foxestalk have been screaming out for, with Maddison and Tielmans in the middle together, myself included. Cue meltdown when we lose 3-1!!!
  9. Their front 4 is decent and cause us problems if we’re not careful. interesting selection, in Brendan we trust. I like that we have a bit more pace with a Gray in the side as well as Vardy.
  10. From a corner! That’s an area we’ll need to be wary of given the prowess of Maguire and Pogba in the air.
  11. Agree, Chilly was not up to the level he was playing at last season in the games against Atalanta and Wolves. He will hopefully know he has to up his game to keep Fuchs from replacing him and step up accordingly. It'll take him 3-4 games to get up to speed given the matches he has missed. Very promising looking team today, fingers and toes crossed we bring home 3 points - a positive performance that creates plenty of chances would be a bonus, ala Chelsea 2nd half. COYB
  12. Love it - with the exception of Evans/Morgan that on paper could be our strongest attacking side. Especially if Tielmans and Maddison play centrally together to pull the strings with Hamza sweeping up the bits behind Come on you blues!
  13. 3 games in, only 4 teams unbeaten! Just demonstrates there are no easy games in this division, every point has to be earned
  14. I agree, overload the wide areas with our midfield running onto the low crosses/pull backs. The Blades have had an impressive run at home, only lost 1 league game since Christmas, to Bristol City. Prior to that it sounds like Harvey enjoyed his last visit their playing for West Brom - gerrimin https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46477768
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