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  1. I can see a bit of Humperdink in there mate! Bit of Burt Reynolds without the tash as well!!
  2. Give it a rest for god sake
  3. Poor little bastard! What did you do with it? Apparently that sort of thing is much more common than you would think it is.
  4. Where did you bury them? Just so I know not to disturb the area. 👍🏻
  5. Ive just read it online now. Thanks.
  6. Where have you heard/read this?
  7. You can still clean the f**k out of it though mate!!!! #winning
  8. Wow I didn’t realise you had already upped sticks!! Congrats!!!
  9. Infact, I think I’m going to book you for every future job interview. You can be my +1
  10. I reckon you could persuade me to buy the Austin Allegro that was at the back of the showroom for about a tenner less than I’d be willing to pay for an M5 a month!!!
  11. From now on they’re just going in the boot mate.
  12. My 2 girls went out for a walk yesterday to the local park, just for a change of scenery really. I offered to pick them up because it was dark. No problem, all home safe and well. Went out to the car this morning..... Livid!!!!
  13. You really have got the bug!!
  14. Dont get me wrong, I’ve seen a good few teenagers walking around supermarkets without masks, but by far the largest group that seem to be rebelling where I shop are those previously known for their appearances on the likes of Jeremy Kyle & Benefit Street. They tend to be looking around for somebody to comment too. They’re ready for a fight.
  15. Ok I’ll play! First car... White D reg Austin Metro 1.0l. Was originally going to be my mums when she passed, but that never materialised so I inherited it!! Lucky me! Did the job at 18 I suppose, drove it into the ground, and ended up paying the scrap man £25 to take it away!! Most fun car.... White Celica st185 gt4. Was so much fun to drive, and although cars generally are probably quicker nowadays, it felt like it bloody flew!!! I’ve had 3 Celicas in all, the GTi, an imported GTR and this one. Still miss it! Most missed...
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