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  1. Only until we take top spot on boxing night.
  2. Should get the Kolo chant out next game to show our appreciation!!
  3. The worst thing on the tv at the minute. ‘No carbs before marbs eh Karen!’
  4. Itoje was incredible today. I swear he’s grown another six inches taller since his debut! Huge guy!
  5. My eldest will be 13 on Christmas Day. Though she has been acting like a typical teen for at least the last 12 months anyway! The youngest has not long turned 11, and she is already showing the signs of turning into Kevin as well! God help us all
  6. 😂 I’m sure @Costock_Fox and a couple of others have the same ads coming up too
  7. Over the past few days every single advert on every single thread has been for Ann Summers Halloween gear. I’ve not been on their site and there were a few others in the scarf thread that mentioned they were getting them too.
  8. I got them on sale direct from TB, I think they were £130ish. Like I said I have no complaints really, especially sound wise. I do find the touch pads a little too sensitive though. Even tried them without the cup covers on but they are just as sensitive.
  9. The 800’s have a Super Human Hearing mode and also a Footstep Focus mode. They have a gaming mode, Movie Mode, Music Mode & Stereo Mode, each of which has 5 different options within each mode. The modes are customisable through the app as well.
  10. I bought the Turtle Beach 800 elite headphones about 8 months or so ago. Sound quality is really good, they’re really comfortable even after a few hours. The one gripe I do have with them is that the touch sensitive buttons on the side of each cup are, really sensitive! If you play sitting up or at a desk they will be fine, but I tend to lay on my bed when on the playstation, and any head movement from side to side tends to alter the settings. Apart from that, I can’t fault them at all.
  11. Don’t you think it left you wanting more though? I felt like nothing really happened. It felt like it should have been episode one of a new chapter.
  12. Where can I download the option file for all the kits and stadiums etc?
  13. £32 for the standard edition. Tempting.
  14. That was depressingly disappointing. I was obviously expecting way too much. Gutted.
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