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  1. C-man

    Safe standing - time to act

    Even if the ‘decision’ was pathetic and spineless? Sometimes it’s right to call a spade a spade. Tracey Crouch did not put across any sort of counter-argument and has flown in the face of mounting safety expert advice - her opinion cannot be respected. Petition has been signed.
  2. C-man

    Over sold away end . ..

    Wrong Leicester Lass Ash
  3. C-man

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    I half understood this argument last season when we were reigning Champions. Now it's completely daft to sing it to former Champions, given that we are now also, you know, former Champions. On a similar note... did I hear L1 singing 'Champions of England, you weren't even born' to Burnley the other day?!
  4. C-man

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    As a fanbase we have about 5 songs these days. If a group want to sing for 90 minutes they are going to have to repeat the same song a few times or keep a song going where there are quiet points due to tension or whatever. EDIT: I agree it was much better last night. Game definitely helped.
  5. C-man

    'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Crap mate. Literally nothing from our end all evening. Their fans were actually very loud second half, so I thought we'd try and respond but nope. Nothing but silence. You can blame the structure of the away end/split between upper and lower, the cold, the performance, the 'demographics' of the away end etc all you like but there was just no effort there from anyone as has been the case a lot recently. Songbook has to improve somehow. That would help.
  6. C-man

    Court case against Vichai/KP

    I am surprised how few people seem to be worried about this or passing it off as the world 'wanting us to fail'. I think it's naive to think that the Thai Gov't don't have an almost watertight case against KP - governments don't tend to sue Companies very often unless they're pretty confident of winning. £323m is a ridiculous sum and anyone who noticed what happened to VfL Wolfsburg (sale of players, tightening of wage belts, higher ticket prices) in the wake of the VW emissions scandal would probably be within their right to be concerned. Our owners are not infallible.
  7. C-man

    Thomas Tuchel

    Lots of pretty good sources in the German press suggest he's joining Bayern in the summer so kill the delusion now please.
  8. C-man

    The Owners

    Think it's harsh to argue they are closing the purse strings - we had a pretty big net spend in the summer (assuming Silva deal will still go through) and our wage bill is through the roof in comparison to 2-3 years ago. That said, I think they have made mistakes - the biggest of which is to surround themselves with staff who continue to look fairly incompetent at this level. Rudkin's deficiencies are clear but I don't see what Andrew Neville brings to the Club either. If we're honest and judging on the rest of their appointments, they got desperate when re-appointing NP, fluked the appointment of Ranieri, and now seemingly have no idea how we can progress with the most expensively assembled squad in our history. I admire their loyalty and willingness to persist with the idea that consistency and continuity within a club's management is important to long-term success, but I think we're at a crossroads and they will need to make some tough decisions very soon if they want us to take advantage of being recent Champions.
  9. C-man

    Catalan Election Spanish Police Again

    'Just doing thejr job'
  10. C-man

    Away End Atmospheres

    Club don't need to OK it - got nothing to do with them because as long as people have the right reference level there's nothing to stop the group buying tickets in the same block ?
  11. C-man

    Away End Atmospheres

    Well it meant the stewards OK'd it, yes.
  12. C-man

    Away End Atmospheres

    Yeah agreed and think UFS would publish that. E-mail just so that the group can buy in bulk so that no sitters sneak in/can ensure no issues with stewards about getting into particular blocks.
  13. C-man

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Please don't judge the Kop on Tuesday. I'd guess that 50% of regulars across the Kop were missing and replaced with non-ST holders who knew no songs/weren't willing to sing or were actually Liverpool fans. I do agree with you though it was woeful. Hopefully better tomorrow.
  14. C-man

    Harry maguire song

    How do you think chants started before the internet?
  15. C-man

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Indeed. Also mixed in with a FVCK OFF BRIGHTON version which was enjoyable.