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  1. I think I heard on the comms today that we have one of if not the smallest squad in the league?
  2. Really? You need to expand on that then instead of just dropping comments like that without providing any insight. Or you just sound like a div
  3. We need to massively improve down the left side, and apart from Ricardo, the right side as well.
  4. Can Reina play for Villa in the 2nd leg against us?
  5. 😂 thanks anyway!!
  6. Can you het higher quality adsl cables too? I ordered some cat8 Ethernet cables after reading this post, they arrived today. But the cable going from the wall to the modem is adsl, I don’t know if that’s the case all the time, but I’m just using the one that came with the modem, so just wondering if there are better quality ones on the market and if they’re categorised like Ethernet cables are.
  7. Van Dijk went for £75m
  8. Anyone with mcktv know if the game is on there?
  9. I’ve probably mentioned it on here before but pricks who straddle the fvcking filter lane. Normally old cantankerous blokes who should have hung up their driving gloves years ago
  10. I’m surprised Trav hasn’t come in here and shit all over this thread!!
  11. Gallaghers 2nd against Palace at home was a peach
  12. Oh absolutely engine parts could be very different in quality. I only asked because I’m the lucky fvcker who’s had to have 4 new windscreens in 4 years so the windscreen part of your post caught my attention!!
  13. Interesting. Is there a big difference between an Audi windscreen and a standard ‘autowindscreens’ one? Are they heated?
  14. well that’s a question that’s never entered my head at any point when looking at car insurance!
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