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  1. Torx T6 and/or T8
  2. "It's what you'd expect really," said Gray. "It's been tough because when a team is winning, which they have since Shakey has taken over, I don't expect to jump in the team" "Shakey always gives me the licence and tells me to go forward and do what I do" Who was the tit that came on here telling everyone that nobody calls him Shakey at the club?
  3. Fury has pulled out of the Parker fight through injury.
  4. I think regardless of the Man City result, they will be well up for trying to get 3 points against us. Because they know they're getting nil point at White Hart Lane.
  5. Anyone know their line up yet?
  6. Holy shit!!!
  7. I agree, it is what it is and it's the best way to do qualifying. A best lap from both drivers head to head would see Hamilton on pole though. Has this GP always been on as late as this year?
  8. Nice for Bottas to get pole today, although it was because of mistake on Hamiltons part. Ferrari looked way off from yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow row will be abit more exciting that the previous two races.
  9. Nice
  10. Some of these pornos are proper low budget though. What you looking at the faces for anyway?
  11. There can sometimes be issues with the sky shield changing settings automatically, only saying as it happened to me last week. I think it's quite common for sky customers using kodi. Although last week was the first and only time for me.