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  1. As long as they're not taking up too much room or getting in the way just keep hold of them for a bit, then sell if you don't hear anything from them. Sounds like they they don't really give a fcuk anyway.
  2. Shakespeare said there have been no bids for him didn't he? After the Albion game?
  3. Nah. I'm with Andy, nobody wants to hear that shit if they're over 16 years old, and they definitely don't want to smell it either!
  4. One of these..... or one one of these.....
  5. Is that video playing backwards for everyone else?
  6. 8 letters across, 3 down. D O G
  7. You will need a version 2 firestick Davie. V1 stick won't run a vpn. have you paid for a vpn subscription yet? I use VyprVPN on my stick as there is an app available through amazon. Easily to work and very reliable. Although I am just in the habit now of opening the vpn app to check it's on before I stream anything. It's not let me down since I subscribed.
  8. ...catchy monkey?
  9. Brought a lump to my throats listening to Jermaine Defoe talking about him earlier today. Very brave boy indeed. Rest in peace Bradley
  10. I think that's in an Eminem song....
  11. Best pull I've ever had was 94 Messi on Fifa 13 I think. Sold for just over a mil and since then I think my best pull has been Junior Lewis
  12. That kit looks like it has everything you need. And includes an ohm reader, which whilst isn't vital, because you can just set up your deck whilst it is on your mod, it's just easier to use an ohm reader. You could get this tfv8 rba to go into your current tank and build on that? i used to buy coils from china, they take around 3 weeks to get here but it cost like £7 for 48 coils, and they were good quality coils too. Or you can buy a 20m roll of wire from wire & stuff for around £4 and make your own. Using a site called steam-engine will really help you when making your own coils as it works everything out for you. Youtube is definitely your friend. You will I'll need some cotton too. I use either muji cotton or cotton bacon, but I'm sure there are others out there just as good.
  13. Mcktv is the way forward. I've paid for a vpn as well recently as well. I can't fault my subscription one bit tbh.
  14. I got done by the one at the top of Lutterworth Road/Soar Valley Way a few months ago. The camera is ridiculously placed imo. All I did was went into the left hand lane abit early as I was turning left at the traffic lights. And it was at 4:30am!!! The first bus on that road is 5:55am I think!! Still didnt have a leg a leg to stand on so just paid the £30. There's no need for any bus lane in this city to be 24/7. Blatant money maker for Soulsby.