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  1. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    This. Puts things in perspective - they have amazing individual players that as a team work really hard to shut down games. We really weren't at our best and looked intimidated but its a learning curve and I'm sure we'll bounce back from it. Aside from the goal, we weren't really in it in the first half and changed to 4 at the back after we scored so I can see why Puel went that way at half time even if it didn't work out. At least he tries different things and isn't afraid to give the younger players the experience.
  2. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Thanks to @Broxi-Bear for making it a pain free experience buying tickets for yesterday's game. Great seats too!
  3. Looking for 2 adult Huddersfield tickets if anyone has them. PM me! Thanks!
  4. Iborra - Key Player?

    Different gravy... Actively calls for the ball when there's 2 or 3 opposition players close by and can turn and find a pass to keep possession rather than hoofing it forward. Always seems to have loads of time on the ball despite not being the quickest.
  5. Honking & Hooting in the Underpass !

    Used to love this as a kid. I don't get back much these days but I'm glad to hear it's still happening
  6. Maybe it's taken that long to get the brown envelopes into the right hands
  7. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Let's be honest, he cracked under pressure in the Premiership and nearly took us back down but he knows how to build a solid base in a club so it can progress, therfore it seems to be a good fit for KP and him
  8. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    This is who we need to sort the mess out:
  9. Forum upgrade

    Loving all the massive adverts all over the place! Appreciate you need to try and bring some financial support in but on my phone its like trying to play spot the text
  10. We're the famous Leicester City and.........

    Loads of times in Italy... had a long chat with the passport control guy when he saw Leicester was my place of birth. Still selling hooky Vardy/Mahrez shirts in Shanghai's fake markets when I was there last month
  11. Palace away next up in the prem.

    We're going to need our centre backs for next Tuesdays game to get some quick understanding so Morgan/Benny is a must. Like others have said, rest Drinky, Mahrez and hope other results go our way
  12. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Morgan had better move into the ice chamber for the week, we are going to need him and Benny to hit the ground moving
  13. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Benny was immense tonight. Can't wait for a cracking atmosphere next week and a full tempo effort to unsettle them
  14. Harvey Barnes

    Good to hear that he is developing well. Thinking back to the past when we've had the likes of Kane, Keane etc at the club and they hadn't set the world alight, its good to know he is doing well.