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  1. ABBAA system if it goes to pens apparently
  2. Can Rudkin go on holiday every transfer window please!
  3. Yeah but did you see that goal he scored against us though?
  4. Starting again tonight, on the left of a 4. As is Chilwell again.
  5. Would be very happy with this. Can cover at RB as well.
  6. Starting up front on his own. Discuss..
  7. No, I've noticed this too. I reckon it's because he benefits from coming on when defenders are tiring, and therefore looks quicker than he actually is.
  8. Looks like our opening fixtures are rated the most difficult
  9. Everton away- and we can watch all the players we didn't sign
  10. Joe Waters v QPR FA Cup "oh yes for the youngster" - yes I'm an old git!
  11. Pure guesswork here, but I reckon Mahrez agreed to stay on providing we signed Slim. Might explain his moods because we rarely played Slim.
  12. Anyone else watching the play off final? Very poor game so far, whichever team wins I think will struggle next season.
  13. Until they smash the ball into one of our players faces, and the cry of "handball" from around the whole stadium
  14. I would drag Mahrez off now. He is totally disinterested.
  15. And Savage saying he's done well to win the pen. Why is it that when Vards does it he's a cheat?