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  1. Dont think this name has been mentionned but Kevin Wimmer, a young international with a sensible head, good on the ball and would be a decent asset to have at the back
  2. Tough game, Palace will want to make absolutely sure of their Premier League status and are capable on their day of giving anyone a beating. Id just like to see us pass and move with authority and purpose in this game. Win lose or draw, id like to see in the last 4 games signs of progress that we can go into the summer with optimism over.
  3. I would imagine in the highly analytical and attention to detail filled world of Pep Guardiola, that stats, modelling, data........it all played a part in the title win for sure. Categorically. You seem to be drawing some sort of parallel between the application of statistics and data as if its snake oil. Im not really sure why you feel this way to be honest.
  4. Formula 1 2018

    I think COTA is great personally, has good flow, passing opportunities, i like it. Up there with Interlagos and Gilles Villeneuve as a couple of my favourites
  5. Formula 1 2018

    Youd tell from the rear wing i think. From THAT far away, lots of cars throughout the years would clash.
  6. Formula 1 2018

    The big giveaway is the Martini rear wing. The Sauber also has white wishbones and a different nose. They look fairly similar but theres enough difference to tell. Back in 2000, the minardi and jordan were suspiciously similar at distance. The minardi was a luminous yellow though.
  7. Football Manager 2018

    Its not every day you get to manage Shaquille Coulthirst.
  8. Football Manager 2018

    Dortmund have some amazing youngsters like Sancho, Isak, Brun Larsen, Pulisic, Beste that you can bring through. Only problem is, the game over powers them some what. I could beat Bayern in my first season to the domestic treble with no signings, and that was with a relatively routine 4-3-3 formation so not sure why theyre overpowered. Feyenoord would be another good one. I like 18 team leagues the season seems to go by quickly and they have lots of youngsters to choose. Plus, the league is keenly contested and you have the challenge of making them better in europe too which is fun
  9. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I wouldn't say Arsenal are THAT short defensively, they just seem to be coached awfully. Cech and Ospina are good goalkeeping options, a new centre back would be necessary to compliment Koscielny and Mustafi who are both good defenders (Mustafi's recent form is a worry), in the full back positions Bellerin is an excellent player and Monreal is a solid dependable no frills option. a tough midfielder is an absolute priority though
  10. Respect our players

    I think some of the players current apparent attitudes towards successive managers and their application towards the club should rightly be criticised. I wont be a hypocrite to suggest we should sweep that under the rug. However, I will respect what they have done for this club and they also rightly hold legendary status here as well which can never be taken away from them.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    This is because the vast majority of the games picked for a monday night will always be picked to avoid using the teams playing in europe, for obvious reasons. I do find it interesting that Everton are like us......in reverse. Everton had a manager that wanted to play football in Koeman, and they were accused of having no focal point up front and over playing without tempo. In comes Allardyce who gets them more assured at the back at home but aways are an issue and playing more direct into the forwards quicker. Team goes up the table. Fans get pissed off and want a manager who plays a more technical, pass and move brand of football. Leicester had a manager playing direct in Shakespeare and we couldnt keep the ball for toffee, we were conceding lots of possession and using an over reliance on balls into the channels and Vardy's pace. Puel comes in, and gets the team playing more pass and move football, retaining the ball and controlling the tempo of the game.Away performances and results improve, but at home, we struggle to find the breakthrough. Fans get pissed off and want a manager who likes to go long into the forwards early and play ugly low percentage stuff and fight for bits and pieces. Makes me think a significant group of people here and there should advocate just swap managers, then we would both be happy right?? Like fvck would we.
  12. We have gone from contenders to DIRE in a matter of weeks
  13. I literally don't know where to begin with this post and answering it all might take me time I don't have at work.
  14. You do realise he was arguing that a team with the least clean sheets in the league all season was "hard to break down" right? Its a comment so utterly silly, it could have come straight from your repertoire
  15. No tactical strategy on earth can prevent losing games to a freak goal and an opposition team defending their nuts off for 90 mins. This will happen sometimes. Some people on here talk as if making this kind of approach to games is one we should aspire to, sit deep, defend and soak it up constantly, and nick a goal from somewhere. Of course expected goals is a useful stat to use, because over a large sample size, ie not one individual game, as is already explained to you it tells you the quality of the chances we are creating, and the quality of the chances we are conceding. Its funny how stats are utterly meaningless when you dont like a manager and will just turn a blind eye to all of them. Of course they have some merit when analysed and interpreted correctly.