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  1. Benko just scored for Bristol City
  2. Matt Elliot and I named my son Dominic after him. (Middle name obviously)
  3. If Chilwell was a car he would have 5 reverse gears!
  4. Just said the same to my lad, there is a calmness and assurance about him
  5. Seems to me his form has gone since he has been with the England squad. Same happened to Maguire.
  6. I want Matty James to play just so he can megs Big Harry.
  7. If its tactical analysis you like, this is worth 5 mins of your time https://foxesofleicester.com/2019/04/29/leicester-city-flourish-arsenal/3/
  8. I don't think he will get a sniff anyway.
  9. Lee Hendrie- gone on to peruse a fine career in punditry!
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