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  1. Anyone watching through Mcktv? None of my channels are working.
  2. Does anybody know of any add ons for perfect player to add foreign subtitles? I have the in laws over from Poland at the minute, neither freesat nor sky supply polish subs so was wondering if it’s possible.
  3. Unreal mate, and to this day, she is still baffled when I tell the story that everyone bursts out laughing. Edit: She also asked, when we’d not long been seeing each other, after discovering Coronation Street, if we could watch it from the BEGINNING
  4. Ive just laughed out loud reading that! My wife, who is from Poland, and I think it has some relevance telling you that, has always said that if we were to have a boy, she would want to call it Brian!!!! Hence I went to book in for the snip the next day!!!
  5. My youngest has always had difficulty sleeping at night. It started with night terrors at exactly the same time every night. 10:10pm. Now though it seems she has an anxiety/fear of being the last one still awake in the house at night. It is turning into a drama on a nightly basis now, it’s like she’s got into a habit and she/we don’t know how to break the cycle. Its really frustrating for us as parents because all all I want is to be able to help her but it’s like she zoned out and we can’t get any information out of her. Sometimes it can take well over an hour to settle her, which then takes its toll on our own sleep patterns.
  6. stix


    One of the farmers fields next to where I live went up in flames yesterday afternoon. Fire service said that it was due to the heat, they said that it was the 3rd one they’d been to that day in the area. Managed to put it out no bother though.
  7. If you could multi-rep a single post mate you’d have all of mine today. Really made me laugh
  8. To be fair after watching the replay from before the actual incident it does seem like Lascelles purposely falls to fell Kane. It’s a bit harsh on Spurs and I for one would be livid if it wasn’t given to us. Having said that, I’m ecstatic that it wasn’t given!!!!!
  9. My Mcktv has completely stopped working. Not a single channel is working. Anyone else with Mcktv tried there’s today? Edit: My bad, vpn had switched off
  10. Leicester to win both halves & a Vardy hat trick. 101/1
  11. I was randomly watching this earlier today, I swear Jeff Schlupp is stood next to him around the 1:00-1:20 mark. I actually doubt it’s him, but he’s the spit!! Even got the gappy teeth!!
  12. My sister in law is living in Gdańsk at the minute. Apparently quite popular with Brits as a holiday destination, or it was. She’s loving it there. It’s certainly a site that is permanently ingrained into my mind seeing the old man shuffling back to bed with what looked like a 250ml glass of voddy in his vest and grundies 😂
  13. Good stuff. How long have you been over there? And how is your liver holding up!? It’s mostly a blur every time the in-laws come over here. I once caught the father in law going to the kitchen at 7am for a breakfast Vodka. Drinks it like water!!
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