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  1. 5-2 V Sunderland... Missed Collymores hattrick
  2. "friend" One in the pink, 2 in the .........
  3. Someone must have their wires crossed with this whole 16000 seats thing. Just cannot see how we'd fit an extra 16000 seats in developing 1 stand. It has to be more likely that the new stand will hold 16000 seats in total, making our new capacity between 40000-42000. Assuming the east stand currently holds roughly between 9000-10000 adding another 16000 seats would mean an absolutely gargantuan stand that would completely dwarf the rest of the stadium and would make it one of, if not the, biggest stands in the country. To put that into perspective Tottenhams South stan
  4. Bamford is like Nugent. Probably too good for the Championship, out of his depth in the premier league, but will show some flashes of brilliance
  5. Wait until our game then when all the talk will be about how well Liverpool will be doing to be ahead in the game despite 'all' of their injuries
  6. He gets quite a bit of stick all the time from a few Man City fans, I think he's actually known as FFS Mahrez, just FFS for short 🤣 But, just to put this into some perspective, we've gone from Dean Hammond to Youri Tielemans in our midfield in 5 years, yet we had some fans moaning about how bad Youri looked last season....... no doubt about it Mahrez is a class player, maybe just not as good as some Man City fans expect. I was actually thinking earlier (I woke up extremely early this morning and whilst scrolling though Facebook came across our "Fearless Foxes" video, a
  7. Yet a few weeks ago every time a team was announced the very same fans were all saying it was going to be a battering against us, football really is a fickle life...... Liverpool at home, no matter who they have missing, are still an incredible force. Got a feeling it'll be typical foxestalk this evening and full of doom and gloom. Way too many expecting something from this match, there's gonna be some very disappointed fans. Yes we have a right be confident, but quietly so. But anything but a loss is a terrific result tonight, seems that a fair few have fallen for the
  8. Anything but a loss is a terrific result today. The media have already set up their excuses for a Liverpool defeat hoping to write about their win under the circumstances of the worst injury list in history. Their home record is outstanding and automatically gives them an edge psychologically. If we lose, we lose, I just hope, that if we do that, it's not a stale display a la West Ham or through Liverpool getting the edge from a dodgy decision as has been the way seemingly every time we've played these in recent years. We've got a chance, but the way we've been playing recent
  9. Thats going to be one hell of a stand if the capacity is to rise to 48k?? Id imagine to get to that capacity then that involves work both on the north and south stands then? Roughly guessing the west and east stands hold around 9k each, with the north and south stands 7k in each. To make our capacity 48k then that means the new East stand will hold 25k ish fans? That's bloody massive!!! And will dwarf the rest of the stadium, surely would have to be 3 tiered? I just can't see how we're getting an extra 16k from 1 stand
  10. I don't have anything to base it on but I get the impression he's one of those rare loyal players. I think that he thinks that he owes us and wants to see a project through. He was having a bit of a mare at Monaco and we brought him here and almost gave him a renewed opportunity. Remember his interview when he said that it was always Leicester that he wanted to come back to after his loan had finished. So fingers crossed a new deal soon and a few more years from him yet. Of course if he carries on improving that could get the attention of one of the big boys, but I can't see him le
  11. Without the futuristic looking fox head, I actually quite like that. Put our fox head on that, it would look decent
  12. The very 1st email I got regarding the £70 always said that if we were not allowed to attend this season, or until later on in the season, then the price would be taken off the amount owed. At worse I was going to pay £70 less for my season ticket next season. I don't remember any amendments to that system. Yes I was a little miffed at paying £70 for nothing at the time, buy always knew that it would be "refunded" in some kind of way. From a business point of view the club had to look at numerous ways that the future could go. If fans were allowed in the ground, and at the ti
  13. I have factored that in, thats why I said in the current circumstances where fans are not able to attend, £15 per month is a fair charge. In future, if it ever did happen (it won't) and the premier bin off sky, bt and amazon, then I would never expect to pay £15 per month. I would expect somewhere in the region of £45 plus. And, as I said, fans like me would still attend games, I don't think home attendances would be that greatly affected. Away attendances would most likely be affected though, which of course is a massive negative. But it may bring the cost of away tickets do
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