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  1. Maddison looks miles off the pace and Soyuncu is having a mare
  2. Didn't look it when he hobbled off, looked in some serious discomfort when he got down the tunnel
  3. Evans had better be fit for next weekend
  4. I just rechecked and the tickets that were available before have gone, but 3 more random ones popped up. I can only imagine that it's people selecting and deselecting seats, but it's certain that there are literally only 2 or 3 left
  5. I get the feeling a number of factors are in play. Firstly, how many people actually "renewed" their season ticket at the start of the season? A lot of people were kicking off about the misunderstanding over the £70 retainer fee, thinking they were paying £70 and it was gone forever, rather than being taken off the value of next seasons ticket. Plus as you say, I've seen a fair few comments about the coach travel down there and the fact that people were not happy about that. Add to that I'd imagine more people than you think are still a bit anxious about att
  6. We all know what happened on this day 5 years ago. What's your favourite memories of that day? Most of mine involved copious amounts of alcohol, the buzz around the city, Nesum Dorma etc etc But this for me was a great moment. After the all day party, seeing the trophy presentation, walking around the city, the hustle and bustle of it all, me and my mate walking home decided to walk back to the stadium, around 2am ish. We sat there, outside, with a can of lager and a box full of fried chicken, and contemplated what had just happened. No nerves, no excitemen
  7. I think a lot will depend on whether or not Chelsea need to win their last couple of league fixtures, one of those obviously being against us. Out of the 3 competitions surely Chelsea will value the champions league above the others. It's a shame really that the Fa cup final is the week before the league finishes and that they effectively have a 2 week rest period before the champions league final. If they need to beat us and Villa to finish top 4, they may rotate a little for the final with the champions league final in the back of their minds too. Regard
  8. To be fair, every game for the last few weeks and every game yet to come this season is. To finish top 4, preferably 3rd, could be a real step for us to the next level. Could be the difference maker in not selling one of our "assets" this summer and Rodgers didn't exactly make a secret of it last summer that we maybe had to adjust a few of our targets because we missed out on top 4. If we do achieve champions league football next season and if we keep the squad together, the lure of what we are and what we can achieve should be a big pull for a fair few players. If we c
  9. Can't disagree, ruined his image the way he left and what's been reported since, but a player like him, in our current squad, I firmly believe is the difference between being genuine title contenders and top 4 candidates. Would have been hard to keep up with Man City this season but just imagine him playing in a three with Maddison and Barnes just behind Vardy.
  10. Will all depend on if we finish top 4 or not. He didn't exactly make a secret of it last summer saying things along the lines of adjusting his transfer targets because we didn't have champions league football
  11. Welcome to foxestalk A place where we cry out for our own youth to get a chance when they're not being used A place where when we give youth a chance we slate the young players for not playing well Luke Thomas is 19 years old. He's not even a man yet. He misplaced 2 crosses and suddenly he's not ready?? I agree, he's got some way to go to be 1st choice left back, and I'm sure he knows this. But he's 19!!! The only thing lacking from his game as far as I can see is a little physicality, a touch of confidence and just lack of experience. Of course,
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