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  1. Damn so Col hasn't changed his opinion since like 2013, huh?
  2. This lost any meaning when Princess Anne won it. Another bauble for the dressing up box for her. Dosser.
  3. Big Nigel Pearson got my respect because he demanded it in his persona. A total alpha male. Ranieri is a legend but I have no time for joker personalities. If I want to see clowns I'll go to the circus.
  4. "So will you talk to the referee or..." "What is the point? What is the point of talking to him? He's the most arrogant man I've ever met. There we are."
  5. Only ever watched Nigel Pearson post match interviews. His "I'm over your bullshit" attitude made them required viewing. When he spoke you listened. What a leader of men.
  6. Bored of this conversation going round in circles. We know Rodgers goes in to some games overthinking the games tactically and can get found out by some dullard like Scott Parker, but also can come out with a masterclass or set out a side to muller teams. We have known this since he was at Liverpool and should probably go into every game with that in mind.
  7. If Man Utd can come back against Southampton we should at home to a side like Fulham. Have no faith in Brendan to manage it, though.
  8. Not played this in nearly 10 years but doesn’t sound right without the sound of firebombs.
  9. Said it before and saying it again. When Barnes broke into the side and has always improved every game that was Gray done. No one expects players to be the finished article in their early twenties but you expect a player to improve after 4 years and 4 different managers.
  10. "My sheep come hither and take this holy communion of Jacob's Mini Cheddar and Red Bull."
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