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  1. Me too. 3-2 so far. Quitting whilst I'm ahead for today I think.
  2. Well, for big events like that the servers will probably be pretty stretched at that time so you can more than expect at least a bit of buffering.
  3. The date is 5/22/2017 I don't have twitter but it would be 22/5/2017 if it was uk twitter wouldn't it?
  4. It's on beinsports HD9 if you can get a stream of that channel
  5. Think I saw @UpTheLeagueFox in Tesco today, if it wasn't him then it was his doppelgänger! You're a big old unit ain't you Geoff!
  6. But there was nothing wrong with the product before. Where as I paid £17.50 for 500ml of 72mg nicotine, the equivalent amount @20mg would cost me £180. Yeah one of the shops in Wigston started selling the flavour concentrates today, but he was also still selling big bottles of juice as well. Its just the whole thing seems overkill. I don't see any danger from having a 5ml tank, just means you'll be constantly filling up through out the day. Yet they haven't put in any new laws regarding the mods used to vape with, and it's those that cause the fireworks going off in your pocket, and the stupidity of the user as well obviously.
  7. I went into ecig wizard in wigston today to try out some different flavours. E liquid is so expensive!!! £5.50 for TEN ml!! I stocked up on some 72mg nicotine concentrate last month so it'll last me years. I have 5 different tanks so I don't really need anymore! I think you will still be able to get them sent over from China anyway. This whole TPD thing is purely a money spinner, where as now i would use 4.17ml of my 72mg nic liquid to make 100ml of 3mg juice, because now the max strength is 20mg and the max size is 10ml it means I would need to put 16.00ml of nic liquid in 100ml. Such a rip off!
  8. I think it is real Ash. Had a look online and the domain is real. The e. bit confused me but apparently it's real. I went on on the Xbox this morning and nothing was locked on there so all is ok now I think. Im not sure whether the vpn I have has confused the app and it's auto locked me out.
  9. Turns out it was genuine.... ive no idea why still though I haven't played FIFA for a while.
  10. I just got an email from EA saying that my account is being investigated for breaking the rules. I haven't been on it for a week at least. Says im banned from the FUT transfer market whilst they investigate. wtf?!? edit: the email address it came from is is that a genuine ea address?
  11. How much out of interest does it cost you to be able to air every premier league game through your cable package? I think the top sky package probably comes out somewhere around the £120 p/m mark, for your broadband as well as the top sky TV package, but that only entitles us to watch whichever games sky choose to air, and it's almost never more than one game simultaneously.
  12. Are the packs you get through SBCs untradable?
  13. Chris Waddle looks like a fvcking homeless tortoise.
  14. On ITV news this evening the woman said 'and Tottenham today clinched the Premier League in their final game at WHL' CLINCHED Everyone's been brainwashed by Poch.