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  1. C-man

    Safe standing - time to act

    Even if the ‘decision’ was pathetic and spineless? Sometimes it’s right to call a spade a spade. Tracey Crouch did not put across any sort of counter-argument and has flown in the face of mounting safety expert advice - her opinion cannot be respected. Petition has been signed.
  2. C-man

    Over sold away end . ..

    Wrong Leicester Lass Ash
  3. Can’t just be me who is fascinated by the Ultra fan scene movement across world football so well worth a thread in my opinion. Amazing how much influence these guys can have over their clubs, how political in-fighting between the same group of fans can cause civil war and how sophisticated groups (largely) made up on lunatics can get. I find it interesting to see where their method of support is mainly influenced from – for example the Grobari at Partizan Belgrade and Vak S of Feyenoord base themselves on English fans of the 70s whereas most Greek clubs are predominantly Italian in style. Anyway, seen a cool tifo? Heard about a controversial boycott or protest? Whack it in here… I’ll start with a club fairly close to my heart – FC Basel – who put together one of my favourite choreos from last season to mark their 200th game in Europe. ‘Know where you are from, appreciate what you have’