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  1. stix


    Today is a bank holiday! Bastards! I’ve just finished work!!
  2. Ive only been on the new one for about an hour but on the previous 3 games you needed to scroll down to the new strategy on the d-pad and then press right
  3. I would definitely wait until you’re sober enough
  4. Tomorrow’s game is on Pick again I think, if you didn’t already know that. May give you more time to look around for other options if you’re not happy with SD.
  5. A work colleague needs to buy a new car for his wife as her current car is virtually on the scrap heap. He’s found a couple that are possibilities, but they are both outside of the local lockdown zone, where as they live inside it. Would it be classed as essential travel for him to go outside of the zone to look at & potentially buy another car? As his wife will need a reliable motor to travel to her key worker job? He’s just a bit worried about getting pulled and fined.
  6. stix

    Aircraft porn

    Yeah it was an A400m. Flew over Wigston about 5:15ish.
  7. Can’t see it myself....
  8. So sorry for your loss.
  9. My wife arranged a delivery, through Hermes, to be delivered to the local co-op in South Wigston. She got a notification to say it had been delivered, so called said co-op to confirm. They hadn’t received the delivery, and after investigating further, Hermes said it had been delivered, in to our shed. We lived in a 2nd floor flat at the time! Obviously without a shed 😂. Dodgy as hell Hermes.
  10. 😂 I found it. Freesat has 2 Pick channels. But on different pages. 👍🏻
  11. You sure? Not coming up on my tele mate.
  12. I do find that strange. You can book online without issue in most instances. No questions asked really. We were all tested around 4 hours after booking on Wednesday. My extended family the same, and all staff at the school affected too. None had symptoms, and there wasn’t a need to mention the reason for testing as far as I know.
  13. As far as I’ve seen, anyone can get a test now. Symptoms or not. Especially in Leicester right now.
  14. I’ve just read the latest article on Leicestershire Live regarding the official rules that were brought in yesterday regarding the localised lockdown. Pretty much back to the end of March for most. Although one person households can still maintain the bubble with another household, which is good for the likes of my mum, who had been able to form a bubble with my sister and her family. Im still a little confused about which businesses are allowed to stay open though. I work in aerospace, I live inside the lockdown zone, my place of work is outside of the lockdown zone in the north west of the county. Am I allowed to travel to work? My company has deemed itself essential to its customers, whether rightly or wrongly I don’t know, and to be honest, the thought of not being able to go to work and having to stay at home again makes me more anxious than the threat of the virus does.
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