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  1. If West Brom do the business for us today I'm getting Big Sam tattooed on my Big Cock.
  2. Best thing to come out of Syston since that breakfast cob I had in 2018.
  3. Liverpool don't win tomorrow and its the perfect weekend,
  4. This boy's all ambition ain't he? Love his interview. There's more to come. Let's ****ing go.
  5. A ****ing baller and an anti-imperialist. He's 20 years old and possibly the best centre half we'll ever have.
  6. Second string for the cup final. Full strength on Tuesday for the league game. I'm not having bottling it again. They still get a medal for being runners up. I'm serious.
  7. Chelsea are a proper side under Tuchel now and I haven't seen us put in a decent performance for 5 months. Maybe Manchester United in the cup. Don't even mention Sheffield United, they have, what, 17 points? We are for sure the underdogs on Saturday.
  8. Savage is a knob end but all the pundits at BT Sport are. You'd actively avoid all of them if you saw them in street.
  9. Great point. I think David Davis is the only one who has been consistent on this. The rest move about like piss in the wind.
  10. Choosing between Perez and Maddison at the moment is like choosing which kneecap you want blown out.
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