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  1. I think it’s about the best argument for not doing anything about stopping climate change.
  2. As much as I’m sure Cardiff would be welcome, he’s not actually ever been involved with UFS or met any of the group... unlike you who I believe once turned up to beg the group to hang a flag up for you? Not sure why you had to ask. Bit odd. Could you not reach?
  3. Probably for the reasons he outlines directly below for a start.
  4. Can’t just be me who is fascinated by the Ultra fan scene movement across world football so well worth a thread in my opinion. Amazing how much influence these guys can have over their clubs, how political in-fighting between the same group of fans can cause civil war and how sophisticated groups (largely) made up on lunatics can get. I find it interesting to see where their method of support is mainly influenced from – for example the Grobari at Partizan Belgrade and Vak S of Feyenoord base themselves on English fans of the 70s whereas most Greek clubs are predominantly Italian in style. Anyway, seen a cool tifo? Heard about a controversial boycott or protest? Whack it in here… I’ll start with a club fairly close to my heart – FC Basel – who put together one of my favourite choreos from last season to mark their 200th game in Europe. ‘Know where you are from, appreciate what you have’
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