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  1. Oh yeah the wonderful cap which Amber Rudd couldn't even deny could be as high as £300,000. Poor bungalow owners are getting asset stripped by the looks of it because their brain decided to deteriorate. Fvck that might as well chuck yourself into a nuclear reactor, you'll be irradiated to shît and will be growing arms out your arse but at least the care will be free because you've every cancer imaginable.
  2. Better than King. Sign him up Shakey
  3. Thats what I did, two years of my Civ Eng degree followed by a year of working in a professional consultancy practise followed by my final year. Great eye opener and increases my employability five fold. Agree that more businesses should be encouraged to take up placements because not a lot understand what it entails.
  4. I'm one of those people and it doesn't bother me. Nine grand on three years (a bit less since I got a scholarship) which i'll probably never pay back. It might grate a little bit, it would anyone, but I'm not some bitter Tory who'll throw his toys out the pram because I had to pay and someone else didn't. Good on those young people who would receive an education for free, surely the one of the points of civilisation is to provide the generation after yours with greater opportunity than you had yourself?
  5. Usually the logic would be people who have had higher education pay it back by entering higher tax bands. Of course that goes out the window if the degree chosen doesn't correspond to getting a better wage. There is much debate about Art degrees and the like and I'm not that bothered about that it's been done to death. What I would say is that many are doing STEM degrees which are well recieved but there isn't sufficient investment in the industries that use them.
  6. @MattP shared that 2 pages back ya dunce and I formatted it better than you n'all
  7. Neil hit Corbyn with harder questions but JC has been making the same arguments for decades and it showed. Neil was battering him with a cricket bat and was landing hits but Corbyn wasn't doubling over. May's had more subdued questions but they were from a social care controversy that had rumbled on all week and came to a climax with that interview, and she couldn't hack it.
  8. On Rod Liddle, speak of the devil and he shall appear.
  9. Nah Rod Liddle is fantastic even though he looks a bit like Zippy
  10. Nah mate I'm the one moaning sweating cobs
  11. Basically me when it's like this
  12. Wanted him last year but he's been on his arse all season. Stay well clear at that price.
  13. Yeah mate thats what he's doing ye dafty
  14. Yeah but when JC bags the win the meme economy will rocket up sooo