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  1. He was excellent today considering how little competitive football at this level that he has played in the last 2 years. looks good in a back 3 but would he be as comfortable as a 2 pairing cb, hope so.
  2. I asked a Grimsby fan about this but he was a bit koi on the subject.
  3. albrighton has been class for us without a doubt, but he is a different type of wide player to McNeil in my opinion, I would still trust albrighton if we had suspensions or injuries but I think we need an upgrade. albrighton at 24 years old only played just over 30 more games than McNeil has currently at 20 years old.
  4. Think he would be an excellent addition to our team. He’s only 20 and has been a regular for the past 2 seasons in the prem with Burnley. The comparisons to Albrighton are unjust in my opinion, as there is more to his game than his crossing ability. if you have watched him play live or even only viewed YouTube clips, you would see that he has good close control and can beat a man with ease. In my opinion his biggest asset is that when he gets the ball he almost always drives his team a further 40+ yards further upfield when he has the ball, and that is a Not just a big threat to any opposition, but it allows you to reshape tactically quicker. he would give our more creative players a different outlet other than Vardy to start counter attacks.
  5. I’m a fan of Barnes, We all know he should of scored more than he has given the chances he has had, he will improve in this area no doubt. just a question to the guys doubting his ability/level or worth to the team, would you prefer Barnes to keep getting into the positions to score more or effectively stay out wide and not try and contribute with goals? Barnes has realistically played one season in the premier and has scored 5 goals in 42 premier appearances. The legend that is Jamie Vardy only scored 5 goals in 34 appearances in his first premier season. I know they play in different positions but give the lad time to develop that side of his game.
  6. No I didn’t miss the first half mate, I just know what the word abysmal means, that’s why that post confused me.
  7. Soyuncu ohhh ohh soyuncu ohhh ohh he feeds the goats and sheep he’ll leave you in a heap Soyuncu ohhh ohh soyuncu ohhh ohh he fetches the chickens eggs he’ll break your f***ing legs 😂😂
  8. Looks a good cb and very similar style to soyuncu, would be interesting to see how they play together at cb for their country, as they are both aggressive in pressing tackles, who is the better at being a covering defender like Johnny Evans?
  9. I have to disagree with you on this mate, there are probably thousands still trying to get to see a Leicester premier league game, let alone a season ticket. The amount of people in Leicestershire isn’t really relevant, how many Man Utd season ticket holders don’t live in Manchester for example. people do move away from Leicestershire but they are still season ticket holders. I for one can’t wait to be able to purchase a season ticket for me, my mrs and young son. i was going to all the city home games for 30 years up until a few years ago and I can’t wait to be going again regularly.
  10. I don’t think it’s about his footballing intelligence, it’s more about him gaining the experience by playing in the most competitive league in the world.
  11. His energy and pressing is incredible and his passing was crisp and confident today.
  12. Harvey Barnes would be better if chillwell gave him the ball sooner than when he’s got two players on him, chilly needs to give him the ball early and go on the overlap and allow Barnes to cut inside more.
  13. Watched him play albeit on tv quite a few times and after watching his 50 goals on YouTube, he would be a great signing for us. He is not a quick winger, and is either a wide supporting striker or wide forward, and would be perfect on the right for us. If you watch his game or goals if he’s playing out wide left or right, he’s always on the back post expecting it to drop to him. he is an intelligent football who is always in the right place at the right time. he cuts in so well from the right that it would free up Ricardo for his overlaps. he may not be lightning quick but seems to see the bigger picture before others. This still is our football model to mould youngsters as we can’t afford the finished articles currently until we consistently finish in the top 6.
  14. The perception from within the club and outside, is that of a club now looking to compete in the top 4. mahrez is a different case, we was a mid table club without a philosophy and changing managers at the drop of a hat, when he wanted out. it took him ages to get his wish, and back then our squad couldn’t attract players like tielemans or praet, it’s the complete opposite now as we are an attractive club with big ambitions and a brilliant manager.
  15. All this is irrelevant, we won’t sell James Maddison in January or the summer. Even then he will not be cheap so there are only a few clubs in the world who could afford our “don’t want to sell” valuation we have a project that the manager has committed long term to, and we are on the cusp of being a regular top 6 club, that is run fantastically well. The times are changing for the historically big clubs in England.
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