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  1. Gold 2 this week, happy with that after a run of Gold 3’s Lahm with Curtis Jones is a revelation. Such a good pairing offensively and defensively, getting up and down the pitch in midfield.
  2. I’ve used Lloris and he was average, but then again no goalkeeper is any good in this Fifa in my experience, except when a play I team with Nick Pope... I use red pick Neuer as I’ve gone back to Boateng now my untradeable Akanji was upgraded. Managed to buy WI Mbabu, who slots in my team nicely yesterday too for 391000 coins, he’s now extinct as he’s already going to be upgraded as Wolfsburg got a clean sheet today.
  3. Got my last 3 wins to get my last icon swaps card. After my luck with packing E’to after going to the baby icon pack in the last swaps, decided to go for the mid icon pack and save the packs for a later promo when the next swaps are released. Lahm 89 DM, looks like a fast Kante, very pleased with that after the possibilities. Then opened my packs from rewards and packed an untradeable what if Odegaard!
  4. Depends if the residents of our multi-cultural community start to come forward and have the vaccine they have been offered...
  5. Not a big enough upgrade to make me consider getting him over Adama. He’s near 100k more expensive as well. Better off investing elsewhere for me. Also you can get Ashley Cole for free, with similar stats and links with all defences.
  6. Yep, TOTGS Morata...
  7. Just be aware that unlike the champions league road to the finals cards, N’didi’s card will only update if we qualify for the next round rather than winning the first leg.
  8. Fake walkout 85 Rule Breaker Ocampos
  9. Any risk of this being played in a neutral venue like Arse and Manure?
  10. Gold 2/3, Rivals 3/4. Can’t ever see me improving on that.
  11. Also happens with the manager and subs running to celebrate on the other team, if you get a late goal then concede with a kick off goal. Same in extra time too...
  12. My two pennies worth, he’s there until the 23rd of Feb so I’m waiting to see what FS’s offers before I decide. Unless you want him for this Weekend League of course.
  13. Exactly the same. Crazy good card, but literally doesn’t fit anywhere in my team. Don’t have the fodder either. So if I did him it would be with coins and would be a super sub, which seems like a waste. However I have a nagging feeling I’d regret it in the future if I didn’t.
  14. I assume you play Rooney in midfield looking at the attacking options you already have in that team? Is that his best position rather than as a striker do you think?
  15. I can answer that, it's for chemistry reasons to get Rooney on 10 chemistry. I assume Ash has a preset formation in game which swaps Vardy and Ndidi into their correct positions that he selects using the D pad. You can create preset formations in custom tactics that you change in game by using the D pad which can change the formations, play styles and positions of players which doesn't affect the starting chemistry.
  16. Ok, so I have these custom tactics. Aside from the wingbacks point, which has been addressed (thanks lads) another slight annoyance is that I also miss the player in the CAM formation to play the 1-2’s to get the ball to the strikers. I guess with the 5-3-2 the 1-2’s should be played with the wingbacks instead to transition the ball from defence to midfield to attack?
  17. I tried it, but whilst I like the 3 at the back, I miss the width of playing wingers and I found that the wing backs aren't as naturally as advanced and involved as I'd like them to be. I'm using the same custom tactics but in a 3-4-1-2 formation instead. Do you not find that Son in particular is wasted in that formation?
  18. Loan cards used in friendlies don’t count towards the number of matches the card is available for. You can use the card for as many times as you like in the friendlies mode, if the match type allows it ie isn’t sliver only or has a player rating restriction.
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