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  1. Wow. I had no idea that these were a natural inhabitant in this country. Incredible.
  2. They were on it last Friday too. Must be a series.
  3. Do you mean like taking the piss out of somebody? For say having ginger hair or a glass eye? Or being fat?
  4. No subject is off limits when it comes to comedy. It’s the context in which the subject is used which makes the difference from something being funny and offensive.
  5. Swearing adds so much to a sentence. It’s so expressive. It’s fvcking brilliant. Seriously, anyone who is offended by hearing another person swear needs to get a grip. I mean, hearing a mum telling her 2 year old to ‘shut your fvcking mouth you cheeky little cnut!!’ is a bit excessive and unnecessary, and if that’s what you meant wymsey then fair enough. But in general, swearing is straight to the point, and you know exactly what the person means when they say it.
  6. Well it had no consequence for Vettel, he kept the lead and caused Hamilton to drop further back. I actually think it was a bit harsh, and it kind of ruined the end of the race as a spectacle. But to say the incident had no consequence is just incorrect. If that had occurred further down the field, the offending driver would have come back onto the left side of the track and given the place 9 times out of 10.
  7. Is it actually though? My eldest is constantly responding with those 4 words to anything I tell her. ‘It’s going to rain all day tomorrow’ ’Is it actually though?’ ’Leicester won the Premier League you know’ ’Did they actually though?’ Does my swede in!!
  8. I won’t tell anyone.....for 50% of the spoils
  9. £30 for lifesaving surgery? Terrible example
  10. Yeah @Parafox you’ll just have to lug all your medi gear around on foot
  11. Yeah I’ve just seen that. Shocking news.
  12. I’ve always assumed that iOS has its own antivirus protection which updates with the software updates. But yeah, just stick to mainstream porn you pervert.
  13. I don’t know how reliable whoscored.com is but I found this To be in the same top 10 list as some of those players I think says a lot. 1 of only 2 right backs in that list.
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