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  1. stix


    Im just guessing, but I would say legs first, up over the shoulders and arms in.
  2. stix


    Alright mate he didn’t ask for your life story
  3. Which one? Unbelievably there are 5 between Vets4Pets & The Black Dog.
  4. 😂 offered it to A cat. Not yours then??
  5. To be fair there have been road signs at the Lutterworth Rd junction for a week
  6. It’s as if the council literally have zero pounds left of their budget and are waiting until April to do anything about it. I predict it’ll be mayhem up there next month with roadworks.
  7. Things that piss me off about that stretch now are a) why haven’t they fixed the barriers yet?! & b) there’s been an abandoned S-Max on there for at least a month now, why is it still there!!
  8. I have heard of Mobdro. Are you using it on iOS or on an android device? Just had a quick look in the App Store and there are a few in there under the name Mobdro. Which one do you have? Thanks
  9. I know it’s not strictly Kodi related, but it’s on a similar note. Are there any any apps that I can put on to an iPhone/iPad that will allow me to stream movies/tv shows on. Similar to cartoon HD for example. Without having the devices jailbroken. Want it to rewatch season 7 of GoT before the new one starts, but am a tight **** so don’t want to pay for it.
  10. I watched this last week. Unbelievable story. The bollox on him. He must have been incredibly good at manipulating the people around him. The lengths that his events manager was prepared to go to get the water from the customs office....WOW Really good documentary.
  11. stix

    CBD Oil

    How much is it? Do you vape it the same as you would normal vape juice?
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