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  1. Until they smash the ball into one of our players faces, and the cry of "handball" from around the whole stadium
  2. I would drag Mahrez off now. He is totally disinterested.
  3. And Savage saying he's done well to win the pen. Why is it that when Vards does it he's a cheat?
  4. This has been overlooked and is a great point. Surely the goal line officials should be on the opposite side to the linos.
  5. Given me goosebumps that.
  6. Please please somebody get f**** n goal side of your man!!,
  7. Col, it just seems to me that he needs to be in an argument with someone, be it the doctor, Hazard, Martinez (when at Everton), and now Shaw. I think he is a bully, and I personally don't rate him, all that money he has spent and United haven't improved at all.
  8. Merse has us to win 3-0. Now I'm worried!
  9. Not taking anything away from him but those 2 assists were his first ones since his Prem debut back in 2008!
  10. But but but Defoe is the form striker that's why he gets picked for England over Vardy
  11. I so much agree with this. Anyone who knows anything about football will tell you this guy is not a midfielder, he is totally lost in that position. As a centre half, however, time will tell.
  12. Went with a few friends not on an organised trip. We went to the ground during the day to have a look around and bought some scarves and a football from a bloke on a kind of market stall. With ball in hand I was walking round the ground and spotted an entrance right through to the pitch. We did no more than wander through on to the pitch and had some shots shooting into the net that Marshy scored in! It was only when the tannoy announcer said " English, get off the pitch" that we left! Fantastic experience.
  13. I see Motherwell have just sacked Mark McGhee.....