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  1. Thats a disgusting goal to concede. Absolutely shocking. Today can do one now. Top 4 is gonna be gone again. I'm not usually one to over react like this, but we nearly got caught out like that moment before. Shocking in every sense of the word that is
  2. We seem to be lacking a bit if intensity in the early knocking. I wonder if it's part of a game plan? But we're being very stand offish and slowing the play down
  3. Our only hope is that some Thai escorts were involved and some rusty trombone playing was going on, we have good form following incidents like that
  4. Disclaimer, this only applies if true I don't know if any players ever read anything put out on here but I don't care if they do. If this is true then these guys really need to hang their heads in shame. Maddison can do one for all I care at this moment in time. They probably won't see it as a big deal, but what they've done is thoughtless and a real slap in the face of a lot of Leicester fans. This week represents a huge time in the progression of this football club and to disrupt plans and harmony going into one of the biggest games of the season, quickly followed by our 1st
  5. I always had the hope that Maddison, although one of the lads, was always the sensible one of the group, the one who got the pee took out of him for being a bit boring and more of a goody two shoes.... He's well and truly put an end to any hope of making the England squad if true. What a plonker
  6. Although it's a tough one to call, for me as well as many others, so I'm not excluding myself from the following statement, it goes to show the state of modern football that were choosing effectively choosing between finishing 3rd or 4th and winning nothing and potentially having a shot at winning a trophy. We're that concerned with finishing in the top 4 and the financial gains of doing so that we can't decide if that's better or not than having a go at winning our 1st FA Cup in the clubs history. Both games are "must win" games but if I was to choose a win in one at
  7. They could be room mates or something I guess, only reason I can think of one being allowed out and the other having to self isolate
  8. They won't be thinking it's a free hit, but on the face of it, it kind of is. No doubt about it, today will be a very tough challenge and although we beat them earlier in the season, that day they had Ake and Garcia at the back, today they'll have a rejuvenated Stones and Dias. Just hope that Stones' mistake the other night will weigh him down Regardless of the result today, next week is undoubtedly a bigger game and even bigger if we drop points today and West Ham don't. Looking purely at this weekends fixtures I'll be delighted with a point, West ham have
  9. When we were in Leuven the locals were pronouncing it "Praat" or "Prart" if you like
  10. I completely agree, I live in the countryside myself. But on the grand scheme of things and taking everything into account a professional footballer would rather settle in Munich playing for Bayern than settle in Newtown Linford playing for Leicester
  11. But would you rather be settled in Leicester or settled in Munich? We can only hope that Youri has a sense that we deserve some payback from him for rescuing him from Monaco and getting his career back on track so he does what Vardy was rumoured to have done and stick with us for another season of 2
  12. For some reason I genuinely believe that Matthew James will have a great career as a coach or maybe even a manager. Without his injuries I believe he would have been a great player, not on the same level as Teilemans, but still would have been good for us. Trouble is that he's made out of glass. But there has to be a reason that every manager we've had since he's been at the club has always spoken very highly of him and had him around the match day squad when he's been available, up until recently now we almost have an embarrassment of riches in that area.
  13. Finding my love for Leicester in the early 90's as a fresh faced 9/10 year old I thought reaching the playoff final was as good as it was gonna get. Then we got to another, and I thought that was the norm. Then we got to another, and won. Reaching the premier league was as good as it was gonna get. I was right, we were relegated back down to where we belonged. Then another playoff final, the most dramatic of wins (still the best single moment I've ever experienced in a football match) and another season in the premier league was something to look forward to. But we stayed there,
  14. I actually welled up a little after the 3rd goal. In this strange season, stood in my living room, week after week, watching on tv, I've struggled to get enthusiastic about many games this year. This one meant a lot. Now we just have to realise the job isn't done and make sure we're just as motivated for the semi final. I was 18 months old the last time we reached the FA Cup semi final, to see us at least get to the final would be fantastic. What a time to be alive and a Leicester fan. We've literally just put Man United to the sword, live on TV to inflict their f
  15. I'm hoping Perez is the next one. Call it blind faith but I really can't stand the criticism some players get, whether it's justified or not and let's be honest some of her criticism on various fan forums is never justified. I am the type of fan to back any player that pulls the shirt on and more of a fan who pokes fun at certain players
  16. Throw in a couple or cans of Carling then, PSG won't touch that, they're all about the 1664
  17. So Celtic paid £9million for him and we're about to sign him for £15million and Celtic have to give PSG £6million? Either someone is pulling figures out of thin air or Celtic are about to be on the end of one of the worst transfer deals in Scottish history
  18. I give up now, if this is another season ending knee injury then our season is over. We really are done now
  19. I'd rather listen to Alex Scott talk about football than listen to Keown, Lawrenson, Clinton Morrison, Scholes, McManaman, Merson etc Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of women who are plonked into pudintry just to fulfil quotas but we can't dismiss women in the mens game just because they're women. Plus you have to take into account the womens game is still years behind the mens game, and that includes everything that goes with it. Media training, being in front of the camera giving interviews etc so they're probably not going to come across as natural in front of t
  20. You know that's only 11 months right .........??
  21. Did quite a decent piece on Grealish v Maddison earlier. Now their whole angle on today is ruined with Grealish being out. Actually spent more time on our game so far than the others (other than the actual west hame v spurs game obviously )
  22. A sharp Vardy has a hattrick in the 1st half, at least 2 of the chances should have been goals. We played exactly the same way as we did against Man City, yet everyone calls that a great performance. The difference was that Liverpool play the high press, Man City didn't. Maddison, Teilemans and Barnes were starved of space as the game remained 0-0. It's the old cliché, but it's all about fine margins. Vardy scores 1 or 2 of those chances (the majority of the time he does) then the game completely changes. Wasn't pretty to watch by any standard, but it was our game plan, it wor
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