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  1. Starmer really is hopeless. He's not up to it.
  2. Well done Jon. It's all coming together.
  3. Get rid of the gimps with their primary school trolley teles and Microsoft Paint lines, I say. When the fans are back hopefully these refs will be pelted with non stop abuse. No mercy.
  4. bet you have an arse like a welly top once VAR has had its way with you. We the people want our football back.
  5. If you love VAR so much go get bummed by it. Proper football fans want it gone.
  6. It's killing the game disallowing perfectly good goals. Sick of it.
  7. I loved BOTW but it is is at its best in the Great Plateau and goes downhill from there. It’s great experimenting with the mechanics but you quickly realise they are a mile wide and an inch deep.
  8. The budget has basically trashed Osbourneomics with Sunak essentially admitting borrowing to fund capital spending is okay and things like the 'Laffer Curve' are essentially a pseudoscience. Even the IMF is admitting austerity was a crock of shit that led to a lost decade. Shame they didn't realise this when they subjecting the Greeks and global south to a permanent debtors prison.
  9. I think he plays very well in a two with Vardy with 3 at the back. Just don't understand why Rodgers is always keen to drag him off? He gets goals!
  10. Can only blame Hamza for so long to be honest. Brendan wanted him gone because he knows he isn't up to it. So why play him?
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