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  1. Ah it’ll be reet. It only bleeds if I look at it
  2. I have managed to take the tip of my right index finger off this week too! It’s literally hanging on by about a mm! What did they do at the hospital? I’m considering superglue!! I’m kind of hoping that it just sort of ‘glues’ itself back together over time, but if I catch it, it’s like something out of a slasher movie!! Please advise 😂 🔪🩸
  3. stix


    There is a house the same as ours gone up for sale on our road this week, for £65,000 more than what we paid for ours 8 months ago!! Markets gone mad.
  4. The majority of the outtakes/bloopers from afterlife 1&2 are bloody hilarious!!!
  5. stix

    Electric cars

    Porsche Taycan?
  6. I mean that was some horrific watching last night. We watched it because it’s interesting to see how the police catch these monsters. The reality of actually watching live message conversations between an undercover officer and the predators they're after was not an easy watch. Not in the slightest. I’m not usually shocked massively by most things on the tv, terrifying tv at times that.
  7. The word Eradicated suggests permanently. Forever.
  8. The Flu has not been eradicated. The probable reasons that flu cases are so low is down to the measures put in place to prevent the spread of covid-19 for the last 12 months. That and maybe covid suppresses/blocks the flu virus? People got on your case because your initial post stated that the flu had been eradicated. The post I’ve quoted, you stated that all Whitty said was that it had disappeared THIS YEAR.
  9. Im just jumping in the car with my two now mate. Text me your address! I’ll pick them up after Easter! 👍
  10. I can see a bit of Humperdink in there mate! Bit of Burt Reynolds without the tash as well!!
  11. Give it a rest for god sake
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