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  1. Pontus Kaamark and Matt Elliott were remarkable defenders. Heskey as foil for Vardy would be great. Prime Collymore would get in any match day squad at least. Izzet would make the bench, as would Flowers
  2. Kante, is undoubtedly, a better player. But, for me, Ndidi suits us better in our current set up. Kante worked for us because of the style we played, he transitioned from defence to attack so quickly. It's a part of his game that is often missed because of his defensive abilities, hes actually quite good at carrying the ball forward. However, with our more patient style these days, Ndidi has a better range of passing, something that has improved tenfold since Rodgers arrival. He also adds extra height in the middle. Coupled with the fact that with Kante in the middle teams would try to nullify him by playing down the flanks, which didn't bother us as Morgan and Huth could deal with and clear most crosses. With Evans and Soyuncu now in central defence we're not as exposed with teams coming through the middle. Kante could do Ndidi's job, just wouldn't be as effective as I don't think his longer range passing is as good, meaning we couldn't try to stretch teams like we do now. Plus we'd lose height in both defending and attacking set pieces. So, as I said, Kante is a better player, but I've chosen Ndidi
  3. Don't get the fuss about Declan Rice, not seen anything from him for his value to be that much other than the media hype about his switch from Ireland to England. I like Gomez, think hes a little under rated, looks like he could be a real talent for years if he keeps up his current trajectory. Mount is only valued that much because he's at Chelsea, switch the teams Maddison and Mount play for and their values would switch too.
  4. A modern day version of the early 90's liverpool shirt
  5. The only reason the league has not been cancelled is because of money. Sky and BT etc have invested a lot into the premier league. France, Holland etc don't get the money we get in this country for TV rights. Cancelling their seasons means nothing to them apart from a few upset clubs and I have no doubt they will basically be told to suck it up. I can't see any european football happening next season, might even be for a couple of years. The euros, although postponed until next year, are still a doubt, as things stand. World cup qualification alone means the world cup may be a doubt. Because of this, the only teams to truly miss out on anything will be the promoted teams from the championship (and Liverpool obviously) with the current tv deals and the injection of cash. But everyone would take a massive hit if the season were cancelled. Clubs, including us, would have to pay back 100's of millions and receive no prize money because of a breach in contract. Although, surely an act of God could be put forward as an argument? Works for insuramce companies...
  6. Didn't need to wake him up, it was about 6 in the evening From what I heard, from the staff on the trip, we were told that he had directly authorised it. I don't know if that's true or not, but that's what we were told while sat in the hotel bar and that they were authorised to buy us food and drink. Regardless of who authorised it, it's still an incredible gesture, no other club in the world would even pay for such a trip, let alone cover the extra expenditure of the extra night, with dinner included
  7. Brilliant weekend away and thank you to the fans for your hospitality. Was very impressed with the performance and how you try to play the game. Fingers crossed for the rest of the season and hopefully see some of you over here in a few weeks time
  8. We made a lot of changes today, as did they. It was reserves vs reserves and we had 1 eye on tuesday night and they had 1 eye on Tuesday night also, big game for them. The match delivered as expected. We edged it. Brentford are a good side and proved that today. We won and got through. Job done. Some people need to chill
  9. I'm the eternal pessimist but we seem to be missing the point that we have to lose 4 more games than any of those below us. It's not 4 losses and we're out. I'm not comfortable enough to say we'll get top 4, in fact I'm a bit twitchy about it. But this season is very much like our title season, teams are dropping points when you least expect it. We'll probably lose 4 or 5 more games, but Chelsea, Utd, Wolves etc are also capable of the same. Not losing in those games you mentioned is key
  10. Whoa!! Who's this guy??? You don't get to put real in front of your name and claim mine
  11. Can't wait for the photoshop Soyuncu in a Utd shirt
  12. It's a semi final, be weird to not be nervous
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