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  1. Well you were the one that came out with the notion brexit was failing because people were not getting behind it enough. Thats the only desperation youve got left, when all logic and all rational debate and evidence leaves the room, youre just left with blind faith and clinging onto hope something magical will happen if we all just believe soooo hard. If life is too short, dont come onto forums with shitty little brexit slogans and meaningless twaddle soundbites like "get behind it" or "brexit means brexit" or claim you know more about the real world than the heads of HMRC, the biggest employers in the country who manage integrated supply chains and the governors of the bank of england and imply that if they all just "believed" a unicorn would appear.
  2. "people like you shut the fvck up and not try and wreck it so they can say i told you so" Are you out of your brexfvcked mind? No matter how people voted, we ALL have to live with the storm of shit that has been unleashed on the UK, and you think we all WANT to get poorer and deliberately fvck ourselves up to win an internet argument? Brexit is fvcking itself up, because its a stupid idea. But youre claiming that brexit isnt working because we arent getting behind it enough. What do you want people to do to get behind it more? paint their faces in the colours of the union flag, hang up pictures of nigel farage, all start buying the daily mail and boycotting the chippy because it has a greek owner? The government IS getting on with brexit. Because despite leaving the European Union which is what you wanted and managed to put your little cross in the box for, and despite claiming you knew exactly what you voted for and all your fellow brexiteers did, the brexit STILL isnt what you want. And a majority of people in the UK did NOT vote for it either, so youre factually incorrect. When you take out those who did not vote for it, those who abstained from voting who you are assuming would all lean towards brexit if they had to vote, and all people not eligible to vote which you assume the same again, then the majority of people did not vote for brexit. Id be over the moon if brexit made me better off, or made the country better off, and in a proper, tangible way that can be measured instead of some abstract concept like "sovereignty" that is punted about by goons, but the chances of that unicorn coming around are nil.
  3. Donald Trump says the brexit plans will kill the chance of a trade deal with the US. So yeah, a better strategy would be to go for no deal, so domestic based massive car and aerospace employers can all leave, and then we can sign a magical trade deal to accept all their chlorinated chickens instead and lead a deregulated race to the bottom on standards that will probably put even more UK producers out of business. And while we are at it, once again, lets diminish our relationship with the biggest single market on the planet so we can trade second rate tat. Thats what its come to, going cap in hand to a racist misogynist who wants to call the tune on our brexit to open access to overseas markets for crap. (oh but the EU, theyre bullies, theyre bullying us, they want to make a big example of us........stop bullyyyyyying usssss)
  4. The government don't want to fulfil "the will of the people" in the hard brexit no deal sense, because they cannot face up to the fact that fulfilling this mythical "will of the people" will wreck the economy and peoples livelihoods whether they voted remain OR leave, and they are not prepared to be the ones holding the can when the wheels fall off. There isn't, and never was, any kind of support in this country for no deal off the cliff edge brexit no matter how much noise extreme right tories want to make, and it should be absolutely obvious that: 1) We were ALL better off as we were 2) Everyone lied, and continues to lie through their teeth about what brexit really is 3) Everyone who says they knew what they voted for clearly didn't no matter what they say 4) No one even considered whether the elements of brexit they punted about were even deliverable 5) The only thing stopping people seeing sense,revoking article 50 and us maintaining our position as it is now, is the sense that people don't like to be told they were wrong, don't like to think outside of their spoonfed diet of far right tabloid crap, the conviction the media has created within them that the EU is an enemy, and an intrinsic xenophobia stopping them seeing the bigger picture. for 99.9% of people who contribute to this forum, and probably in the population, EU membership has ZERO negative effect on their life. It doesn't stop you going to the doctors or hospital. It doesn't stop you buying a house. It doesn't impose laws that ruin your life. It doesn't mean your vote in an election is a waste of time. It doesn't mean your neighbourhood will eventually turn into a shanty town. Yet our choices now are prepare for no deal brexit and ports chaos by shoving as much medicine as we can into warehouses and stockpiling as much tinned processed shit as possible, sticking up a border in Ireland, watching thousands of everyday normal people lose their jobs go irrespective of how they voted, putting billions into technology at ports that we didn't need in the past but now would, while trying to makeup for a shortfall in trade with the biggest single market in the world while we negotiate long drawn out deals with countries who were supposedly queuing up to deal with us and goat herding countries in the arse end of nowhere. A country where your workers rights will be heavily reduced, and one where bosses want as much deregulation as possible. Or to accept a deal that kind of looks like EU membership because that is better, but its not ACTUAL EU membership. Just a more watery version where we cannot affect policy or reform. And its all on the principle that "we won you lost" that means we have to keep going down this stupid road of being at best slightly worse off, and at worst shafted.
  5. Possibly, Kane's strike rate is better than Shearer's for England plus Kane has gone to a world cup semi final and Shearer didn't. Shearer had long drought spells too in his England career. What makes Shearer clearly better than Kane?
  6. Donut

    3 / 5 at the back thread

    There is some football manager language on here Iborra at half back will slot between the two centrebacks to pick up the ball and then move forwards. Like a third centreback that then comes forward with the ball from a deep position Ihaenacho as a false 9 will drop deep into midfield, and want the ball to feet to attack the box late, more than being an "out and out" striker.
  7. Donut

    3 / 5 at the back thread

    Just my opinion, but the reason I don't like this is: 1) the left hand side of this formation looks weak. Chilwell's inclination will always be to be high up the field but in transition this could leave space down the left hand side to be exploited in the transition phase. Chilwell is arguably our worst player in that team in terms of quality, awareness, positioning, and im sure he would be heavily targeted by opponents down that side for their attacks. Presumably, youd also be asking Maguire to bring the ball out from the back from the LCB position, which again would leave space if possession was turned over quickly. 2) Would you not want Maddison deeper in this formation where he can affect the play more by getting on the ball more? We look cluttered at the top end of the field and a lot of teams will probably sit a DM between their defensive and midfield line. From a deeper position he would have more passing options as the man with arguably the best passing and vision we have in the team. Also, would you not want a midfielder dropping back into the DM slot to pick the ball up off the back 3 and create angles for passes? I think a more natural midfield might look something like: -----------------------Maddison (CM)----------Ndidi (Box to Box) -------------------------------------- -- Iborra (DM) 3) What is Iheanacho's role in this formation? an out and out striker with Vardy? if anything hes probably more useful in coming towards the ball to make room for Vardy to run into and bringing defenders out of their position....... so again if it was me id be playing Maddison deeper (but if its on, telling him to get forward).
  8. Donut

    3 / 5 at the back thread

    I don't think that formation would win a game of football. Nothing in the middle of the pitch.
  9. Donut

    3 / 5 at the back thread

    I think just in my opinion, the issue with the wing back system is it demands a lot of the two wingbacks, who can then also be left exposed in the transition phase if we lose the ball with the wingbacks high and against 2 v 1s in defending scenarios. In the second half against Croatia you could see how Ashley Young was being doubled up on and we were vulnerable to the quick switch of play from left to right. I think playing this kind of system also means a more passive style of pressing for the same reason that the wingbacks do not want to be exposed high up the pitch with space left down the channels. There aren't that many excellent teams that play a 3 at the back system, relatively speaking. You could argue Barca did it to an extent under Luis Enrique when Alba and Vidal/Roberto pushed high and Busquets dropped between the two centre backs, Chelsea surprised everyone with a 343 system but its not that common.
  10. Donut


    Monaco. Bringing kids through the youth team, selling them for £170 million. Comprehensively smashes our profit.
  11. Donut

    How much is Maguire worth?

    We have a mythical value we want for him. Big club looks at him, estimates mythical value and offers £10 million less. Player has the hump that we dont let him join big club despite them not meeting our valuation. Player proceeds to play at 50% of his capability Player ends up leaving anyway for £15 million less than our valuation.
  12. A fully fit Kane would be in there, im pretty sure he must have had a knock of some kind tonight. Im sure id find a spot for Carlton Palmer too. And Steve Guppy.
  13. Yeah but the dividend is being used to build warehouses for the medicine stockpile. Weve explored the possibility of buying a few factory spaces off Airbus and Land Rover though.
  14. We can aleviate pressure on the NHS caused by immigrants by giving ourselves bowel cancer too and dying younger.
  15. Evaporated milk, spam, corned beef and billy bear ham. The sweet taste of sovereignty.