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  1. Didn't need to wake him up, it was about 6 in the evening From what I heard, from the staff on the trip, we were told that he had directly authorised it. I don't know if that's true or not, but that's what we were told while sat in the hotel bar and that they were authorised to buy us food and drink. Regardless of who authorised it, it's still an incredible gesture, no other club in the world would even pay for such a trip, let alone cover the extra expenditure of the extra night, with dinner included
  2. Brilliant weekend away and thank you to the fans for your hospitality. Was very impressed with the performance and how you try to play the game. Fingers crossed for the rest of the season and hopefully see some of you over here in a few weeks time
  3. We made a lot of changes today, as did they. It was reserves vs reserves and we had 1 eye on tuesday night and they had 1 eye on Tuesday night also, big game for them. The match delivered as expected. We edged it. Brentford are a good side and proved that today. We won and got through. Job done. Some people need to chill
  4. I'm the eternal pessimist but we seem to be missing the point that we have to lose 4 more games than any of those below us. It's not 4 losses and we're out. I'm not comfortable enough to say we'll get top 4, in fact I'm a bit twitchy about it. But this season is very much like our title season, teams are dropping points when you least expect it. We'll probably lose 4 or 5 more games, but Chelsea, Utd, Wolves etc are also capable of the same. Not losing in those games you mentioned is key
  5. Whoa!! Who's this guy??? You don't get to put real in front of your name and claim mine
  6. Can't wait for the photoshop Soyuncu in a Utd shirt
  7. It's a semi final, be weird to not be nervous
  8. Chilwell plays and no one moans about him, instead they all comment on what a great game he had
  9. Anyone remember that Bulgarian ball juggler we had a few times down there. So good we gave him a trial in the reserves, turns out he was pretty sh*te at playing football, just great with tricks We always had the foxy ladies too. Don't get why people would have an issue with a lights show. Just something new for them to moan at. Yes it's Americanised, same as the fan cam, even that count down just before kickoff. But it's a modern game in a modern world. Move along with it, or get forgotten
  10. Crazy that even in this modern era, some fans would not be that excited about a trip to Wembley. We have to get through this tie first obviously which won't be as easy as some think, but a cup final is still a cup final. And in a one off game anything can happen, especially considering a couple of our recent result against Man City. Anyway, back to tonight. It's going to be tough I reckon. I'm starting to get the big game nerves now. The fact that some of our fans are predicting an easy ish game tonight worries me. The more that think it, the more that transfers to the stands. Which could create a horrible atmosphere. I'll take any form of win of win to take with us to villa park, but I won't be comfortable. A 1-0, 2-1, or 2-0 win will make for a very nervy 2nd leg. I'm hoping I can get a ticket for the 2nd leg as I think we'll need to go there and get a win and it should be a decent game, providing we get the right result
  11. Chilwell is a good player, a very good player, but he is still young and still has a lot to learn. Doesn't bother me that much that he doesn't have a right foot. I've read comments about him being our weakness as shown against Man City. That's not the case, the weakness came from lack of cover. He was left with no choice but to tuck in and mark KDB in that game. My only gripe with him from that game was showing Mahrez inside onto his much stronger left foot. We all can see his delivery needs work, other than that he's a great left back
  12. At a few grounds this is the case, not so much at ours. We get the odd tourist, but not so much that it affects the atmosphere
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