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  1. Ah fair enough, yeah very complicated. Will be disappointing to lose him from the tour as hes played some decent stuff in patches this year, but if you don't make the cut you don't make the cut
  2. I think he's safe as he's done ok on the one year list? The diamond of Dublin Ken Doherty currently 3-1 up at the mid sesh, battle of the oldies coming up for him against Nigel Bond if he wins today
  3. If you have a bet365 account you can watch it I think, at least I hope so
  4. I'd imagine there's a host of "big" clubs thinking the same, and he'll probably end up at one of those, most likely Liverpool to replace wijnaldum
  5. I'm assuming they are just banning transfers in contract to 'control costs' as Agnelli put it. Presumably you'd see 1-2 year contracts for these elite players who'd either renegotiate or sign for another one when it expires? Either way, absolutely awful idea
  6. Completely agree, its odd. Spuds as well, wheres the insult? potatoes are nice Where do you stand on Direby? Its borderline for me
  7. not been on TV for a while, but Emma Pierson...
  8. A few non football pods that are decent: The Good, The Bad and The Rugby The Cycling Podcast Cricket Badgers
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