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  1. Completely agree, its odd. Spuds as well, wheres the insult? potatoes are nice Where do you stand on Direby? Its borderline for me
  2. not been on TV for a while, but Emma Pierson...
  3. A few non football pods that are decent: The Good, The Bad and The Rugby The Cycling Podcast Cricket Badgers
  4. Is this what the pizzas were for?
  5. Anyone not saying GTA: Vice City is incorrect.
  6. A bit rich for Arsenal fans to be complaining of favourable refereeing decisions really...
  7. Can't see Arsenal getting relegated, but you never know
  8. When all is done, hes won 4 CL titles, the Spanish cup and league, 80 odd caps for Wales, he'd be happy with that in the end I reckon? oh and this..
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