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  1. Amuses me how people get so frit on the motorway when with some common sense and courtesy it's the easiest road to drive on.
  2. I am so so excited. Unbelievable what a week can do
  3. This is the most excited I’ve been to be a Leicester fan in years. Thank you Brodge and Top!
  4. Managers come and go but memes last forever.
  5. I would play a back three and maddison in behind a front two of Barnes and Vardy. Let Barnes and Maddison play where they want in possession.
  6. If there is another referendum Remain will lose again. Especially because it will be fronted by Soubry, Chuka ect. These people don't know how to campaign.
  7. Hope not but Rodgers record at Liverpool in the first season says he will.
  8. Plenty to be happy with since we won but plenty for The Brodge to improve, too. New era incoming.
  9. Puel gone the shackles are off from Harry
  10. But I thought we couldn't counter attack against bottom half sides anymore?
  11. Pearson, Ranieri, Brodge. Three legends imo.
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