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  1. Or we've rarely had a full squad available and so the players who are fit have to play every game... Until they get injured... Then we have to try and get the returning players back in, probably too early. Playimg twice a week since August doesn't really allow much time for recovery.
  2. Whilst understandable that JJ, Fofana etc will get the mentions/awards but Evans deserves praise for educating and holding that back line together
  3. Played really well again tonight. Impressed with his interview after the match as well, demonstrated a good level of maturity in his responses. Bravo!
  4. This guy looks absolutely quality... Really pleased he's settled so well and provides more than adequate cover on the right hand side - we actually look dangerous again for the first time in ages
  5. The old Youri is back today and bossing it. Hope he can keep it going the 2nd half
  6. I remember people climbing down from the double decker where we were sat. One guy in front of us who had a radio and was relaying the other scores got up and said he had to get down there and scrambled over into the main stand. As a 9 year old we just stayed put and soaked it up. Amazing atmosphere though
  7. Sign of the times... I thought from the post title he had died!
  8. You're the one approving approving of the governments approach, not me! It may well be right to listen to the scientists and generate a herd immunity but morally I don't think it's right to dispense of the elderly and sick as part of the process. Different communities and industries have gone beyond their advice and forced the governments hand to ban large events to save face which says a lot a out how certain that advice actually was
  9. That's all well and good until people start to suffer as a result and then people/industries take control themselves. Medically it might be the best thing, economically it might be the best thing but as we have seen from the response, morally it's corrupt.
  10. More like the modern day Stoke - get to safety and then drop away
  11. Give your head a wobble... He's conceded 26 in the League - 4th best and one fewer than Man City. Sure he's had a couple of poor games but then it's not like those in front of him are playing particularly well.
  12. I thought the same at the time - stole about a 1/4 of the pitch
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