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  1. I like him I think he's nice. Not like Slimani who I think looks mean.
  2. at these chinamen singing you'll never walk alone. Get Jersy Bud on and make it even
  3. @Carl the Llama why would you go 3-4-3 when your strikers are povo?
  4. How could anyone go wrong working with a genius of this caliber?
  5. Once General Corbyn overthrows the bourgeois the great satisfaction of using our labour to the benefit of the Motherland will sustain both our body and spirit, comrade.
  6. Won't have a state pension when I retire. Probably won't have an NHS either. Looking forward to being in the late 21st century Tory untermensch with no social security whatsoever.
  7. Looks like we've retired the 35 shirt for Nuge #Legend #PenaltiesDontCount
  8. You stick to Last of the Summer Wine repeats on UKTV then, mate.
  9. Yed bollocks would steam in their own juices playing professional football in that heat they'd come out like a pork faggot.
  10. Daniel Hannan what a spazstik
  11. ikr one of my favourite episodes
  12. Damn ignore function really does work