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  1. You’ve had your money’s worth out of that meme mate that’s for sure!!
  2. tbh I can’t see past Jason Manford every time I see him on the tele.
  3. Back at the previous peak there were, as you said @joachim1965 over 6000 positive cases per day, and over 1000 deaths, the reality is that testing was still small time compared to now. We were probably getting over 100,000 positive cases a day around that time. At the beginning of April, the highest number of positive cases recorded was 6,199, with over 1000 deaths. There were less than 15,000 tests carried out on that day.
  4. I think you’re wrong. It’s Receipt
  5. Did you get over there in the week?
  6. The two occasions we have had to track and trace when going out for food, once you’ve given your details, you’re then given a time slot. I am only assuming, but if then somebody else was in the same place as you, during the same time slot, and they later tested positive, you would be informed and told to self isolate until the 14 days are up since they tested positive. That’s what happened to us anyway. Luckily, we only had to self isolate for 4 days, so I am again, only assuming, that the person that tested positive, did so 14 days previous to our “release date”
  7. So make up your mind then and move along. You can’t complain about people getting closer than you’d like if you’re loitering in the aisles. People should know what they’re going in to the shops for before they get there at the minute.
  8. So you’re suggesting that one of either myself or my wife just give up on our careers then? Just walk away and become a stay at home parent.
  9. You say that mate. I’m 40 this year. Cheapest I’m looking at is £800! Full no claims since 1999! Earlier this year, somebody went into the side of me, 100% their fault, no contesting from their side....it’s put my premium up by almost £200 a year.
  10. Mate, there’ll be something there that ticks most of your boxes for sure. I’d have had that Black one, but it doesn’t have the Harman Kardon system, nor the m sport calipers. Would you go for a 430d/435d? Have you checked the difference between the 420d & 430d on your insurance? Edit: Plus, the 8 speed auto box has Launch Control
  11. Good arrows mate. That Black is a Manual as well ☹️
  12. That’s nice by the way!! There is a few in that colour there.
  13. What’s your price range? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184401185209
  14. Which 4 do you fancy? Petrol or Diesel? Engine size? There’s an incredible looking 420d Gran Coupe in there at the minute. 2017 I think 40-odd thousand on the clock. New style rear headlights. Looks really smart. I’ll try and find it now.
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