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  1. Throw in a couple or cans of Carling then, PSG won't touch that, they're all about the 1664
  2. So Celtic paid £9million for him and we're about to sign him for £15million and Celtic have to give PSG £6million? Either someone is pulling figures out of thin air or Celtic are about to be on the end of one of the worst transfer deals in Scottish history
  3. I give up now, if this is another season ending knee injury then our season is over. We really are done now
  4. I'd rather listen to Alex Scott talk about football than listen to Keown, Lawrenson, Clinton Morrison, Scholes, McManaman, Merson etc Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of women who are plonked into pudintry just to fulfil quotas but we can't dismiss women in the mens game just because they're women. Plus you have to take into account the womens game is still years behind the mens game, and that includes everything that goes with it. Media training, being in front of the camera giving interviews etc so they're probably not going to come across as natural in front of t
  5. You know that's only 11 months right .........??
  6. Did quite a decent piece on Grealish v Maddison earlier. Now their whole angle on today is ruined with Grealish being out. Actually spent more time on our game so far than the others (other than the actual west hame v spurs game obviously )
  7. A sharp Vardy has a hattrick in the 1st half, at least 2 of the chances should have been goals. We played exactly the same way as we did against Man City, yet everyone calls that a great performance. The difference was that Liverpool play the high press, Man City didn't. Maddison, Teilemans and Barnes were starved of space as the game remained 0-0. It's the old cliché, but it's all about fine margins. Vardy scores 1 or 2 of those chances (the majority of the time he does) then the game completely changes. Wasn't pretty to watch by any standard, but it was our game plan, it wor
  8. How was it in the match day thread at half time and when Liverpool scored?
  9. I've got a horrible feeling that he's out for the rest of the season at least. Having had more than my fair share of injuries one of the worst I've had is ligament damage getting in a bath after a game. The day it happened I felt OK ish, knee was sore, but had full range of movement. Could walk etc The day after I got out of bed and crumbled to the floor. I couldn't put any weight on it at all
  10. What if Gray was actually SFE? Anyone checked twitter to see if there are any team leaks and transfer rumours from a new account, Klaus from Leverkusen?
  11. And this is why we don't get ahead of ourselves.............. Classic Leicester result this
  12. Southgate has been at our last 3 league games
  13. The media will constantly refer to our drop off last season. As it stands we're no better off this season than we were last season. Get that monkey off our back and we'll have improved on last year. Being in the title race is all well and good but the fixtures really start to come thick and fast now. We have 9 games before the end of February. By then we'll knownif we're still in the FA Cup and Europa (I'd hope we still will be) Improvement for us this season will be a finish in the top 5 again, but without falling off like we did last year. Top 4 would be nice,
  14. Where would you put it then? Did you know the stat? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Are you after the status of mood hoover? Did we have the most miserable fan base in the league? Someone start a new thread, get a poll up
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