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  1. The same Joey Gudjonsson who didn’t play for us until 2004?
  2. Phew, all those people losing their jobs, in the back of my mind I was always hoping you were okay. Thank the lord you can cope.
  3. Well, my dad got his wish... my middle name is Lester... I don’t know whether to thank him or disown him
  4. Pst


    Did you support us over 3 years ago? My guess is... probably not.
  5. Pst


    More boos than in the days when we were just surviving in the championship. I swear some of our fans have been spoilt by winning the league
  6. Because people like you would moan we were too defensive at 3-3?
  7. No, that’s weller54 mate.
  8. I doubt that. As if he did something wrong the second time round though....
  9. You slagged him off first time round too, but it’s cool. Btw I just remember your username as it reminds me of Rik Waller tbh
  10. Mate, you used to slag Pearson off all the time. In it together, alright then chief
  11. Mate you act about 14 and that’s generous. At least you can google stuff I guess, young man.
  12. Mate, this is somebum. He’s either a life long troll (hint) or he’s just a clueless nobhead, literally about everything (hint) merry Christmas
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