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  1. About time we had some controversy -This place had become too civilised after the pro/anti Puel arguments. Let the battle commence!
  2. Why? Nacho is clearly a competition winner... If he wants to earn our respect then he needs to put himself around a bit and take his chances
  3. Interesting listening to the crouch podcast on subs today about how sone come on and want to prove a point and some come on sulking - he definitely falls into the latter category. Jesus, he has to take his chances to help himself... Scuffing that shot is the difference at this level and he really isn't worth the place
  4. Why did I even think he'd score... That's how he repays my bizarre faith he'd score... Bloody idiot
  5. Bizarrely I fancy nacho to grab one
  6. Might as well go for it now and leave our own half
  7. Good goal - only way they would score
  8. Unless you have a favourable agent supplying you £30m players at £5m
  9. Still don't get why it's absurd? Isn't it quite simple? Gammon racist fans led by the gammon racist media have normalised racism and only through awareness and publicity do the players have a chance to teach the kids that it isn't acceptable and change the tide of opinion.
  10. Haha... But there you are talking about it. I rest my case
  11. Why? Any awareness is good awareness no matter how "pretentious" it is
  12. Waste of a place in the team... Might as well let a youngster tear around for the last 10mins if we are trying to chase a game - more chance of creating something through chaos than him shuffling into offside positions and marking himself out the game
  13. The defence and midfield players we have are capable as cover or when we need to shore things up. What's obviously missing are attacking players including a credible forward... when Vardy was injured/dropped we were woeful
  14. Poor first half against a good Newcastle defence unit. Expect some tweaks at half time and we will come out flying in the second half
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